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TLoS: Shadows of Avalar [CLOSED]
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Hey, I'm finally writing my own fan-fic. You may think, but you own The Plan of Thanatos and posted all the chapters. Yes, my account did, but that co-op story was originally between MaleforSC and Hectapuss72, when `MSC lost his account due to reasons explained in it I began posting his chapters. Long story short, his story, my posts.

Anyway, so here is where my story starts, in...

Chapter 1

It was always his fault, at least that was what Tyrian always said. Kato would either be flying through flaming hoops, or burning sheep, or maybe just playing and talking with Skia from the net cave. Yet Systro would hurt herself, or break something, and go running to Sinnda, their mother, or Cedrik, their father and tell them what happened. Then Tyrian, the jammy little git, would practically come running and cast the blame onto Kato.

This time was the worst, the Cowl, given to Systro by Grandfather had gone missing while Kato had supposedly been helping Systro manipulate other elements. Now their parents were coming down on him like rain, he couldn't take it anymore and sent out a flame fury, Sinnda went flying into the house while Cedrik went slamming into the wall. This was bad, with a second glance, Kato scooped his bow and quiver off the ground and flew off. There was only one person who could help him. Skia. She was willing to help him, so she hastily scribbled a note to her aunt then flew off with Kato. They dived deep into the lake and swam into an underwater cave, they surfaced in the subterranean rocky inlet and cuddled up net to each other and slept.


Tyrian was secluded in his underground burrow. In light of Kato running away, he had told his parents the truth, and there anger had been turned on him instead. So he'd escaped, he didn't have the guts to run away or stay there forever, so when he was finally called up by Cedrik, he went. His father was a purple dragon, officially, he was the son of Jimavik, yet Grandmother had told him and Tyrian that Cedrik was the brother of Malefor, yet Malefor had never even known he'd existed. Their father had two belongings he'd given to his children, the Helm of Light (which had later become the Helm of Domination) and the Cowl of Energy. Malefor had been given the helm while Cedrik had been given the Cowl, who'd passed it on to Systro.

His mother was a Dragon Master, who'd began as a Wind dragon, then mastered Fire, Ice and Earth. She was also an enchantress, so she'd enchanted Kato's bow and given Tyrian her spellbook.
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These are the four dragons

Kato Skia Systro Tyrian
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Chapter 2

Kato and Skia awoke underwater, the level was almost reaching the top of the cave. Kato dragged Skia to the surface where they both took deep breaths, then they dove under again, they scrambled onto the beach too see turmoil. Clouds rolled thunderously, the lake was turbulent and angry, the ground shook hard and lava burst forth from geysers. Skia was knocked aside by a violent quake, then a huge wave reared up, engulfing both of them. Kato held on to Skia as hard as he could, he wrapped himself around her to make sure they weren't separated. They were being carried across the lake and fell down a huge waterfall, they were now going down the Avalon river. It went from the Eastern Kingdom, through Vilcarnia, the Southern Islands and in to Avildor, the West Kingdom. Holding on to each other, lest they be taken from each other, they were swept along through Vilcarnia into Avildor.


Sinnda watched the raging storm, she knew exactly who'd brought it. The only question for her was, how were they here. The Elemental Lords were the only ones with this power over the elements. Ahulon of Ice, Raknaris of Flame, Theraane of Earth & Alakro of Wind. Yet they had been chained with their master, the Dread King, in Convexity.

The Dread King had once been a regular dragon, ruler of the Darkmoon Island, Darquas had been his name. Yet he'd wanted more. He'd traveled in secret to Avildor and found the Celestial Cave, the Chronicler of that time had tried to stop him from stealing the Elemental Stones, he only partially succeeded, 5 of the 9 stones were hidden away, yet Darquas still took Fire, Earth, Ice and Wind, from those four he made the Elemental Lords to infiltrate the four kingdoms.

Darquas then left and returned to Darkmoon Island, where he'd created an elemental army, he also told his Elemental Lords to bring him 2 powerful beings and 8 dragons, each of a different element. He hadn't known about convexity then. The 2 powerful beings were Malefor and Illidaros. Illidaros had used shadow magics to empower himself, making himself a being of unimaginable power. Darquas had absorbed the elements of the eight dragons, taking their life force as well as stealing a small amount of malefor's power which grew larger.

Illidaros created the dark armies and led them, while Malefor summoned the ape army. The elemental, dark and ape armies poured into Icecrack and took over the icy wasteland. It was here that Darquas' armies split up, Malefor's armies taking over Avildor, Illidaros' armies conquering Vilcarnia and the Elemental Lord's armies attacking the Eastern Kingdom. Yet the revolts had happened, Illidaros had been killed in his fortress on the well of Souls, leaving his dark energies within. Malefor had been overcome at the same place while trying to take control of Illidaros' powers and armies, the spell tore him apart when it was interrupted and his soul was imprisoned in Convexity. The Elemental Lords were trapped there also, and eventually Darquas was taken, even though it took a whole army to take him down and trap him in the prison.

Yet they still had agents outside, as the ape army still served Malefor and the elemental army still served the Elemental Lords. The dark army had vanished from Vilcarnia when Illidaros had died, so no help could be expected from them.
Sinnda had heard rumors of a dark dragon in Avildor, as well as the ape army amassing. Things were bad over there, she just hoped it was better here.

She went round to the front of the house where Cedrik was leaning against the door frame,
"They're still not back, and with this storm raging it is dangerous out there, avalanches, tidal waves, snowdrifts, twisters, anything could happen that could kill them, maybe they are out there now, clutching broken wings with no way to get back..."
"Wait" Sinnda asked, "They..."
"Malorie from net door called to say Skia was missing and if we knew where she was"
Sinnda couldn't help grinning slightly at this, she'd known there was something going on with those two, the time they'd spent together, yet it pushed down her hope, if she was still here, it could be a beacon that brought Kato back home, yet if they were both gone, they had everything they needed in each other and may never return.


Meanwhile, Kato and Skia had come ashore into a small lake, the river branched off, one into this lake, the other down to the sea. They began walking steadily downhill, when a huge ape barreled into them while it was running. Kato blasted it with flame but missed, Skia dragged it around with electricity, accidentally moving it out of the way of Kato's other fireball. Yet a blast of fire was still seen hitting the ape, and a giant scorch mark was left on its chest, where Kato had been aiming. Then a purple dragon appeared in front of them, and eyed both down cautiously. A yellow light glided down the path and spoke to the dragon, who briskly told him to shut up.

The dragon then addressed Kato, "My name is Spyro and my yellow friend here is my brother Sparx"
"I'm Kato an-" Kato began "And I'm Skia" Skia continued
Kato wondered how a dragon and a dragonfly could be brothers, yet he let it slide, things were weird enough as it was.
"We're following Ignitus, the Fire Guardian, want to come." Spyro offered
"Sure!" Kato replied after looking questioningly at Skia

So Kato, Skia, Spyro and Sparx went after Ignitus...
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its interesting, sure it has some hard to pronounce words, but I think I understand it. good work for a start.
On board Spyro Reignited hype, Choo choo!
Thanks to BlackWing116 for the Chimera drawing
Metaphorical phantom here, Blame everything lol.
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Thanks, theuone


Chapter 3

Tyrian & Systro were sitting on Tyrian’s bed, trying to think where Kato could be, they were pondering when a huge asteroid slammed into their home. It was blown apart. “Dad! Mum!” Systro cried, they ran to the ashes where the family room had landed. Sinnda was ok, her silver scales unblemished, yet Cedrik was a different matter, his purple scales were scratched and his wings torn.

Sinnda used her wind power to create a shield of calm air around them, and said they must hurry to the Dragon Temple. Tyrian used his earth power to make the ground roll under Cedrik so that he could move, and also to make the quaking stay away from them. As they ran, a huge meteor shower descended around them, the wind whipped the waves into mountains, yet Systro froze the waves when they got too close, making majestic ice sculptures that towered high over the ground. Cedrik remained unconscious the whole time.

