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Help Files

Welcome to the help files for the darkSpyro Forum, occasionally updated with new features and gizmos. This page is designed to answer most of those small questions you might want to know about the forum and the website, if your question is not answered here, feel free to ask it in the forums themselves.

What are the codes for all of the smilies?

The basic run of the mill smilies:

Picture Code Picture Code Picture Code
Smile :) Grin :D Cool B)
Wink ;) Tongue :P XD XD
Shocked :O Blank :| Puzzled :\
Perplexed o_O Perplexed O_o Amazed O_O
Upset :( Cry ;_; Angry >:(
Evil >:) Roll :roll: Happy ^^
Left <_< Right >_> Frustrated >_<
Sad v_v Sarcasm ¬_¬ Sigh -_-
;D Blush :blush: Yawn :yawn:
Cry with Laughter :crylaugh:

And the Spyro themed ones:

Picture Code Picture Code Picture Code
Spyro :spyro: Sparx :sparx: Hunter :hunter:
Professor :professor: Elora :elora: Zoe :zoe:
Moneybags :moneybags: Sheila :sheila: Bentley :bentley:
Sgt. Byrd :sgtbyrd: Agent 9 :agent9: Bianca :bianca:
Douglas :douglas: Minibags :minibags: Blink :blink:
Ember :ember: Flame :flame: Crash Bandicoot :crash:
Gnasty Gnorc :gnasty: Ripto :ripto: Sorceress :sorceress:
grendor :grendor: Red :red: Dr. Neo Cortex :cortex:
Sorcerer :sorcerer: Legend :legend: Legend Sparx :lsparx:
Terrador :ycynder: Ignitus :ignitus: Terrador :terrador:
Volteer :volteer: Cyril :cyril: Chronicler :chronicler:
Cynder :cynder: Gaul :gaul: Malefor :malefor:
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Spyro :skyspyro: :sky: Voodood :voodood: :v: Gill Grunt :gillgrunt: :gg:
Zap :zap: :zp: Trigger Happy :triggerhappy: :th: Boomer :boomer: :br:
Drobot :drobot: :db: Drill Sergeant :drillsergeant: :ds: Stealth Elf :stealthelf: :se:
Stump Smash :stumpsmash: :ss: Bash :bash: :bh: Terrafin :terrafin: :tf:
Prism Break :prismbreak: :pb: Ghost Roaster :ghostroaster: :gr: Chop Chop :chopchop: :cc:
Ignitor :ignitor: :ig: Eruptor :eruptor: :ep: Flameslinger :flameslinger: :fs:
Whirlwind :whirlwind: :ww: Sonic Boom :sonicboom: :sb: Dark Spyro :skydark: :dk:
Legendary Bash :bashlegend: :lb: Legendary Chop Chop :choplegend: :lc: Legendary Spyro :skylegend: :ls:
Dino-Rang :dinorang: :dr: Hex :hex: :hx: Wrecking Ball :wreckingball: :wb:
Cynder :skycynder: :cy: Double Trouble :doubletrouble: :dt: Slam Bam :slambam: :sl:
Sunburn :sunburn: :sn: Lightning Rod :lightningrod: :lr: Zook :zook: :zk:
Camo :camo: :cm: Warnado :warnado: :wd: Wham-Shell :whamshell: :ws:
Legendary Trigger Happy :triggerlegend: :lt: Kaos :kaos: :k: Trigger Snappy :triggersnappy: :ts:
Whisper Elf :whisperelf: :we: Terrabite :terrabite: :te: Gill Runt :gillrunt: :gi:
Skylanders: Giants
Tree Rex :treerex: :tr: Bouncer :bouncer: :bc: Crusher :crusher: :cr:
Hot Head :hothead: :hh: Swarm :swarm: :sw: Ninjini :ninjini: :nj:
Thumpback :thumpback: :tb: Eye-Brawl :eyebrawl: :eb: Pop Fizz :popfizz: :pf:
Jet-Vac :jetvac: :jv: Chill :chill: :ch: Shroomboom :shroomboom: :sh:
Fright Rider :frightrider: :fr: Sprocket :sprocket: :sp: Flashwing :flashwing: :fw:
Hot Dog :hotdog: :hd: Punch Pop Fizz :punchpopfizz: :pp: Legendary Jet-Vac :jetlegend: :lj:
Legendary Slam Bam :slamlegend: :ll: Legendary Ignitor :ignitorlegend: :li: Legendary Chill :chilllegend: :lh:
Legendary Stealth Elf :stealthlegend: :le: Legendary Bouncer :bouncerlegend: :lo: Gnarly Tree Rex :gnarlytreerex: :gt:
Royal Double Trouble :royaldoubletrouble: :rd: Scarlet Ninjini :scarletninjini: :sc: Polar Whirlwind :polarwhirlwind: :pw:
Jade Flashwing :jadeflashwing: :jf: Molten Hotdog :moltenhotdog: :mh: Granite Crusher :granitecrusher: :gc:
Mini-Jini :minijini: :mj: Eye-Small :eyesmall: :es: Thumpling :thumpling: :tl:
Barkley :barkley: :bk:
Skylanders: Swap Force
Magna Charge :magnacharge: :mg: Wash Buckler :washbuckler: :wk: Blast Zone :blastzone: :bz:
Night Shift :nightshift: :ns: Stink Bomb :stinkbomb: :sm: Hoot Loop :hootloop: :hl:
Free Ranger :freeranger: :fe: Rubble Rouser :rubblerouser: :rr: Spy Rise :spyrise: :sy:
Freeze Blade :freezeblade: :fb: Fire Kraken :firekraken: :fk: Rattle Shake :rattleshake: :rs:
Grilla Drilla :grilladrilla: :gd: Trap Shadow :trapshadow: :tp: Boom Jet :boomjet: :bj:
Doom Stone :doomstone: :dm: Countdown :countdown: :cd: Rip Tide :riptide: :rt:
Fryno :fryno: :fy: Roller Brawl :rollerbrawl: :rb: Bumble Blast :bumbleblast: :bb:
Star Strike :starstrike: :sk: Pop Thorn :popthorn: :pt: Slobber Tooth :slobbertooth: :st:
Wind Up :windup: :wu: Punk Shock :punkshock: :ps: Smolderdash :smolderdash: :sd:
Grim Creeper :grimcreeper: :gm: Zoo Lou :zoolou: :zl: Dune Bug :dunebug: :dn:
Scratch :scratch: :sr: Scorp :scorp: :so: Nitro Magna Charge :nitromagna: :nm:
Dark Wash Buckler :darkwash: :dw: Volcanic Eruptor :volcaniceruptor: :ve: Legendary Night Shift :nightlegend: :ln:
Dark Stealth Elf :darkstealth: :de: Legendary Free Ranger :freelegend: :lf: Dark Blast Zone :darkblast: :da:
Legendary Grim Creeper :grimlegend: :lg: Legendary Zoo Lou :zoolegend: :lz: Enchanted Hoot Loop :enchantedhoot: :eh:
Dark Slobber Tooth :darkslobber: :dl: Jolly Bumble Blast :jollybumble: :jb: Enchanted Star Strike :enchantedstar: :et:
Jade Fire Kraken :jadefirekraken: :jk: Springtime Trigger Happy :springtimetrigger: :sg: Kickoff Countdown :kickoffcountdown: :kc:
Quickdraw Rattle Shake :quickdrawrattle: :qd: Nitro Freeze Blade :nitrofreeze: :nf:
Skylanders: Trap Team
Blastermind :blastermind: :bm: Bush Whack :bushwhack: :bw: Enigma :enigma: :eg:
Gearshift :gearshift: :gs: Gusto :gusto: :go: Head Rush :headrush: :hr:
Jawbreaker :jawbreaker: :jw: Ka-Boom :kaboom: :kb: Krypt King :kryptking: :kk:
Lob-Star :lobstar: :la: Short Cut :shortcut: :su: Snap Shot :snapshot: :sa:
Thunderbolt :thunderbolt: :tt: Tuff Luck :tuffluck: :tk: Wallop :wallop: :wp:
Wildfire :wildfire: :wf: Bat Spin :batspin: :bs: Blades :blades: :bd:
Chopper :chopper: :cp: Cobra Cadabra :cobracadabra: :co: Deja Vu :dejavu: :dv:
Echo :echo: :ec: Fist Bump :fistbump: :fi: Fling Kong :flingkong: :fg:
Flip Wreck :flipwreck: :fl: Food Fight :foodfight: :ff: Funny Bone :funnybone: :fu:
High Five :highfive: :hf: Rocky Roll :rockyroll: :rl: Torch :torch: :to:
Trail Blazer :trailblazer: :tz: Tread Head :treadhead: :td: Bop :bop: :bp:
Breeze :breeze: :be: Drobit :drobit: :di: Hijinx :hijinx: :hi:
Pet-Vac :petvac: :pv: Small Fry :smallfry: :sf: Spry :spry: :spr:
Weeruptor :weeruptor: :wr: Dark Food Fight :darkfood: :df: Dark Snap Shot :darksnap: :dp:
Dark Wildfire :darkwild: :dd: Legendary Blades :bladeslegend: :bl: Legendary Bushwhack :bushlegend: :lbw:
Legendary Deja Vu :dejalegend: :ld: Legendary Jawbreaker :jawlegend: :lk: Nitro Head Rush :nitrohead: :nh:
Nitro Krypt King :nitrokrypt: :nk: King Cobra Cadabra :kingcobra: :ki: Winterfest Lob-Star :winterlob: :wl:
Love Potion Pop Fizz :lovepop: :lp: Gnarly Barkley :gnarlybarkley: :gb: Power Punch Pet-Vac :powerpet: :po:
Eggselent Weeruptor :eggweeruptor: :ew: Chompy Mage :chompymage: :chm: Dreamcatcher :dreamcatcher:
Golden Queen :goldenqueen: :gq: The Gulper :gulper: Dr. Krankcase :krankcase: :kr:
Chef Pepper Jack :pepperjack: Wolfgang :wolfgang: :wg: Luminous :luminous:
Nightshade :nightshade: Knight Light :knightlight: :kl: Spotlight :spotlight: :si:
Knight Mare :knightmare: :km: Blackout :blackout: :bo:
Skylanders: SuperChargers
Astroblast :astroblast: :ab: Bowser :bowser: :hs: Dive-Clops :diveclops: :dc:
Donkey Kong :donkeykong: :do: Fiesta :fiesta: :ft: High Volt :highvolt: :hv:
Nightfall :nightfall: :ni: Smash Hit :smashhit: :sma: Spitfire :spitfire: :spi:
Splat :splat: :spl: Stormblade :stormblade: :sto: Thrillipede :thrillipede: :ti:
Dark Bowser :darkbowser: :dh: Dark Donkey Kong :darkkong: :dg: Dark Spitfire :darkspit: :dsp:
Frightful Fiesta :frightfiesta: :fft: Legendary Astroblast :astrolegend: :al: Legendary Roller Brawl :rollerlegend: :lw:
Steel Plated Smash Hit :steelsmash: :pl: Power Blue Trigger Happy :powertrigger: :pbt: Power Blue Splat :powersplat: :pbs:
Birthday Bash Pop Fizz :birthdaypop: :bf: Eggcited Thrillipede :eggthrillipede: :ei: Missile Tow Dive-Clops :missiledive: :md:
Skylanders: Imaginators
Air Strike :airstrike: :as: Ambush :ambush: :am: Aurora :aurora: :au:
Bad Juju :badjuju: :bad: Barbella :barbella: :bar: Blaster-Tron :blastertron: :bt:
Boom Bloom :boombloom: :boo: Buckshot :buckshot: :bq: Chain Reaction :chainreaction: :cn:
Chopscotch :chopscotch: :cs: Ember :masterember: :em: Flare Wolf :flarewolf: :fa:
Grave Clobber :graveclobber: :gv: Hood Sickle :hoodsickle: :ho: King Pen :kingpen: :kp:
Mysticat :mysticat: :mc: Pain-Yatta~1 :painyatta: :py: Pit Boss~1 :pitboss: :pi:
RO-BOW :robow: :ro: Starcast :starcast: :str: Tae Kwon Crow :taekwon: :tc:
Tidepool :tidepool: :tid: Tri-Tip :tritip: :tri: Wild Storm :wildstorm: :wi:
Steel Plated Hood Sickle :steelhood: :sho: Dark Golden Queen :darkqueen: :dq: Dark King Pen :darkking: :dkp:
Dark Wolfgang :darkwolf: :dwg: Legendary Tri-Tip :trilegend: :ltr: Legendary Pit Boss :pitlegend: :lpb:
Solar Flare Aurora :solaraurora: :sol: Egg Bomber Air Strike :eggairstrike: :ea: Hard-Boiled Flare Wolf :hardflarewolf: :hb:
Mystical Bad Juju :mysticalbad: :mb: Mystical Tae Kwon Crow :mysticaltae: :mt: Candy-Coated Chopscotch :candychopscotch: :ca:
Jingle Bell Chompy Mage :jinglechompy: :jc:

Why do some of the smilies not work?

There is a limit of 40 smilies per post, smilies over that limit will not work. It may seem a bit unpredictable as to which smilies stop working over the limit as it does not pay attention to their ordering in your post.

What are the different user levels?

Well, we currently have quite a few different user levels, any they are as follows:

Spyro the Admin
There's only one of these: dark52. Has the ability to delete other user's posts and topics as well as banning the more unruly folk.
Moderators can delete other user's posts and topics as well as suspend people.
The normal users of the forum. The colour Sparx depends on how many gems a user has gained.
Visitors to darkSpyro who aren't logged into an account.
A temporarily suspended user, cannot post or send Private Messages. Usually returned to the Sparx user level after a week or two.
A permanently banned user. Anyone who gets banned is unlikely to be allowed to return.
An account simply waiting to be activated by email.
An account that has been terminated even before validation.

So what are the Sparx ranks?

The ranking is based on the current number of gems that an account has and is as follows:

  • 0-99 Gems - Red Sparx
  • 100-499 - Green Sparx
  • 500-999 - Blue Sparx
  • 1000-1999 - Yellow Sparx
  • 2000-2999 - Gold Sparx
  • 3000-4999 - Emerald Sparx
  • 5000-7499 - Platinum Sparx
  • 7500-9999 - Diamond Sparx
  • 10,000+ - Prismatic Sparx

What are gems and how do I gain them?

Gems are a method of determining how active a user has been on the site and serve no other purpose beyond that.

To earn gems you just simply have to visit the website at least once a week as they are given out early Sunday morning / late Saturday night. It simply calculates whether or not you've visited during the past week and if you've posted or not (the number of posts is ignored). You get 7 for visiting and 3 for posting, it then generates a random number between 0 and 6 to give you as a bonus. So the maximum you can get in a week is 16 and you're guaranteed to get at least 10 if you visit and post.

How do I become a 'Hunter'?

Very occasionally I will open up the application process to hire new moderators, the last such application period was in January 2015 with the new batch of Hunters chosen shortly after. The next application process is not expected to be opened for at least another year.

What are the forum rules?

You can find the rules here.

I've lost my password! How can I get my account back?

Use the Recover Password link below the login boxes, if you used a valid email for your account then a new password will be sent to the address once you provide it again for the form. You will need to remember your account name for this though.

I've discovered a bug/exploit with the site/forum!

Report bugs in the Site Help and Suggestions forum and exploits to me via Private Message.

What kind of formatting are we allowed to use?

The forums, comments and signatures employ the following BBCode for you to use:

Bold Text
[b]This text will be bold.[/b]
This text will be bold
Italic Text
[i]This text will be italic.[/i]
This text will be italic.
Creating a Link
[]This is a link.[/url]
This is a link.
Posting an Image
For large images please link to them rather than using this.
[quote=dark52]This text will be quoted.[/quote]
dark52 wrote:
This text will be quoted.
[quote]This text will also be quoted.[/quote]
This text will also be quoted.
Marking out Spoilers
[spoiler]This will be hidden from view.[/spoiler]
This will be hidden from view.
Creating a List
[*]This is a list
[*]It sure is
  • This is a list
  • It sure is
[*]This is an ordered list
[*]It sure is
  1. This is an ordered list
  2. It sure is
Posting a Youtube video

Badly written or disallowed code gets broken by the board (except bad nesting) but there isn't a warning besides using the preview button to see what your message will look like.

How do I edit a post?

Click on 'Edit' at the bottom of the post and make the changes on the page there.

How do I delete a post?

Click on 'Edit' at the bottom of your post and then click on the Delete button.

How do I close a topic?

Provided the topic is over 1 hour old and nobody has posted in the last five minutes you can close a topic. To do so click on 'Edit' at the bottom of the first post in the topic and then click the 'Close' button. You cannot reopen a topic once it is closed.

How do I delete a topic?

If a topic is completely empty of other posts you can delete it in the same way you would a normal post. If anyone has posted then this will not work.

How do I send a Private Message to someone?

Either click 'PM' at the bottom of one of their posts, click 'Send PM' in their profile or just write out their username on the Compose page which you can get to through the 'PM Inbox' link in your userbox on the right.

How do I block someone from sending me Private Messages?

Add them to your Block List which you'll find in the Private Messages section. This also blocks them from posting in your Guestbook.