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what quotes are in your guestbook?
Jaggedstar Emerald Sparx Gems: 4779
#1 Posted: 00:59:09 10/10/2018 | Topic Creator
feel like i've made this topic before but it's a free world *glares at dark*

anyway show me some funny quotes that made it into your guestbooks. here's mine:

Quote: G2nt
One minute we're relatively normal, the next there's about 5 million ****ing trend threads

Quote: sonicbrawler182
PS1 Bianca: "Hello ma'am, it's nice to meet you!"

Reignited Bianca: "Your son calls me mommy too."

Quote: Ice Dragoness
Quote: Buchi
Quote: Ice Dragoness

no its not u tw@@

The word of which you have previously mentioned in the title of this particular topic, and once again repeated in the post above albeit with a modified spelling, is a word that, although not universally accepted, especially when used in a formal conversation, is typically known to refer to the part of the female anatomy which is found in the lower half of the body and used during sexual reproduction.

If this topic was about if you were a vagina it would be called if you were a vagina

Quote: Thunderdragon14
Omfg i ordered a hero's tail off of ebay. i got it today and i open the package. the case is enter the dragonfly. i felt my blood pressure spike 10000000000x i was about to throw hands. but its ok the disc is a hero's tail

Quote: Sesshomaru75
if you're okay with pineapple pizza then you deserve to be lined up in front of and shot by a firing squadron until your corpse is riddled with bullet holes and every drop of blood in your body has left your disgusting, reptilian, non-human corpse

good day

Quote: GarbageMemes101
someone post that tattoo of Brian they got when he rip

Quote: arceustheprime
haha u said gay

Quote: BigBoom
Quote: cowpowa23
what is that
what do you mean what is that do you want to get beheaded for high treason

Quote: Kitty
praise JESUS barbie is the truth and the light and the glory i love her her hair is gold like jesus jesus is gold becAUSE gold is the light and the truth and the glory because jesus is the truth and the light and the glory


Quote: HotDogAndZap
Quote: arceustheprime
what is a new zealand anyway

what people buy when they dont want a used zealand

Quote: Spyro Fanatic
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
SpongeBob SquarePants!
Who hasn't been funny since 2003?
SpongeBob SquarePants!

Quote: arceustheprime
this is very true and only happens in australia 80% of the time
source: am australia

Quote: DragonCamo
Quote: HotDogAndZap
okay guys
scenario time

y'all are in science class
who do you dissect first

my vote is gnarlytreesnex, i want to know if hes actually human

also i vote DC and Seiki "Most Likely to Have Sex in the Bathroom"


Quote: Spyrobaro
Quote: DragonCamo
Apparently my "wife" is pregant with our 2nd child....hopefully she doesnt eat this one


Quote: Matteomax
in the club like what up i got a ripto avatar

Quote: Spyrobaro
Quote: TacoMakerSkys
idc im bringing the 4th topic here bby

jesus christ taco what in the name of the devil's pink panties just came out of your word hole

Quote: Carmelita Fox
hell yeah
Buchi Green Sparx Gems: 417
#2 Posted: 01:09:42 10/10/2018
Quote: Sun Tzu
But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.

Aspirat primo fortuna labori. Me duce tutus eris. Vox populi, vox dei. Ad meiorem, dei gloriam. Ad infinitum.
PM me weird stuff.
Clank Yellow Sparx Gems: 1001
#3 Posted: 01:25:59 10/10/2018
My quotes haven't had time to age because they've only been in there for like two seconds but here

Quote: ZapNorris
i call dark52 dad because he's never there

Quote: blogcology
Quote: Grizzle
Quote: blogcology
Hi guys, I'm new to this and I gotta say Spyro is the best game ever made!

what is your signature supposed to

to wake people up that the earth is flat, and NASA is lying to you.
"*runs around like a headless gnorc*" ~Jaggedstar©
parisruelz12 Hunter Gems: 6916
#4 Posted: 01:29:54 10/10/2018
Quote: Blackholes_Wolf
my uncle works at toys for bob and he says they are delaying the game because they're redubbing the entire game with alex jones

looks like ive got some things to hd
Spyro-Gamer Hunter Gems: 5994
#5 Posted: 04:56:53 10/10/2018
Quote: CommanderGame
There was a nice time a long time ago, where "Gems" did not exist, everybody was living happily.Then the fire nation attacked.