Eventually, the Dragon Temple came into sight, yet it was a parody of its former splendour. The roof was on fire, water spouted everywhere and the ground and building had cracks in it. Within was a wind dragon, Wattrim, who said that Unbound Elementals had ravaged the land and kidnapped the other guardians.

“Please, you have to help me rebuild the temple” Wattrim asked. So Sinnda used her wind to lift things back into their respective places and Tyrian used his earth to seal up any cracks or holes, as that happened, Systro froze any water with her ice and also doused all the flames with it too.

After they had done that, Wattrim told them that Masnog, the Earth Guardian, was near, in the Plains. The Plains were the Earth Plane. When the Elemental Lords had come into the Eastern Kingdoms, they created the Elemental Planes. There were the Plains for Earth, Howling Tundra for Ice, Mount Vash for Fire, and The Skywall for wind. The Elemental Planes were not made of the element, just infested with it. The Plains had the essence of Earth within them, and strengthened it, multiplying it when it was present, that was why it was obvious that Masnog would be there, his power would be amplified as it was drained, meaning the Elemental would get more out of it.

Sinnda wanted to go with Tyrion and Systro, yet Wattrim stopped her, saying she would stand out and alert them, yet they could sneak in.

Tyrian and Systro went out across the plain, fighting elementals that were trying to stop him from reaching his goal. Eventually, he came to a place where he saw an Unbound Elemental of Earth draining Masnog of his power. Systro shot it with ice, knocking its arm to the side. It grew angry and called to an ancient member of the village, claiming that Tyrian was invading. The ancient took to the sky and called a mole that got into a large metal scorpion and charged at them. Eventually, they’d frozen the wheels and melted the engine. They realized that Masnog was still trapped, so they rescued him and brought him back to the Temple.


Meanwhile, Kato and Skia arrived at the Dragon Temple to find it full of apes, Kato and Spyro both used their fire breath while Skia swung them around with her lightning. Eventually it was empty, they saw Ignitus leaning by the wall and helps Kato and Spyro with their flame. Then Ignitus told them how Volteer was at Dante’s Freezer.

They flew over the clouds, twisting and turning. Spyro was in the lead, twisting around and leaving a trail with his fire breath for Kato and Skia to follow if they lost sight of Spyro. During the flight, the air slowly turned from warm and crispy, to a touch of cold, right down to outright freezing. Both Spyro and Kato used their breath solely to keep warm now, leaving it to stick to them like a blanket. Skia was unable to do this so Kato occasionally shot a few fireballs at her, which she trapped near her body using electricity.

Of course, it was the fact that they were burning this bright that got them noticed. A huge javelin was shot at them, and then a whole turret barrage. They twisted and dodged them, yet became separated and couldn’t see each other when they landed.

Kato landed first, he whipped around with his fire breath and blasted an ape who’d been noisily trying to sneak up behind him. Then he charged at another one with his horns sending it away. The other apes were backing away, he sent a wave of fire in their direction then closed his eyes. Due to his connection with Skia, he could sense her presence if it was close by. He closed his eyes and turned his head forward, he saw through his eyelids, yet the world was a hay red. In the distance he saw a flash of lightning which was astoundingly clear, yet wouldn’t have been noticeable against the stark white sky, then he saw Skia running out from behind an outcrop of snow, there was an ape on a large creature running for her, she stopped next to the cliff and used her electricity to swing it off into the glaring abyss. Kato smiled and opened his eyes, then he kicked backwards, knocking down an ape and ran in her direction.

He arrived to see Skia shocking a troll, yet a huge ape was silently walking up to her and was about to stick his sword through her! Kato roared and was enveloped in flame as he charged at the ape, he slammed into its midsection, disembodying the top half, sending both halves flying off the cliff and the two arts were burning up in the sky, leaving a smoky trail of ash. Kato was extremely angry now, he blasted a hole in the nearest ape and some purple dust came from one of its pouches and into Kato. A large number of apes and trolls were coming at them from all sides, one shot an arrow at Kato and then he flipped. A huge roar ripped out from his throat and fire blasted all around him. The trolls and apes were knocked back by the heat and burnt by the sheer ferocity. Yet all the time, Kato was shielding Skia with his wings. All of the enemies were burnt out husks.
In the distance they saw fire being shot into the sky, a signal from spyro. So they ran towards it. Eventually they saw Spyro, he was trying to scale a pillar to get to the apes on top, yet a troll did something and the whole tower collapsed, killing all the apes and almost killing spyro.

The three came out onto a field full of trolls, they ran through as fast as they could, occasionally having to blast a troll with flame or send it over the cliff with electricity.

They came to an Ice Cave, within was Volteer, chained up on a rock. Cynder was there too, she grabbed a glowing yellow crystal and took off. Armor littered the ground, yet began to move when they tried to approach Volteer. It was the Ice King, awaking to protect its assignment. They had to kill it, electricity didn’t move it and the space was enclosed anyway, so they had no chance of an easy battle.

Kato and Spyro ran in circles around, breathing a continuous stream of fire and avoiding its attacks. Skia kept it in place, she couldn’t move it, but she could stun it. Eventually it melted and they were able to free Volteer and take him back to the Temple.
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When Kato, Spyro & Skia returned to the Dragon Temple, Volteer began teaching Spyro and Skia in the arts of electricity. Kato went to see Ignitus who told him about the Tall Plains and the Atlawa Tribe. "The Tall Plains was once home to a proud ancient tribe called the Atlawa. The Atlawa were a people in tune with the rhythms of the seasons, focused on their relationship with crops, their surroundings & their gods” Ignitus said.

Kato began getting ready for the flight when Skia came out, “Where are we going?” she asked, “To the Tall Plains”. Spyro had just come out from the dojo and stopped at the name. “Tall Plains? I’ve heard countless stories about the Stone Brutes they use and their Astral protector, the Stone Sentinel which protects their grand temple. If Cynder placed Cyril there, then the temple would be the ideal place as anyone trying to go in to rescue him would awaken the Sentinel and incur its wrath.”

They flew to the Tall Plains to find it overrun with apes, they keep on running until they see a large stone creature, they try to walk past it but it notices and lashes out. It was slamming down a huge fist on Kato when the hand froe. Ice crystals form on its hand and then it breaks, the whole hand shatters. Spyro is stunned, he’d intended to move it with electricity, yet ice had come out, Spyro then used a barrage of ice shards to freeze the whole thing, Spyro and Skia both used their electricity to lift it up then smash it down to the ground again. It exploded.

They all rejoiced thinking that it must have been the Stone Sentinel, being so large, meaning they were not that far from Cyril. They came up to a stream where Kane was drifting, Instinctively, Spyro froze the river and saved Kane. They crossed the frozen stream and came to a large maze. At the end of the maze were three stone creatures, the same size as the one they’d already killed. It dawned on them that what they had killed prior to that had simply been a stone brute.

Spyro closed his eyes and folded his wings, curling up up into a sphere. Kato tried to keep them away with his fire yet it barely made a mark. Then Spyro’s head snapped up, his wings burst outward and he leaped into the air, a great burst of ice came out. When the miniature blizzard died down, the ground was layered with snow, the trees and bushes were frozen and the three brutes were icy statues, stuck in mid-action. Three synchronized tail swipes shattered the brutes and then they continued on. They came to a shrine where there were three large statues, two on either side of the entrance and one gargantuan one in the middle. They walked around the central statue to see Cyril chained to the wall. Then a huge stone fist grabbed them and threw them on the ground. The central statue was the Stone Sentinel!

Kato climbed up the Sentinel and fell down inside, twisting and turning around, scorching its insides. This weakened the stone. Spyro worked methodically up the golem, freezing first its hands and arms, disarming it, then disabling it. After it was disabled, Kato broke out from it, blasting through its head. Then he worked on freeing Cyril while the others smashed it up.


The net guardian to save was Tsarinda of Ice, who was chained in the Howling Tundra, Tyrian and Systro set off quickly to the Tundra. Here, the native Ymirjar stood in their way. This was because Cyril was held in the Oculus, where they worshipped their ancient god, Thazad’kel. The Ymirjar were an ancient warrior race who had roamed the land, they were everywhere. Their race, the Kvaldir, was strewn with Ymirjar DNA as the tribe had ravaged and pillaged the land, leaving traces of itself everywhere. Yet it always returned to the Howling Tundra to worship their god.

