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its still the best skylander game
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3708
#1 Posted: 10:33:20 18/08/2018 | Topic Creator
i was on youtube today and found the music for the skylanders spyros adventure game. i will say the music is still fantastic, its the best game music i have heard. and it just bring back all the good memories, it make me want to play the game again.

have a listen and enjoy.....
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iceblade2488 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1070
#2 Posted: 02:30:04 26/08/2018
Quote: CountMoneyBone
i was on youtube today and found the music for the skylanders spyros adventure game. i will say the music is still fantastic, its the best game music i have heard. and it just bring back all the good memories, it make me want to play the game again.

have a listen and enjoy.....

In my best attempt to not sound like a nostalgia driven fool, I have to absolutely agree. It was before all the gimmicks, the annual releases that made the game more stale than a box of month old Lucky Charms, the series reposes and special light core variants that were just excuses to sell the same figure over again..........ah man too late, I went full nostalgia smilie! Can't believe it's been 7 years already, where does the time go? I still remember dragging my mom all over God's creation to find Wham-Shell, and being the only kid at my school with all 32 of the originals!
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#3 Posted: 03:07:28 26/08/2018
Honestly, It's my least favorite of the games, but mainly because of the lack of content compared to the others

This one is still freakin amazing though

Also, I got Wham-Shell because he was at Target, that was the only reason I got him, I didn't even know he was rare
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Buchi Ripto Gems: 445
#4 Posted: 11:47:46 26/08/2018
This game ****ed my life up. It's awesome.
Luminous35 Gold Sparx Gems: 2457
#5 Posted: 16:04:19 26/08/2018
Imagine not getting this game. Where the hell would I be in life?

That's... sad, anyway.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#6 Posted: 06:03:22 27/08/2018
These days for me it's like

The tops: SA and TT
Next-best: SF and SC
Good: Giants and SI

I dunno, these days I don't think any of the main games were bad. Looking back on SC it had a lot of effort and there some things I can appreciate about it. Could just be another time I'm optimistic about it then can't stand playing it, but I'm not replaying it for a while so I'll see, and that's another topic.

SA and TT have the most heart though: they try hardest to make you feel like a Portal Master, they had tons of unique assets, and they were just fun.
However, while less ambitious and large, SA does feel more complete (and its flaws are definitely less glaring) and polished. It's a tough call between the two for me, but FWIW, I only play SA these days. Due to convinience. Will be replaying the entire series, but until then, it's just this vague ranking.

But I really love how SA actually feels it has something for everyone to do: the terrain traversal, no gimmicks that stick out and unlock even more, minimal variants, all the heroics- it felt like all the heroes were important because at this point they weren't buried under more "relevant" gimmicks, dozens of dozens more characters, or in games that they clearly weren't rebalanced for... (After Giants, only SF got this right imo, everyone is viable in SC but it's only because they made the game so dang easy...)
Plus since they don't all speak english it lends some characters an exotic flavor and certainly makes the cast less generic.

It's like in this game SKYLANDERS was the title and around SF or TT the GIMMICK became the real title.

I feel like I've said most of what I can say about this game, but yeah, I really love it. It's the most pure Skylanders experience that feels most complete overall, even with improvements that came later. Best story and art imo, the cast is still really solid, reasonable balance (there's probably less than a dozen outliers), fabulous chapters and count, solid level design that gets the point and is replayable, plenty to upgrade on each character, still had pvp (and it was still fun! t'was lame in SF).
You look at later games and (to cut it short) they respectively dropped the ball on level design, story/art, balance, structure and general effort beyond roster. Don't get me wrong, SA isn't perfect or the best at everything or something... its big issue is lack of difficulty... but taken as a whole, I think it clearly shows the fewest flaws.

I wonder where Skylanders would be today if most Spyro fans had liked it from the beginning.

Quote: iceblade2488
It was before all the gimmicks, the annual releases that made the game more stale than a box of month old Lucky Charms, the series reposes and special light core variants that were just excuses to sell the same figure over again..........ah man too late, I went full nostalgia ;)!

