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Favorite level? Most disliked level?Favorite homeworld?
spyro360 Gold Sparx Gems: 2141
#1 Posted: 03:36:41 18/03/2012 | Topic Creator
Hello everyone! What is your favorite level, what is the level you dislike the very most, and what is your favorite homeworld? The level I really like the most is gnastys treasure. The reason I like this level the most is because you have infinite flight,lots of gems to collect, lots of thieves to chase, and because the whole place looks superior. My most disliked level is treetops because I get so confused about were to go constantly smilie. My favorite homeworld is dream weavers all because of the new mobs and the cannon that you can get to at the center to shrink your enemies! What are your favorites?
cmut Green Sparx Gems: 143
#2 Posted: 08:57:48 18/03/2012
Oh, this looks fun. :)

Favorite: Metalhead
Least favorite: Misty Bog
Homeworld: Magic Crafters
artiste_violet Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10803
#3 Posted: 12:18:17 18/03/2012
My favourite level right now would be Lofty Castle because it is a really colorful level, it has a great atmosphere (very fairytail-ish I guess), and great music.

My least favourite level is and always will be Misty Bog. After so many years of playing this game, I still get my ass handed to me by those Attack Frogs...

And my favourite homeworld would be Dream Weavers.
Mariofanstar Blue Sparx Gems: 500
#4 Posted: 23:18:37 18/03/2012
Favourite Level: Lofty Castle
Least Favourite Level: Tree Tops
Favourite Homeworld: Artisans

Lol, I just played this game an hour ago! smilie
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Wojowu Yellow Sparx Gems: 1415
#5 Posted: 14:44:30 23/03/2012
Favourite level: Tree Tops (supercharge!)
Least Favourite: Misty Bog
Homeworld: Dream Weavers
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OpalOsprey Yellow Sparx Gems: 1127
#6 Posted: 18:28:07 23/03/2012
Favorite Level: Dark Passage and Cliff Town.
Least Favorite Level: Blowhard (too short and easy) and Twilight Harbor (not sure why I don't like it.)
Favorite Homeworld: Peace Keepers ( the enemies moon you smilie and you can shoot them and their tents with their own cannons)
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AJAwesome Platinum Sparx Gems: 6347
#7 Posted: 23:22:52 23/03/2012
Fav. level: all!
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SpirowdeDragoon Blue Sparx Gems: 600
#8 Posted: 00:12:28 24/03/2012
My favorite level is Tree Tops (I enjoyed the challenge), my most disliked level is Cliff Town (it was so boring), and my favorite Homeworld is Dream Weavers (it's pretty and has a great atmosphere).
Dragon66116 Green Sparx Gems: 230
#9 Posted: 00:24:18 03/04/2012
Favorite: Tree Tops
Least favorite: Wild Flight
Favorite homeworld: Artisans Home
Purple n Spyro Ripto Gems: 1096
#10 Posted: 02:16:14 06/04/2012
Favorite Level: Lofty Castle (Only one I could think of smilie)

Least Favorite Level: Cliff Town (Boring :/)

Favorite Homeworld: Dream Weavers
DarkCynder_543 Platinum Sparx Gems: 5210
#11 Posted: 07:23:22 16/04/2012
Favourite: Lofty Castle, but Tree Tops is close behind.

Least favourite: Metalhead.

Favourite Homeworld: Dream Weavers
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SamXala Gold Sparx Gems: 2398
#12 Posted: 01:42:35 24/04/2012
Favorite: Haunted Towers (I love that Supercharge)
Least Favorite: Toasty (Too easy >.<)
Favorite World: Dream Weavers (I Freaking love it smilie)
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Spyro-Gamer Hunter Gems: 7322
#13 Posted: 03:52:32 28/05/2012
Favourite Level: Lofty Castle & High Caves
Least Favourite: Tree Tops
Favourite Homeworld: Dream Weavers (I just realized a lot of people like Dream Weavers)
ilovespyro11 Gnorc Gems: 334
#14 Posted: 15:42:46 28/05/2012
Favourite Level: Stone Hill.
Least Favourite: Misty Bogg-I HATE those things that kill you, and I cant see!!!
Faverouite Homeworld: Aritsans.