Now they attacked Tyrian and Systro, who were heading for the Oculus, they believed it was to harm their god, which may end up happening, yet their goal was to save Tsarinda from the clutches of the Unbound Elemental of Ice.

Eventually, they got to the Oculus, a towering spire filled with frost and magic. With only one way in. The Wrathgate. As Tyrian tried to walk through, a blast of ice struck him, freezing his right wing. Systro erected an icy shield as she walked in, which covered her from the falling ice while she used her control over ice to melt Tyrian’s wing. When he was free, they both closed up underneath the ice shield and made their way through the Wrathgate. They went through Naramas, the lower section of the Oculus, it was strewn with spectral ghouls. Tyrian and Systro had never seen the like of them before and became wary.

When they were attacked, they fought hard and when their armor cracked and they fell, they’d deemed them dead and continued, that was until they’d reached the final section of Naramas and looked back. A large group of spectres stood, stock-still, not moving in the slightest, he blinked twice and they were a lot closer. “Systro!” Systro came back round the corner and screamed.

“Ice is transparent, right, we can see through it?” Tyrian asked,
She agreed with him, so he told her to make a wall of ice to stop them, but still keep them in sight, he’d found the link that when you’re not looking, they move, so as Systro made the ice wall, he looked right through at them, making sure they stayed put, when the wall was complete, he had Systro push right up against it at the farthest edge, then covered the ice with rock to make it unbreakable. He covered every bit except the small hole Systro was looking through, as soon as she moved her face away, he blasted the hole, covering it. Then he strengthened the whole thing so that they wouldn’t be followed.

They went through the Oculus to the very top, where there was a portal to the Eye of Eternity, the place where the element of ice is strongest.

There, they saw a blue dragon flying, an Unbound Elemental went through the portal just as they arrived, brimming with energy. The blue dragon didn’t look right, the other had been trapped, yet this one was flying as it pleased. Then it struck him. Where was Thazad’kel? The answer was in Tsarinda, she had bones lining her scales, purple cloth hanging off of her and she had a giant skull and two long bony horns over her head. Thazad’kel was within her, they’d expected they would have to fight him to get to the dragon, yet they had to fight the dragon to bring him out.

Tsarinda called upon the power of ice, and being experienced at it and being in this place, meant that a resounding blizzard whipped out, blowing Tyrian back, Systro managed to stay her ground, then she moved forward and came level with the dragon. Unexpectedly, it ate her. She twirled around within the dragon to where she found a spirit, it looked like one of those Spectres that they’d trapped behind the earth wall. It was the essence of Thazad’kel. Systro battled with it, using the advantage of surprise, and it fled, Systro followed it and went flying out of Tsarinda’s mouth. Tsarinda was a normal dragon who attacked Thazad’kel with them. The ‘god’ was actually just a Ymirjar Necromancer who’d died and resurrected himself as an extremely powerful Spectre. Eventually, he died for a second time.
After that success, Tsarinda , Systro and Tyrian flew back to the Dragon Temple, as of being possessed, she knew the Elementals’ plans and conveyed it back to the Guardians.
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Chapter 5

An ashen ball of rock whizzed past, Mount Vash was erupting, sending clouds of smoke and lava from deep under the earth. And they were inside, battling a huge monster while an Unbound Elemental drained Flavius, the Fire Guardian’s energy. The creature was the Magma king. At the moment, it was a gruesome mix of rock, flame and lava. A huge explosion broke its arm off. Systro was freezing bits of the creature, which Tyrian would then blast open, sending them down into the abyss. At the start it had simply regenerated as it had taken up more magma from the lava below. So Systro had froze its base, meaning that when it regenerated body parts, it took the lava from its own body, meaning it got smaller and less powerful. Eventually, Systro managed to freeze the whole thing solid. Kato smashed it with an earth projectile, the head went flying up and landed on a ledge. Dead.

Tyrian and Systro ran to where Flavius was trapped and tried to unhook him when a blast of flame was shot at the and a searing gorge formed down the middle of the platform. Systro let an ice fury loose, yet the Elemental had too much power and melted the whole fury. Yet Wattrim came and a pushed the flame away with his wind. The elemental screeched and disappeared, they thought he’d teleported, until a small red spark appeared in front of Wattrim and exploded. The wind guardian rocketed away, unconscious, ricocheted off a wall straight to where the Elemental was waiting, then it teleported.

Flavius came and the dragons went back to the Temple. The other two guardians were glad they’d received Flavius yet dismayed about Wattrim. Tsarinda told them about how the Unbound Elementals needed the power of the four guardians to re-open the Elemental Lords prison in Convexity.

Convexity had been created long ago by the Ancients, as a prison. The greatest threats were placed in the oratory of the damned, a central prison with the greatest security. The only denizens had been Illidaros and Darquas. At different times, of course, Illidaros had escaped, leaving it empty, until Illidaros had been killed and Darquas put in his prison instead. Malefor and the Old Elementals were trapped in the Pit of Saron, the great pit in which the Oratory was held, it was the secondary prison in Convexity. Around it, was the rest of Convexity, where all the other prisoners were kept in single cells.

The Unbound Elemental’s would have Wattrim in the Wind Plane, the Skywall, which is also their lair. Tyrian and Systro set off, yet Sinnda said she would go would go with them, as the Unbound Elementals were too powerful to face on their own.

As they crossed the border, turbulent winds spun them around. They were whipped and thrashed by the winds and beat upon the rocks they were thrown against. Eventually, they arrived at the top of Deathpoint Spiro. The twisting tip jutted out against the bleak sky.

The glistening spire was wet with rain which caused them to slip as they ran across the spiral ramp into the circular entrance hatch at the top. They fell down to see the Unbound Fire and Wind Elementals net to Wattrim, the Wind One had a silver lining going from the Guardian to itself while Fire was standing with its face to them near it. Systro froze its arm and the Fire Elemental spun round, a heat wave freed it again and an all out battle began. Sinnda and Systro keeping Fire at bay while Tyrian tried to get through Wind’s air shield and attack it. Eventually, Wind stopped channeling wattrim’s energy and called to Fire as it ran, the two flew down a passage. Sinnda, Systro and Tyrian gave chase, running down the same passage. Tyrian saw a thin spellbook and went to look at it, his mother’s had all its spells already except one, the portal spell. Quickly, he scribbled it down, then ran after his mother and sister. He got to them as they reached the balcony, where the Unbound Elementals stood in a circle and disappeared.

Tyrian created a portal to the temple and the three guardians went through. They were glad to see WEattrim was fine, albeit a bit weak. They traced where the Elementals had gone. Convexity. Tyrian made a portal there, and he, Systro and Sinnda went through, then it closed behind them.


Cynder roared and swooped. Spyro dived out of the way and Kato dragged Skia behind the wreckage of Steam. Terrador was still lying collapsed on the floor as Cynder closed in on Spyro. Suddenly, Ignitus charged into her, she grabbed him and flew off. Terrador awoke and told Spyro, “Cynder's Lair is where hope goes to die, Spyro. A dark, foreboding place in which Cynder broods and sulks and plans her next assault."

Spyro left immediately. He was angry. He blasted through Concurrent Skies into her fortress, ran straight past the Electric King and right up to where Cynder was draining Ignitus’ power. Spyro attacked her straight out, blasting her with electricity and then lobbing a giant stone at her head. She screamed and grabbed the red crystal containing Ignitus’ energy, and flew out to the balcony, where she opened a portal to Convexity. Ignitus then told Spyro,
“Cynder was actually born from the same brood of eggs as you, Spyro, and she was taken by Malefor's forces, corrupted by his poisonous powers and became his tool of destruction. Malefor is using Cynder to gain the Guardians' powers so she could unlock the portal, which served as his prison, since only a dragon born in the Year of the Dragon, such as Cynder, can open it.”