Quote: zap18

Quote: TheJMAN184
Quote: Spyro-Gamer
But what about the sparx ranks? Are they useless now?

Who's cares about sparx ranks when you can be a lord of toasters.

Quote: DragonCamo
Quote: MoonHorizons
I am now paranoid of some skylanders kid brewing in my neighborhood.

You open your shower curtains and there's a skylanders kid holding a spyro and cynder figures and says in a deep voice "play with me"

Quote: Hot Dog 542
another one rides the bus

Quote: Skyhunter
I'm about as majestic as a train wreck.... on a boat.

Quote: wakapro77
hello yes i am wakapro i can turn into an ICE CREAM TRUCK

Quote: Underian
hi i like long walks on the time vortex

Quote: arceustheprime
hauhau ordered a big mac and threw it at the drink machine behind the counter cause she a rebel

Quote: HIR
I'll ship you to the middle of the Sahara Desert. =_=
84skylanderdude Emerald Sparx Gems: 4826
#6 Posted: 06:49:13 10/10/2018
Quote: Big Green
Quote: Lunarz
Quote: SuperSpyroFan55
Did something like... happen between Big Green and Rendar?

Rendar and Big Green were p much best friends on the forum but Rendar ****ed a box of mini wheats and Big Green felt betrayed

this is true

Quote: ZapNorris
Quote: StriderSwag
thank you rob

Quote: Drawdler
**** you rob

Quote: Wreckingball13
**** me rob

Quote: Cynderfan507
**** us rob

this got good fast

Quote: StriderSwag
maybe the real clitoris was the friends we made along the way

Quote: StriderSwag
Quote: Greeble
Quote: cowpowa23
down with men

down with men

down with men

all hail our glorious leader cow

all hail our glorious leader cow

all hail our glorious leader cow

Did you ever see the 10 Commandments?

didnt cow just say the 10 commandments???

Quote: 84skylanderdude
Quote: Bionichute
i want hood sickle to burst into my room and slice me in half, killing me instantly

Who wouldn't

Quote: StriderSwag
stop acting like your the goddamn Lorax speaking for the LGBT trees.

Quote: Big Green
I saw a vagina, Kyle. I have purpose now. It was only from six feet away and she only flashed it for a second, but in that split second I realized that we can colonize mars, Kyle. I saw the potential of human kind. That we can terraform other planets, Kyle. Expand into the infinite.

Quote: Muffin Man
Just find a girl and find a friend and duct tape them together. That's how I do it.

Quote: Sesshomaru75
friendly reminder that i consumed my father breadhead and therefor i am god now

Quote: froggyfroggy33
as long as your pussy doesnt taste like musty hot dog water we should get along just fine

Quote: Carmelita Fox
Quote: Alydol
Two egotistical idiots walk into a bar....

"Ouch!" said Alydol, "This stupid bar was in my way!"

Quote: froggyfroggy33
dumb **** i will put you in camel clutch and break your ****ing spine if you step out of your lane again

Quote: Drawdler
i went against all your advice and bit it and now i'm a spider

Quote: froggyfroggy33
i know a guy with a dick is so big it could probably be considered a continent

Quote: ZapNorris
youve heard of pacific rim now get ready for pacific jim

Quote: StriderSwag
Quote: wspyro
i could go for a crystal pepsi rn

yeah and i could go for a fat dick in my ass right about now but we dont all get what we want

Quote: KeybasHedKey
I don't. I'm normal as **** unlike these guys.