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zap18 Gold Sparx Gems: 2521
#15 Posted: 04:37:05 10/03/2013
Favorite: Alpine Ridge/ Night Flight, Both were fun, and had amazing music
Least favorite: Misty Bog, SO DAMN HARD!
Homeworld: Magic Crafters, Music is awesome
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TorchSheep Emerald Sparx Gems: 3286
#16 Posted: 09:29:46 10/03/2013
Favorite Level: Tree Tops
Least Favorite Level: Wild Flight
Favorite Homeworld: Dream Weavers
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Hot Dog 542 Gold Sparx Gems: 2872
#17 Posted: 23:09:27 04/05/2013
Favourite level: Alpine Ridge.
Least favourite level: Terrace Village.
Favourite Homeworld: Tie with Peace Keepers and Magic Crafters.
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Storm Dragon Green Sparx Gems: 295
#18 Posted: 05:11:48 06/05/2013
Favorite level!? Easily goes to Ice Cavern! love that place!
Least favorite? Don't have one!
Favorite Homeworld? Dream Weavers, of course!
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LevanJess Emerald Sparx Gems: 3516
#19 Posted: 11:18:04 06/05/2013
Favorite level: I guess Dark Passage
Least favorite level: Eh, Stone Hill I guess, or Twilight Harbor
Favorite homeworld: Dreams Weavers (Magic Crafters is close behind)
but i love it all smooth
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RaymanTwilight Blue Sparx Gems: 947
#20 Posted: 04:40:29 18/06/2014
Favorite level: Definitely Lofty Castle
Least favorite level: Tree Tops
Favorite homeworld: Dream Weavers
SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9234
#21 Posted: 18:39:29 18/06/2014
I've just finished this game 100% a couple of hours ago from now. (meaning from the time I've posted.)

Favourite level: Lofty Castle

- I love the overall environment and the fact that you have an outdoor and indoor section, which gives it a nice variety, also love the background, so many gorgeous colours, and the enemies are spectacular, I think they're so unique, probably the most unique that I have seen out of any other Spyro game, or video game for that matter, and it's got great music too.

Least favourite: Apline Ridge

- I don't really like the way the areas flare off from one another, it makes me feel like this level is a wasted potential, I think they could have done more with it. It's not very memorable to me, and I find it more of a chore to play too.

Favourite homeworld: Dream Weavers

- What can I say? I'm a sucker for vibrant colours, and whacky scenery.
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alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12794
#22 Posted: 19:07:26 18/06/2014
Favourite level: Dark Passage
Least favourite level: Misty Bog (Oh God, those trees and attack frogs! smilie)
Favourite home world: Dream Weavers
AmethystRose Yellow Sparx Gems: 1132
#23 Posted: 20:04:00 18/06/2014
Favorite level: It's a tie between Dark Passage, Doctor Shemp (so fun!), and Alpine Ridge
Least Favorite: Tree Tops, or High Caves. XP
Favorite home world: Magic Crafters and Dream Weavers. Yet another tie. :3
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9234
#24 Posted: 18:50:11 19/06/2014
Shouldn't we have a least favourite home world as well?

Mine would be Gnasty's World, for the fact that there should have been more to it, feels like they did a Crash Bandicoot clone with this one.
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LocoGuy107 Ripto Gems: 390
#25 Posted: 20:40:59 19/06/2014
Quote: SuperSpyroFan
Shouldn't we have a least favourite home world as well?

Mine would be Gnasty's World, for the fact that there should have been more to it, feels like they did a Crash Bandicoot clone with this one.