Spyro ran down to where Kato had just finished off the Electric King with a fire fury. He saw the two resting against a wall and shouted, “This is no time for fapping around, get a move on!” They went up to the balcony, yet along the way, Skia saw a side room with a glistening sword leaning against the wall, next to it was a letter addressed to Cynder,
I found this sword at the Well of Souls, it is called the Warblade of Azzinoth. I know this as I read it on the case of it, yet within was written that it was now called the Shadowsteel Blade, it has immense power over the element of shadow, I tried to wield it myself, yet it burned me, it is a dragon sword, you are our only dragon, so I give this to you


Skia took the sword, as it may be useful, then she ran after Kato and leapt through the portal, into convexity.
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Chapter 6

The endless realm of Convexity was an endless iridescent void. Unbeknownst to each other, two groups of dragons descended deep into the second layer of the airlock dimension. The pit of Saron. They were following their own adversaries, and going to their own destinations within the Pit, yet were connected. One group was comprised of Sinnda, Tyrian and Systro, the other was Spyro, Kato and Skia. All but Spyro were related with each other. They then came to their respective foes and commenced in battle.


Spyro engaged with Cynder while Kato and Skia went to destroy the four crystals. Kato smashed the Electricity Crystal and it sent Volteer’s energy into him. The energy made him pass out. As the crystal was smashed, the portal sent out a small wave, knocking Skia back, she skidded near Cynder who slapped her away into unconsciousness with her tail.


Meanwhile, the Unbound Elementals were in direct conflict. Systro was taking on flame and Tyrian was battling Wind. Their mother was fighting Earth and Ice. Tyrian created a cage around wind and dissected it, leaving pockets of air in different parts of the stone, then he flung it out, leaving only the Essence of Wind. It spun around Kato and then entered through his pores, pushing him forward. Systro managed to successfully freeze the Fire Elemental. She then cracked him open, leaving only the essence, which burnt her side and passed through. The pain was too much to bear and she passed out.


Skia woke up, slowly and groggily, to see the portal glaring out and flaring, and to see Spyro use a convexity fury on Cynder. She grasped the Shadowsteel Blade tightly and walked over to Cynder. Using her electricity breath, she moved the sword to a position near Cynder’s neck then jabbed downwards, it pierced under her braces and an explosion of shadow burst out. It choked Skia as it entered her, and she passed out again. The portal snapped open fully and began pulling Skia and Cynder in, Spyro leapt forwards to grab Cynder and kicked Kato, who woke up and went and grabbed Skia, the four then left Convexity.


The Elemental Lords began coming out, yet as of there only being two Unbound Elementals left, two Lords had to go into one Unbound. Theraane of Earth and Alakro of Air went together into the Earth Elemental, making it a Prime Sand Elemental. When two elements come together in an Elemental it becomes Prime. Then Fire and Ice went together to make a Prime Water Elemental. The Elemental Lords were free, even though now there were only two and they were Prime. The new Elemental Lords were Vezkramax of Sand, and Neptulon of Water. Yet the portal in Convexity was crumbling and the gravitational force was astounding. Tyrian finished his spell and began pulling Systro toward the portal that would take them home. A bright flash of purple light resounded in the distance as the portal crumbled, then an equally bright flash as their portal expanded. Tyrian and Systro were blown into their portal and the last thing of Convexity that Tyrian saw was his mother’s tail being sucked into the portal with the Elemental Lords and then winds whip around the portal, push it into a sphere and turn it silver.

She’d locked the portal from the inside.


Kato, Spyro, Skia and Cynder were in the dragon Temple being awarded for their success in saving Cynder and that even though they hadn’t stopped Malefor’s essence escaping, they’d done better than any of the guardians could have. Then Ignitus talked to Kato and Skia and told them that when they were hit by those elements they became infused with them, meaning Kato now also had electricity breath and Skia also had Shadow breath, that was why their wings had morphed.


Tyrian and Sysro got basically the same message, meaning Systro had flame breath and Tyrian had Wind breath, meaning their wings had morphed. Yet they ended the day feeling guilty, not elated, as Cedrik, their father, berated them for not saving Sinnda and putting the blame on them. Cedrik stormed out on them into the forest and spent the night there.
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Chapter 7

Both Cynder and Spyro were gone when the Apes came, the Assassin came and personally trapped both of them in Shadowsteel Cages. They were then taken away on the backs of large snails to the Well of Souls.


Cedrik had left at night, yet hadn’t come back in the morning. Systro was the first to notice when she went up to the hill to meet with him. Tyrian and Systro looked everywhere for him, until eventually they found him in their sundered home. He had the pictures of him and Sinnda as kids and was not trying to hide his tears.

“We’ll get her back” Systro wanted to say, yet how could they? Convexity was sealed and the portal was locked. Abruptly, Cedrik stood up and flew off into the distance.

Tyrian began following straight away, he flew high and made sure he didn’t lose sight of their father.They were flying for a long time. As they passed over the Howling Tundra, Cedrik began his descent. Where was he going? Systro landed clumsily behind Tyrian and skidded on the ice for a small while until Tyrian caught her. They tried running after Cedrik, but he was too fast, so Systro made an Ice Sleigh which Tyrian pushed with the power of earth. It easily picked up speed and soon enough they had Cedrik in their sights again.

Cedrik was using his actual Convexity breath, whenever a Ymirjar tribesman came up to him, he just blasted them with purple rays and kept on going. Eventually, they came to a pool, somehow, it was steaming. Water Spirits stood around in rings, chanting. Cedrik stood some distance away and watched. They stopped the sleigh.

After a time, a dark blue hand reached up and grabbed the edge of the pool. Then came another hand, the two hands gave away to arms and those arms pulled up a head and body. It was a demon. Demons were higher forms of spirits, most people assumed they were malevolent, yet only ever committed acts of violence when they were told to by the warlock who summoned them. Warlocks were a type of magic user that specialised in Dark Magic, such as Malefor. Dark magic included summoning and controlling demons. The Spirits weren't warlocks, they gave the demon passage into the realm, they didn’t force it or enslave it.

Cedrik approached the demon and made a request, the Spirit’s were frustrated that an interloper was talking to a demon they had called and tried to attack him. The demon raised one finger and they stopped and turned back to their formation. Whatever Cerik had asked of it was agreeable as it noded to him and then did some stuff for the Spirits, when it was done, Cedrik pulled out a Spirit Gem, which the demon touched and entered.

Then Cedrik flew off again, Tyrian started tailing him and told Systro to return to the Temple and tell the Guardians what was going on. He would open a portal from the next place Cedrik stopped at.
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Chapter 8

Kato and Skia were in trailers set for the Well of Souls. An ape was at the front wearing a large hard hat. The caboose of the train was full of purple crystals, the Conductor sat at the front talking to the train. Its name was Coal, brother of Steam. Kato looked out at the surrounding land and felt despair grip him. He doubted that he’d be able to escape, fearing that he and Skia were to be used for some ritual or just to be killed. Then those thoughts turned to anger. How dare they treat them this way! And hatred. This caused him to take violent action, he consumed his anger and let it out in a fury, the trailers either side of his were destroyed as well, he and Skia were free. Now all those emotions turned to pride as he walked away from the wreckage, calmly, holding his head high, taunting them, defying them the chance of walking away, urging them to fight back.

The Conductor scuttled around Coal, crooning to it and removing the three destroyed trailers and bringing the ones behind back up and activated the train link. Then it sent apes after Kato and Skia. Kato may’ve been prideful sometimes, yet he wasn’t stupid, so as soon as he entered the cover of the trees, he and Skia ran through the hills, for their lives.


Tyrian touched down at the edge of the Plains. Cedrik had erected an earth shield and had entered the area of the Plains that were below the Skywall. Sand stretched everywhere, violent winds from the Skywall tore it up and sent vicious sandstorms across the surface of the plain. Tyrian erected a similar shield to his father and stalked him through the violent sand that was ruining and scratching his earth wall, he made it thicker so none could go through.