“No one knows what the outcome will be. So, as much as you can, choose whatever you'll regret the least.” - Levi Ackerman
Ice Dragoness Platinum Sparx Gems: 7289
#7 Posted: 08:41:14 10/10/2018
Quote: cow
hi im cow

A classic, everyone was arguing then this new user posted this in the middle of it all out of nowhere.
rip skylanders
King-Pen Krazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1882
#8 Posted: 12:28:33 10/10/2018
"Hello Richard I'm gonna put my meat inside of you"-Scrubby

"Yeah, except your a dude, I think, I hope, I pray, I condemn, I wish."-MangaKamen

"Captain Planet says you better recycle, or I'll take your skin cells and make minecraft texture pack out of them."-Scrubby

"OH MY GOD, WIST BLACK!?!"-King Daniels

"The dinosaurs are not extinct, that's a lie propagated by FOX news."-Banana Jesus(Seananners)\

"Let me know when you think of something creative to call me you sack of poorly packaged horse****!"-Angel Dust

"Mommy almost died, OH MOMMY IS DYING!!"-Spicy
Rise and Shine Ursine
ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#9 Posted: 01:17:17 11/10/2018
- - -
Quote: Reverse0456
Go to bed Zap sometimes I can't tell if your drunk or not

Quote: Jaggedstar
Quote: ZapNorris
imagine you walk in to see yo girl sitting on a vibrating spyro

imagine getting cucked by spyro

you made me cry Zap

Quote: Iceclaw
God dammit Zap

Quote: arceustheprime

Best Post Of 2016 Award


Quote: HeyitsHotDog

Quote: mega spyro
this topic turned into a bdsm dungeon rp within 35 minutes

i love ds

Quote: mega spyro
Penisblight Ganon is definitely one of the best things I have ever read on this site.

Quote: Chompy-King257
Quote: HeyitsHotDog
Quote: Chompy-King257

it's been my lifelong dream

if you loose an arm how will you spank? smilie

delete this

Quote: gary
your spared? some luck?

Quote: ThroneOfMalefor

You opened a portal of links and not even two clicks deep is a photograph of this kid's penis

Quote: Carmelita Fox
yah, i remember when donald trump had to chop trees for a magical frog every day for 5 years while balancing a jug on his head, and then the frog turned into barack obama who then passed his crown unto donald for his hard work.

Quote: TheToyNerd
Quote: HeyitsHotDog
Does Japan have an island full of hot, big boobed girls?

Japan IS an island filled with big boobed girls, remember?

Quote: StriderSwag
Quote: wspyro
i could go for a crystal pepsi rn

and i could go for a fat dick in my ass right about now but we dont all get what we want now do we

Quote: Chompy-King257
you ever wonder how we went from being a fansite for a purple dragon to discussing the milf statis of cartoon characters

Quote: Metallo
Ass .

Quote: StriderSwag
Quote: AdamGregory03
Can we talk about any other aspects of the show? Anything that doesn't relate to purple dragon ass?

ass only

Quote: AmbushFan
Quote: emeraldzoroark
looks bad.
ima watch this

I am becoming increasingly convinced that you'd watch 2 hours of Bill Gates laughing whilst throwing money at the screen if it was classified as a movie.

Quote: Ice Dragoness
smilie spyro, 2 become a tru dragon u gotta touch the dragon d
smilie wat dat
smilie dis *shows da dragon d*
smilie wow neva seen dat before
smilie touch it
smilie *touches*
smilie yes spyro u r becomin a tru dragon

Quote: froggyfroggy33
Quote: Crash10
Stop posting your porn Knack fan fics dude.

dumb **** i will put you in camel clutch and break your ****ing spine if you step out of your lane again

Quote: Samius
Reminder that adopting more tolerant views will not save you from dark52.

Quote: Spyro Fanatic
Quote: Chompy-King257
there is actually a disease that makes people think that they are cows, and they then try to lives their life as one

That's called veganism.

Quote: this one comment i saw on YT
meme so supreme you let out a scream

Quote: Toadytoady22, two trips of groceries just aint right
today i learned that many of us experience what is called "being a pussy ass *****"

Quote: Memeulous
where in the bible does it say i can't call someone clapped on bin weevils!?

Quote: Desmond Amofah
Yo, Barbra Streisand literally played god.
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