Hey man, that's actually legit. Playing the later games and seeing gates that no cores can access sucks, and the extreme opposite of nothing but Gongs in SI is lame. :'D Sometimes we're actually nostalgic over good, valid points, not just memories.
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ZapNorris Ripto Gems: 5109
#7 Posted: 18:44:25 27/08/2018
may i suggest... giants

Wally-Gang Gold Sparx Gems: 2987
#8 Posted: 21:56:58 29/12/2018
I dunno. Nostalgia for me is the hunt for the characters, traps, vehicles, and creation crystals with my kids. Getting texts from my wife, with a picture, asking if we had this one already. My kids are 17 and 15 now and have had the latest version of the game around since inception. They remember the "Skylanders bag" under the Christmas tree forever. The last 2 years have been tough to fill the bag, but I got it done. The memories of playing together count more than the game itself.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#9 Posted: 12:06:47 30/12/2018
Just logging in to say yep, it's still the best. :P

I've been really trying to dig into the mechanics and to be honest? Really surprised at all the aspects to them. Without juggling, with some more questionable hitboxes and with lower difficulty it isn't quite as tight as SF but pay attention and you actually still got pushback, plenty of unique character mechanics to sink your teeth into and it just feels fun.

Like, it's still not the most polished but I was convinced for years that this game had way more shallow mechanics than the modern engine- when in reality, they aren't all that different. I think that has to do with how Giants was (I'm convinced anyone who thinks that game is better than SA is, quite simply, wack).

And the levels! There are so many and they're so good. So distinct visually! But layouts and pacing too! Some later levels get more truly mazelike or open and there are so few minigames- it's different from the rest of the series, which never had anything like some of these levels again. Screw the later games going for just using minigames as breather so often, I mean I actually still love SF and some of the other games, but they got way more repetitive in level design. SA knew how to do pacing so well and varied, and it has the most clever puzzles still to keep those sections engaging, the levels are neither too long nor brief, it's just RIGHT.

PVP, Heroics and level count and general pacing on upgrades and everything- it's got such a damn good feedback loop that keeps it replayable too, and it isn't too short on content. And you feel so much effort, all the unique assets and just clear thought and design and art... everything! There's a lot of fun pointless stuff, and there's the cool different terrains for different elements, and remember how superfluous Universe was but we still got it and while it wasn't really a good gme it was such a cool concept and just fun to mess with and different from the other games and they still MADE IT and PUT A LOT OF GREAT ART THERE TOO?!?!

It's still the most complete, still best art and story, still has Skylanders that all feel important, no gimmicks, has correct focus in its gameplay, replayability- it's just what Skylanders should be IMO. *sigh* then Giants made puzzles the meat of the game and squandered its cast and SF muddled the art and story and TT was just sloppy and fell apart in a lot of areas and SC suffered from its structure and SI was too barebones. I don't think the series just went downhill after this but I think aside from SF they kinda lost proper focus and time and more. I know I say these things a lot, but damn it I'm just so passionate about it and I really love SA. This is a special game. Perhaps this is my favorite game (of all; ahem, I know it's certainly my favorite Skylanders game).

I'll post about SF once or twice whenever I do a full replay of it, but dabbling my toes back in it for a couple hours, that game plays just as well as I remembered... doesn't even look like it should work as well as it does, on paper, but such tight fights and gameplay polish with levels that aren't too platformy but give that out as a breather UNF it's so good. I don't think it's quite as good and it's less varied in design but I think the pacing feels "right" in a very similar way to SA, with some more gameplay thrills thanks to higher difficulties, so the breather bits are even better, and the levels can be so tight-- I'll shut up now, GO PLAY SA AND SF.
Dark fhoenix Emerald Sparx Gems: 3154
#10 Posted: 09:24:26 09/03/2020
It was the best . It started this toys to life craze . It was an unknown , it was the biggest risk so developers killed themselves to make the best possible game they could and they succeeded . I found a bunch of series one figures at the junk shop , in very good condition and i finally scored S1 Griffin Mama and Eruptor to complete my spyro,s adventure figures . Dusted off the old portal of power and did some levels with my little brother .