Cedrik descended into a hole in the ground, as Tyrian did as well, he noticed that huge insects were roaming around inside. That meant that this was Un’goro Crater, where the Silithid lived. Down in the Silithid Hive, there was no flying sand, so Tyrian let loose his Earth Shield, his sight became much clearer and he was able to marvel at the immense structures. Eventually, they came to a circular chamber where an immensely large Silithid named the Prophet Vikram led a group of Silithid in a ritual. Aberrations lined the walls, assumably as protection. One of them talked to the General, who was named Vezax. Tyrian couldn’t understand their language.

A large worm-like creature ripped out from the ground. It had rings of rock that spun round it and the bottom of it was made purely of air. The rest was flying sand. Another demon, this time a sand one that showed its connection with its element more literally. Once again, Cedrik went up to it, talked to it. Then when it had finished with the Silithid, it entered the Spirit Gem.

Tyrian made a portal to the temple and told them he'd done the same thing, yet this time with sand. Systro continued tailing him, while Tyrian stayed behind and listened to the Guardian’s explanation of Cedrik’s goal.
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Sorry for the wait (even though I'm not sure i have any readers as my one and only post from another user was back at Chapter 2) anyway, I made up for it by posting two chapters smilie

Chapter 9

Kato skidded to a halt near a large tree, it was hollow so he and Skia crawled inside. The apes ran past their hiding spot and continued on. They waited until the footsteps were distant echoes and slowly crawled out. They went right from there and made their way through the dense forests slowly and cautiously. A giant creepy turtle monster thing flew by overhead in their direction. AS it passed, they noticed a friendly yellow glow on its tail. It could only be one figure. Sparx.

An explosive outburst of flame and a zealous wing flap propelled Kato onto the back of the Leviathan and Skia used her electricity breath to latch onto it and climb on. Spyro was unconscious in the centre of it’s shell and Sparx was on the tip. Eventually, Spyro woke up as they landed on the White Isle.

Here they found five doors, four marked with symbols of elements. To save time, Kato did fire, Skia did electricity whilst Spyro did Ice and Earth. They finished at roundabout the same time. Having four instead of two elements made it easier for Spyro to complete his quicker. Then the fifth and final door opened. Inside was an elemental dragon. It was yellow at the time, so all three dragons blasted it with electricity. The dragon screeched as the three dragons wrapped it in electricity and it slowly turned red. Kato and Spyro switched to flame, it revolved in on itself then threw fireballs out to rid itself of the flames. It became a frosty blue which Spyro combated with ice and then he slammed it with earth as it became green. As a last act of desperation it became black. They were at a loss until Skia spewed it with dense Shadowflame and killed it.

A door opened and there was the Chronicler, who told them everything they needed to know.


The guardians told Tyrian what his father was trying to do. “When a dimension is closed off, such as Convexity, it can be opened by a Nexus Key. That is when you find a connection between something in that dimension and something in our dimension. Cedrik was using the elements of Sand & Water in the demons to make a connection with the Elemental Lords and would be found in the Skywall for two reasons. Opening a portal to a place is easier if a portal to that place has already been opened there as there would be a rift. Also, the portal spell was there as well. Lastly, he would probably want something with wind to connect to your mother.” So Tyrian set off for the Skywall.

When Tyrian entered the fortress in the centre of the Skywall, he found the spell book and tore out the page with the portal spell written on it. He thought about destroying it but couldn’t, he knew that his father’s works would almost certainly end with the Elemental Lords escaping, yet it would also free his mother, and he couldn’t let that chance pass. So he left the spell on top of the spellbook and wrote his name under it.

Then he heard someone approaching and dashed into armory. Cedrik walked past flanked by three demons. Sand, Wind & Water. He found the paper and smile ruefully at it, “Oh Tyrian… always on my case…” then he continued out on to the balcony. In the armory, there was a helm made from bone that looked fearsome. Tyrian donned it and his vision flashed green suddenly. Something rose in his throat and a huge glob of poison escaped from his jaw. “ …I have poison breath now… cool.” Then he saw Systro and went out to her.

“AAAAH!” she screamed and blasted him with fire, he pushed it away with wind then laughed, “It’s only me, Tyrian” he said lifting his mask for a second, “This mask gives me poison breath!”

They then followed Cedrik to the balcony, a faint outline of the portal was visible, then the three elementals channeled their energy into it and it burst into life. Convexity was unlocked.
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Chapter 10

The Chronicler told them to wait for another time, yet Spyro denied outright, saying he would save her. Kato recognised his behaviour as something he himself would do if it was Skia who was trapped. If it was just a good friend, or even one of his parents, like Flash and Nina, then he would’ve accepted the Chronicler’s advice, or maybe not have, yet made a compromise. It was only real love, the kind that means the most, that causes you to behave that way.

Kato, Skia & Spyro fly quickly to the Well of Souls where they are met by an army of apes. They tried to sneak past them, yet Kato and Spyro were noticed. Skia continued on. Silently, using her shadow dash, she went through a door to where she saw a hall of trophies. There was a Drakewing Head on the wall, it pulsated eerily as Skia touched it, she donned it and suddenly felt scared, she collapsed on to the floor with fear brimming around. She managed to contain it and let it out in an ear-piercing scream. She bundled out of the shadow gate and sent out Phantom Orbs, they whipped around the Apes who held Kato and Spyro, paralyzing them with fear. She then wrapped them in Shadow and swung them away with electricity.

The three then continued up to meet the assassin, who tried to stifle their efforts and keep them back. The three of them all stunned it with electricity and blasted it with different types of flame. Lastly, Skia trapped him in fear and Spyro and Kato meleed it. The ape was knocked off it’s mount and was kicked away. The Dreadwing then fled.

They continued up to the top of the Mountain of Malefor. Gaul stood there and told Cynder to attack them, who was trapped at his feet. Cynder attacked him instead, Gaul grew angry and challenged Spyro directly. As Spyro, Skia and Kato fought Gaul, the Night of Eternal Darkness came about and its dark energies were channeled through Spyro, making him Dark Spyro. Using Convexity breath he turned Gaul to stone. Kato realized this was a bad thing, as Spyro was being controlled by Malefor.

As Spyro shattered Gaul and fell into a beam of dark energy, Cynder pushed him out, returning him to normal, yet it was already too late. As Malefor’s essence and spirit came together, he brought the Dark Magic’s that Illidaros had used in with him. The mountain began collapsing, as the sustaining force of Illidaros’ magic was in something else now. Spyro used his dragon time to encase them all in a Dragon Crystal. All five of them. Most of them fell unconscious straight away, yet Kato didn’t, he stayed awake long enough to see Hunter of Avalar standing there, watching over them.


Cedrik ran through the portal as soon as it opened, the three demons followed him. Tyrian and Systro quickly followed in case something was unstable. They once again descended into the Pit of Saron. The only remaining portal was shrouded in Silver. Cedrik groaned, then all four of them sent energy beams through. Sand, Water, Wind and Convexity. The portal opened, a deep rumbling laugh exploded out. The two Elemental Lords came out of the portal and actually thanked Cedrik, saying that when the time came, they would spare. Then Sinnda came out, angry, “What did you do that for? What is your problem?”

Cedrik ran away, yet Sinnda followed him, when they were in the Skywall, she slapped him with her tail. He turned around and shouted, “I did this for you!” and sent out an elemental burst, they were knocked down by the blast and then became frozen in Convexity. All anybody would see would be four dragons, with what seemed to be purple electricity flowing around them, shocked still, like statues.
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Chapter 11

The place they woke up in wasn’t the place they’d been when they passed out. Tyrian, Systro and Sinnda were in a circular chamber. They stood up and saw sand come pouring in from the wind to their right and rain coming in from the other side. The two elemental lords formed, Neptulon of Water and Vezkramax of Sand formed, with smaller elementals coming as well. Neptulon also had some some fire and ice elementals in his rank as well as Vezkrama having earth and wind in his.

Two of each primary element went down into the ring. Fire and Earth stood near and Wind and Ice stood near as well. The two pairs bonded, making a Prime Magma Elemental and a Prime Blizzard elemental. Then Fire and Wind stood together and Ice and Earth stood together. Again the two pairs bonded, making a Prime Forest Elemental and a Prime Firestorm Elemental. Each Prime Elemental was also Unbound. They each made a smaller elemental of their Prime Element then returned to the edge of the ring.