Nah, they're trying to say that Spyro actually lives in the modern times, just like Crash Bandicoot.
robbiepayne97 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1891
#26 Posted: 02:02:03 20/06/2014
Favorite Level: Gnasty's Loot
Least Favorite Level: Tree Tops, but it was a fun level, but other than that, Misty Bog
Favorite Homeworld: Artisans
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SuperSpyroFan Diamond Sparx Gems: 9234
#27 Posted: 21:14:07 20/06/2014
Quote: LocoGuy107
Quote: SuperSpyroFan
Shouldn't we have a least favourite home world as well?

Mine would be Gnasty's World, for the fact that there should have been more to it, feels like they did a Crash Bandicoot clone with this one.

Nah, they're trying to say that Spyro actually lives in the modern times, just like Crash Bandicoot.

You missed the point, in the warp rooms of Crash Bandicoot, it's a similar lay out.
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ThunderBolt3811 Green Sparx Gems: 126
#28 Posted: 05:37:49 29/09/2015
Favorite Level: Treeeeeetooooooopssssss <3 Basically any level with super charge though
Least Favorite Level: To be honest, I don't really have a least favorite. I wanna say Misty Bog since I HATE the enemies in that level, but the scenery is kinda cool.
Favorite Homeworld: Ughhhhh I love them all help ;-;
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Kitty Platinum Sparx Gems: 5106
#29 Posted: 16:34:20 02/12/2015
Favorite Level: Lofty Castle, Dark Passage, Town Square, & Tree Tops
Least Favorite: Uh... I really don't know.
Favorite Homeworld: Artisans & Magic Crafters
spyro fan 8 Ripto Gems: 2948
#30 Posted: 05:22:38 21/05/2016
Favorite level: stone hill
Least favorite: haunted towers
Favorite homeworld: Artisans
yelvy Gold Sparx Gems: 2450
#31 Posted: 17:10:14 25/06/2016
Favourite Homeworld - Artisans
Favourite Level - Town Square

Least Favourite Homeworld - Beast Makers
Least Favourite Level - Twilight Harbour
mihaingo Red Sparx Gems: 13
#32 Posted: 16:23:12 10/07/2016
Favourite Homeworld - Artisans
Favourite Level - Dark Hollow

Least Favourite Homeworld - Peace Keepers
Least Favourite Level - Lofty Castle
Doomdrao Platinum Sparx Gems: 6686
#33 Posted: 09:06:23 15/07/2016
Favourite Homeworld - Magic Crafters
Favourite Level - Dark Hollow

Least Favourite Homeworld - Beast Makers (doesn't mean i dislike it, i just love it the least)
Least Favourite Level - Tree Tops

HOWEVER my favourite musical track is from Wizard Peak smilie
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Tinuvion Red Sparx Gems: 58
#34 Posted: 18:51:51 15/04/2018
Hope it's okay to post here, because I love threads like these.

Favourite Level: Tree Tops
Least Favourite Level: Twilight Harbor
Favourite Homeworld: Dream Weavers
SpyroxCynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1906
#35 Posted: 13:17:00 19/07/2018
My favorite level I'd have to say is lofty castle. It's just so whimsical. And for homeworld, it's a toss up between Magic Crafters and Dream Weavers, because again, being whimsical. For me, when I think of dragons and whatnot, those two worlds fit the description. My least favorite level(s) are the flight levels. I've never been able to 120% the game because of them.
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NSane Bandicoot Emerald Sparx Gems: 3150
#36 Posted: 11:49:43 25/07/2018
Favorite level: Wizard Peak

Least favorite level: Stone Hill

Favorite Homeworld: Magic Crafters

Least favorite homeworld: Peace Keepers
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whirlwind fan Platinum Sparx Gems: 5748
#37 Posted: 05:52:37 17/12/2018
favourite level ー lofty castle and dark passage.
least favourite level ー misty bog.
favourite homeworld ー dream weavers.
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