Kaos was scary . He was dark Portal Master with his own set of dark skylanders . Eon interacted with the players outside the TV . Yes the music was amazing , very much drawing you into this fantasy realm in the clouds A troubled realm but you and your skylanders can save it . The dragon theme was huge . Dark Spyro had lightning powers in the 3DS which was a brand new little side adventure . We had codes that sent our skylanders to the lost islands . It was amazing to use your toy on several different games .

I cannot believe how Spyro fans hated on this franchise . Was it because he looked a bit different ? So what ? Our favorite heroes are re imagined all the time .
This is very much a Spyro game with levels literally inspired by the Trilogy . There were dozens of floating lands and buildings in the first spyro game . The end of Legend of Spyro , the new world created literally looks like a Skylands . Sure Skylanders used Spyro to sell their game but in turn SKylanders kept Spyro,s legacy alive and people who first met Spyro in SKylanders went on to play other Spyro games .

If i have one complaint , it was those useless sidekick toys , who just bounced around the map . Sidekicks are supposed to HELP heroes .

The later games gimmick figures were just too pricey and either added nothing or completely went off track in story line . Kaos just become more and more goofy . Too many challenges and toys.
Super Chargers did not fit in with the basic theme but it could have , if a better story was integrated . Something as simple as everyone is transported into the future or some such . Spyro and dragons became less of a thing . Why do that ? Who does not like dragons ?
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CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3708
#11 Posted: 11:21:26 17/03/2020 | Topic Creator
i just hope we will see a remake one day, the textures/graphics of the game is a bit bulky and not so good anymore on the wii/x360/ps3/pc. i would love to see it get the spyro games treatment with spyros adventure and giants games on one disc with all characters and dlc levels. that would have been nice smilie
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 6833
#12 Posted: 19:51:07 17/03/2020
I've said this before, but a remake of Skylanders will depend on nostalgia. Will people be nostalgic for Skylanders in 2031 (since Activision loves waiting 20+ years to remake games apparently)? I dunno. I could also see Swap Force being remade with SSA and Giants since it sold the most in the series.
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 3708
#13 Posted: 11:59:52 18/03/2020 | Topic Creator
i will for sure buy Skylanders remake in 2031 smilie
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3305
#14 Posted: 10:49:09 26/01/2021
it’s pretty much been a decade and tbh yeah this one is still that best followed very closely by swap force for reasons i have already said here. my opinion on this entry has been much steadier than any other for the last couple of years, it’s just the most complete package and was willing to do thing that no other entry did, and it wasn’t suffering any baggage since it was establishing everything.

wish there were a better version of this game, i cant really emulate it anymore. i have no interest in a remake or any future skylanders entry (and the fact i don’t touch ring of heroes should be a testament to that), they’ll probably botch what i liked about it and i like being done with this toyfest in a sense. i just wish they had been able to do more justice with the hd versions of this game.

even though swap force is more polished and a smoother game and had some major additions, its still not the same, you can tell parts of it are sanded down and it also came with a bit more fat. if you’re willing to accept the approach swap force took then it’s still pretty close in quality anyway.

revised list, i believe, would be-

one interesting thing i discovered is that it looks like they originally wanted to make the battle mechanics much smoother, check out this vid and see the animations don’t get choppy/freeze like the final game + seem closer to what swap force ended up doing. plus some wall slam which never ended up being a mechanic in any of the games- shame, would have worked well for adventure in particular given its map layouts.

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wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4497
#15 Posted: 11:18:10 18/06/2021
This is my second most favourite. It's just so cute and amazing.

1. Swap Force
2. Spyro's Adventure
3. SuperChargers
4. Giants
5. Imaginators
6. Trap Team

Might have to replay them all to see if this list still holds true.
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