The Magma, Blizzard, Forest and Firestorm elementals stood in a circle, Water and Sand went down to them as well. The 6 elementals converged on the three dragons, who were suddenly freed, they realised that it was a form of arena, that the Elementals Lords were using them for entertainment. There were 6 doors around the arena, each with the sign of a different Prime Element on it. Eventually, they killed the Prime Elementals.

The cores of each elemental rose up and hovered as a huge creature lumbered out of the Sand Gate. It was made of metal and had three holes on each side of its neck. The cores went into them and activated the creature. Inside its mouth was a cannon which could use any of the Prime Elements thanks to the Elemental cores. An elemental was riding it, yet didn’t seem to fit to any one element.

They then noticed that Cedrik wasn’t with them. Systro remembered the Elemental Lords saying something about sparing him when the time came, maybe he was spared, still at the Skywall.

They battled against the beast and managed to destroy the Sand Core, it lost that ability, then a voice called. “Sand elementals, scour away their skin with the ravaging sands of Un’goro Crater!” The sand gate opened and Prime Sand elementals poured out, making up for the fact that it no longer commande that element. The creature attacked by charging them, attacking them with elements and swinging at them with its long horns.

Tyrian launched a huge earth missile at the creatures head, it shied away, exposing its neck, the missile hit the three cores along its neck, destroying Water, Blizzard and Firestorm. The same voice rang out again, “Water, drown your enemies beneath the deep seas of the Tundra! Blizzard, freeze the interlopers beneath the snow and ice of the Howling Tundra! Firestorm, spread over your enemies, burning them out, with the firestorms that rage above Mount Vash!”

Three more gates opened, sending out more Prime Elementals, yet it didn’t help the Elementals. The elemental cores became brittle due to the Blizzard, tempered due to the firestorm and the metal was rusted due to water. The magma and forest cores broke open. The voice didn’t ring out this time, the gates only opened slightly. The huge creature then exploded. The elementals all fled the scene as a creature wrapped in golden armor walked out of the burning wreckage of the beast. It had a long dagger with a stained red tip, within it glowed a multitude of colors. A chromatic elemental. It was made of all elements.

It was called the Hellreaver. There was a long, outdrawn battle where it clipped Sinnda on the wing, eventually, Tyrian used a chink in the armour to tear it apart. Its essence was taken up by the Elemental Lords, who said, “You have succeeded against all the odds, against our greatest creation and when faced with our most powerful entity. Yet your faithful commentator may prove a harder challenge to kill.”

Cedrik walked out of one of the gates, yet he was white, fully white, all colors of light added together. He grabbed an orb and gave it to Tyrian, saying, “Take this, you are the only one I can trust Tyrian, when our family comes back together, use it, you will know how when the time comes.”

Then, the arena exploded.

Cedrik led his family out of the arena as fast as he could, they were underground, they traveled through endless tunnels, fighting servants of the Elemental Lords until they got to a forest, they hid there, hiding from the Elemental Lords’ wrath.
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Hey, when you going to continue this?
Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you.
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Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you.
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Chapter 12

Kato and Skia were in a dark cave, two things were there with them. Sparx and Hunter of Avalar. They ran along dark tunnels, hearing the fierce rumbling of the golem in the distance. The tunnels were long and winding, like a mae. The Well of Souls was far behind them, Hunter told Kato, they’d traveled far over the land before entering these catacombs, chasing the Dark creatures who’d brought Spyro and Cynder there.

They came to see a huge golem attacking Spyro and Cynder. Hunter shot it in the eye. Spyro and Cynder went up to them and they turned back and ran the way the way they came. Grublins appeared, trying to stop them, and an elite form of grublin, wearing a Shadow Mask was an extremely difficult enemy to kill.

The golem came at them again, yet they managed to break its arm off, reeling in pain, the golem fled. They came to a ravine with stone platforms going across, the golem attacked again, shaking one of the platforms and smashing it against the wall, they barely survived, yet they did.

They’d nearly escaped when the ever-persistent golem arose and grabbed Cynder, Spyro pulled with all his might and Kato and Skia pulled him, Cynder tumbled out of its grasp and they ran as fast as they could out of the catacombs.

Eventually, the got out to the Twilight Falls, an expanse of forest that surrounded the catacombs. They flew down a gargantuan waterfall, landing amidst the soft grass and wispy trees. It was only then that they asked Hunter the questions that they needed answers for. How long had they been out? And where were they?

3 years was there answer, and they were not far from the land of his upbringing in Avalar. In the Falls, they noticed an unusual variation of grublin, one that seemed to be more like the common mosquito than a grublin, as it had two pairs of wings that emitted a continuous droning sound. One of them was wearing a bright mask of flame that made it empowered, they had to defeat that first before killing the elite creature and taking a look at the Treasure Chest it had in its possession. Within was a black helm, it would only fit a girl, and Skia already had one, so Cynder took it. They made their way through the falls to a parting in the trees, there was a cliff there. They weren’t powerful enough to fly up, yet it was coated with vines that provided a handhold. Cynder & Spyro were held together by a green chain while Kato and Skia held together by a red one. They all climbed up the vines, then used centrifugal force and the chains to swing Cynder and Kato up on top of the cliff and then pull the others up behind them.

With that, they went over the grassy plains into avalar.

However, when they got there they were not welcomed. Instead, they were imprisoned by Chief Prowlus, who stated that they were under war from a dragon, a purple one no less, that wielded magic, and it was magic that besieged them, so Spyro, Hunter and their companions would be imprisoned for the safety of the village.

They were trapped by a giant pillar in the center of the village, until one of the buildings suddenly erupted into flames. The Chief was running around like an angry chicken, barking orders and commanding the cheetahs to fight. Hunter called out that they could help, Cynder had wind which could blow the flame away, Spyro had ice which could douse it. Also, Skia and Cynder both had shadow which could cover the flames.

Prowlus stood still and said a firm, “NO”. They waited in despair, wondering if they’d just gone from one prison to another. Then the grublins appeared, yet not just the regular grublins and grublin flies they’d seen before. There were hero grublins as well, larger pale creatures. Kato shouted out to the Chief that he was a smart man, to imprison possible threats, yet if in the case of a larger, definite threat, he did not enlist all those that could and would aid him, then he was indeed nothing but a fool, who put his personal queries before the safety of his town.”

The accusation stung and Prowlus turned around angrily, Hunter cursed under his breath. The Chief swung his sword down angrily, Kato flinched, yet the sword hit the chain he was bound to instead of him. He freed the others in a likewise manner and they all worked together to defeat the dark creatures. There came a lull in the fighting and Sparx saw some draconic figures approaching in the distance. He shouted out that dragons were coming to their rescue, yet actually they were wyverns, a form of airborne grublin. They blasted out screeches of dark magic, similar to Cynder and Skia’s fear breath. More grublins came and attacked them and they were knee-deep into the fight when it ended. It was unexpected, why had they called off the attack suddenly.

Yet they had dragged something off, on further investigation it was Namyr, Hunter’s one and only relative. Prowlus made a deal with Spyro & Skia, if they found and returned Namyr, then they would release Hunter, Kato and Cynder
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Chapter 13

Cedrik informed them that they were in a place known as Silent Forest, a deep canopy of leaves above them and all around them trapped the sound, causing a near-silence as noise wasn’t permitted to travel far, it just reverberated in the place it originated. The place was also constantly in twilight due to the dense leaves.

Tyrian and Systro slid through the dense overgrowth, following Cedrik’s lead, Sinnda was trying to keep the foliage at bay with her wind breath but there was just so much of it that it kept pushing at them from all sides, they came to a clearing, but were suddenly under the attack from a group of flying minor elementals, they fended them off, but then a stronger one came, charging at them with a sword made of lightning, the killed it and came to a large updraft of air, they flew through it and came to a ledge, Cedrik blasted up there, then brought the others with him.

They through the undergrowth until they came to a large rocky formation. They tried to walk past it but it stood and attacked them, it swung a massive fist and it smashed into Cedrik. He collapsed against the wall. Sinnda ran over to him, but he stood up, his eyes glowing red. He tensed up, as if to unleash a fury, but of what? He had no elements...

He opened his mouth and the Stone Sentinel was ripped apart. He didn’t have an element, but he had power of reality. An element in its own right... antimatter.

The Stone fell to the ground and collapsed in on itself, but it had powerful magic and was going to pull it back together. However, in the absence of the stone armour, they saw its essence in its centre. Cedrik charged forward and grabbed it, ripping it away from the rocks, it then died, permanently.

They left the forest and pushed on, they came to an underground cavern and entered, here they saw a race that seemed to be Apes, but were slightly different and smart, they had an air of intelligence around them that they hadn’t seen in any other race. Their leader stepped forwards, “Greetings! I see you have made your way to the Ancient City... Once, a long time ago, this was inhabited solely by dragons, but the times changed, and many of the dragons left to the Eastern Kingdoms, and now we, the Sapients, remain.”
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Chapter 14

Spyro and Skia went over Avalar to a distant cave, inside there was a bunch of molten rocks and a cheetah, tied to a rock. “Namyr!” cried out Spyro, he leapt over and began grappling with the rocks. Skia shouted to him, “Quickly, the rocks are crumbling in!” Spyro didn’t look back, but worked harder, attacking the vines with his claws, and when that didn’t work, blasting them with concentrated flames.

That did the trick.

Namyr was free, but when he looked back, Skia was gone, “Skia? Skia!” he cried, nothing, then a faint sound. It was Skia! He ran to the sound, with Namyr on his tail. He noticed that the rocks were gone, but there was no more crumbling. It was only the molten rocks that had gone. His mind drew him back to their time in Twilight Falls, fighting those fly-gremlins, they’d come out of similar rocks.

He cursed himself, they’d been led into a trap! He ran forward and saw her, fighting a large creature that seemed to be made of living wood, he attacked it with his fire-breath, but to no avail, so he switched to ice, which slowed it down. Seemed to work.

Eventually, all of the creatures were defeated and they exited the cave. Namyr couldn’t walk though, so they had to operate the river-raft to bring him back to the Cheetah Village. They cheered and let Hunter, Kato and Cynder go. The five then left and proceeded on to a mysterious hermit, who after a lot of violent persuasion told them how to proceed on to Warfang, the Dragon City.
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Took a while, but cool. Two chapters!
Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you.
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And here's two more!

Chapter 15

Everything had been going quite well for Systro, Cedrik, Tyrian and Sinnda, until the day of the attacks. The Elementals had come in a sudden wave, leaded by the Dreadreaver, a Chromatic Elemental, similar to the Hellreaver they had faced as the final challenge in the Arena they had appeared in.

The Sapients and the Party of Four attacked, defeating the Siege Towers and attacking the minor elementals, vanquishing them. The entrance to the Hidden was barricaded against them, but they were breaking through. First it was just a few elementals that had gone through, but then bigger things started coming in. First there was a group of Primal Elementals that had seemed to thwart their every move, but eventually their disagreement was the end of them.

Now they faced a creature with the same vast array of elements, but without the disadvantage of separate souls. The Dreadreaver.

They fought as hard as they could against it, until finally, it beat them. Systro was separated from her cowl and Tyrian’s spellbook was pushed into the rubble. Sinnda was nowhere to be seen. Just Cedrik, Systro and Tyrian fighting it. Cedrik couldn’t use his antimatter element as it only ‘activated’ when he was angry.

They were barely managing it, and Systro was kicked by a giant golden boot into the door. Cedrik grew angry, but not angry enough, so told her to find her cowl, their mother and Tyrian’s spellbook. Eventually, she came back with the requested items except for their mother, who she’d found but been unable to retrieve.

She tossed both to Tyrian, who donned them and began chanting a spell. He was interrupted by the things sword, which booted it sideways, then the unfinished spell was sent out, uncontained, and instead of just killing it, it sent out a death ray that would destroy everything around them. In the swirling dust of the aftermath, Cedrik could be seen holding Systro and Tyrian close, surrounded by an antimatter shield. Safe. But the door was weakened, they had to leave quickly before they were destroyed...
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Chapter 16

Spyro entered the city and turned around to call in Kato, Skia, Cynder and Hunter. However, they’d already seen the devastation that he saw. “It’s under attack!” shouted Cynder, and they turned to hear a mole shouting for help. They saw a group of moles trapped in the still-burning houses so set to work immediately, they grabbed buckets and scooped up water from the springs to douse the flames, once they’d done that the moles thanked them and showed them a way further into the city.

They went through the city past orcs and grublins until they saw the Golem. It was the same golem that had attacked them in the catacombs and they instantly felt a primal fear at seeing it there. Yet then Ignitus and Volteer were flying above them and the fear was banished. “Spyro! Cynder! You’re alive!” he called. He flew over them while they battled Malefor’s dark armies, then they got to a tall tower, the golem was inside.

“We can’t go any further, you’ll have to do this on your own!” said Hunter and they protected the entrance while Spyro and Kato led the way in. They headed through the gap and the Golem appeared. First off he breathed fire on the ground floor which they had to avoid and then climbed upwards. They flew up the steps on the left to the next floor.

He started attacking using his real hand which was still covered in purple crystals. Kato shouted, “We’ll rip of this arm just like we did teo your other one!”. The golem smashed about seven times then rested it after smashing it down in an attempt to hit them. They meleed it. It kept repeating this, the hand landing in the same spot each time until it recoiled in pain.

While its was leaning over now, Skia shouted, “Now is your chance to attack those purple crystals on his neck. Climb the vines!” They did as he said and then beat the crystals with all their might, they were unable to use elemental attacks as they sapped their elemental energy from them. Once they’d smashed them he began another sequence of smashing his hand down.

They found that they also needed to fight his fire breath to keep on the platform. This time he was less predictable, they had to roll occasionally to avoid them. Once his hand was done again he once again lowered his head and they flew up to hit the other side and smash the next crystals in.

The golem roared in agony which threw them off him and did a lunging swipe of his hand, then he bellowed and began climbing upwards again, they flew to the right up some steps and around the corner they found some vines to climb. Now they were on the very top.

At first they got hit by all of his attacks until Cynder noticed that if they stood in the near left corner of the square they would avoid all attacks and their shockwaves for now whilst still being close enough to attack quickly. He kept smashing both hands down together in the middle and when he did they ran up to it and swiped and clawed it. They would keep repeating this then return to the safe spot until he recoiled again.

They ran over to his arm and jumped onto it. Then they jumped to stay on and then rapidly hit him. Spyro and Cynder ran up the Golem's arm, where they jumped to avoid his hand, then immediately leapt off his shoulder and onto his head. They slammed into the crust on his head to reveal another purple crystal.

They all got thrown back on the ground so headed to the same safe spot they were using before and got ready to do the same kind of thing. And it was the same kind of thing, except that there were also be fiery boulders crashing down on each attack. They kept attacking the dual hand smash until he leant over again.

They did the same sequence of jumping and attacking until Kato and Cynder got onto his head. They both simultaneously charged into the crystal with their horns and smashed it, the golem roared and a great elemental fury broke out, the whole building was destroyed.

The dragons cried out and flew away from the building as it crumbled down around them. Ignitus was there and he ushered them underground into the ruins of Warfang, they set to work aligning the four dragon statues straight away.
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In honour of the New Year, I've done three chapters leading up to the creation of a new world.

Chapter 17

Spyro and Cynder stepped out from the ruins to see the Destroyer. It was walking along the plains, leaving a burning trail in its wake. Kato and Skia walked out behind them trailed by Sparx. The guardians were with them. Ignitus sent them to break the dam to at least slow it down so that they would have time enough to destroy it. They set off immediately.


Meanwhile, Systro, Tyrian, Sinnda and Cedrik were fleeing away from the city to the west. There was a small sea division and then they would wrap round the world into Avildor, the Eastern kingdoms. They had just escaped from the city, which had been under attack from the elementals. The Sapients were behind them, defending the city from its attackers. Their leader saluted Cedrik as the group ran away and then turned back to the commotion, he let loose an Arcane Shot that trapped the elemental in glowing purple chains which strangled it.

Cedrik led them away into the undergrowth.


The first layer of the dam had been opened, rising the water level by a lot, yet it still wasn’t enough! They had to fully break the dam. They ascended to the top level, attacking all the orcs and grublins that appeared. They eventually got to the top of the dam and began breaking it.


Cedrik and the others had just got to the shore. They needed to escape, and quick! They’d seen a group of elementals over the hills and they knew they were searching for them. So Systro created a path of frost that they walked over. Yet as soon as the last of them left the ground, Neptulon appeared behind them.


The dam broke, flooding the plain with water and rushing over the destroyer, it slowed but did not stop. It was at the East edge of Avildor and would soon be out of their reach, they flew towards it with utmost haste.


Neptulon spoke, “Stop cringing in fear you fools. I am not here to slay you or you would be dead already. I am here to make of you a request. I have seen your tenacity, ferocity and cunning, and I know that you are powerful in all respect. And I need your help. I need you take down Malefor’s Servant, the Destroyer. Now, you may ask, why do I want you to defeat the ally of my ally, for surely it should be my friend? But alas, it is not true, for whereas my allies and I, as well as our master of old, sought world domination. Malefor is mad, and seeks world obliteration. That is not in my interests, he is mad, he believes that he can destroy the world and remake it in his own image, but he is a fool to think such, even with all the power he holds, he can not rebuild a broken world, even if he had the power to do it, he wouldn’t have the chance. For if the Destroyer destroys the world, it kills everything on it, including malefor. So i need your assistance in its destruction.”


Spyro destroyed the dark crystal on its leg as Kato and Cynder freed Skia from the orc that held her. They flew up its leg but were thrown off by some wyverns, and came to under its stomach where they destroyed their second dark crystal. The Destroyer was now in the sea. The waves swelled under them as the water that had flown out of the dam went into the sea. In the far distance, they could see the distant shores of the Western Kingdoms.


“We will help you, Neptulon,” replied Cedrik, “But when we are through with Malefor, we shall see to you…” Neptulon glowered, “So be it.” and then he delved into the water and zoomed off towards a great mountain in the distance, with legs… And it was moving steadily towards them… It was the destroyer.


They destroyed their fifth crystal when the Elemental had appeared and soared up its leg and onto the platform where Kato and Spyro were destroying their fifth crystal. Vezkramax of Sand and the Sand Elementals came through the air in a giant sand and fire storm that also had a Blizzard whirling through it. The wind, blizzard, firestorm and sand elementals touched down on the platform.

From the water came a great wave carrying in it Ice and Magma as well as Earth and the Forest. The wave crashed up on the leg and Water, Ice, Magma, Forest and Earth Elementals formed. The 10 different types of Elemental lined up on the large crag and Neptulon stepped forward, “We know of you, and we know of your effort against Malefor, the Elementals stand by you, for now.”

Then came a sight that Kato and Skia never expected to see again, Systro, Tyrian, Cedrik and Sinnda flying on the wind towards them. Cedrik was stark staring white, which wasn’t right, but it was still his father. They ran to the edge and shouted with joy and tears as the family was reunited, Kato apologized in tears, saying he hadn’t meant to leave forever, but the Storm had carried him and Skia away. Sinnda forgave him as did Cedrik and they had a massive yet small celebration there and then, yet Vezkramax put a stop to it.
“It’s all well and good having your little family reunion, but the world is on the brink of disaster if you don’t mind, so please, control yourselves!”

The family slowly broke apart and listened as Neptulon explained what they would have to do.
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Chapter 18

The Elementals created a powerful updraft that blew the group onto the top of the Destroyer. There was a small section of a city on him, a few buildings a village square. And orcs, orc archers, and hero grublins. They kept coming in a flow of parasitical might, attacking and attacking, yet there was a huge army backing the dragons and the few members of malefor’s forces there were easily decimated. They then broke the last two dark crystals and went down to the insides of the destroyer. The intense heat was too much for a lot of the elementals, and it killed many. The majority of the Ice Elementals were instantly killed, but some became Water, and a large part of the Water Elementals became something else, a tertiary prime element, Steam. A lot of the Earth elementals merged with the flame and became magma whilst a small portion of wind became Firestorm. Yet it was the fire elementals that were affected the most. Each and everyone of them increased the power of their flame, becoming a roaring blue that made all the other elementals shy away from. Their power had grown tenfold.

The few Ice and the remaining Water let themselves be empowered by the flame so that there were none left and there was just Steam. All the Earth became Magma. All of the Wind became Firestorm. The Blizzard element became a heavy rainstorm which then became the Geyser element, heavily-compressed and heated Steam. Then the Firestorm and Steam elementals bonded together, becoming Geyser as well, yet Sparking Geyser with sparks of an untamed flame roaring out. So now there were just six elements. However, Neptulon remained as Water, for he was too strong to be taken by the flame and had no wish to.

The elementals bombarded the Heart of the Destroyer with all their power, as the Dragons beat and scratched at it. Eventually, it went down and they fled from the great uproar of lava that came in its place. They saw it buckle and then lie down beneath the waves. They flew back to the Burned Lands, which had, not so long ago, been the Tall Plains.

The high black cliffs and the streams of lava produced Noxious Fumes that sought to suffocate the dragons. Ignitus was with them as they came to a great wall of fire. He took them through the flame but sacrificed himself doing so. As they came to the edge he thrust out the dragons in a great burst. They flew through the air and almost landed flat on the two dragons who’d been running from the flame.

There was a black dragon with blue armour and a red dragon in silver armour who covered one eye with her headpiece. They both stumbled awkwardly before coming to gaze upon the great mass of elementals and dragons that stood before. The black dragon stammered, “Erm.. hello? I’m Anasterian and she is Lana'thel. Please don’t hurt us, we aren’t your enemies.”

Spyro stepped forward, “What are you doing here? How come you aren’t in hiding?”. Anasterian snorted derisively then said, “Warfang is doomed, the world is doomed. Where are we to find shelter?” Spyro stepped back, “You can come with us, we need all the help we can get against Malefor.”

Without a word, he began to move on, whether or not they would follow was their choice. They did indeed follow. And they were quite strong, Anasterian had Shadow, Ice, Fear and an element they hadn’t heard of before, Crystal flame. Lana’thel had Fear, Dark Lightning, Wind and Crystal Flame.

The Crystal Flame element both froze and burned. It was burning hot and seared their limbs like flame and froze them in place, hindering them and causing them to burn and be unable to do anything about it.

They reaped the lives of all the enemies in the burned lands until they got to an updraft which took them to the Floating Islands. It was then that they saw the destroyer, not only had malefor returned it to life, but it had walked its way round the world and was coming to the volcano from the west. They rushed through with a vengeance, massacring everything in their way, until they came to Malefor’s lair.
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Chapter 19

Neptulon and Vezkramax formed and charged in, leading the invasion. They easily dispatched a group of orcs that stood in their way. Then they got to Malefor, he stood at the end of the room and gave a speech on how Spyro was destined to do what Malefor was doing, on how purple dragons were destined to destroy the world. He corrupted Spyro into Dark Spyro, but he broke free, then he did the same to cynder. She attacked Spyro, but he just stood there not moving, “Why won’t you fight back!” she screeched. Spyro just stood there, then looked up and said, “Because you’ve left me nothing to fight for…” the spell was broken instantly, Cynder was back to normal again.

Malefor fled, but they followed him, fighting him over the floating ruins which they realised used to be the Dragon Temple. Yet the Destroyer entered the volcano, sealing the circle, and setting up the destruction of the world.

Fire. Fire everywhere. A great and horrible outburst of the total cremating flame that had sprung up about them. Cedrik landed next to Tyrian and said, “Tyrian quickly, the Spell of binding, use it on you and the orb! Hurry!” So Tyrian opened his spell book to page 138 and held the Orb that Cedrik had given him back in the arena so long ago, he uttered the spell, the Orb seemed to roar. Great untold amounts of power sought to escape from the Orb. A massive cyclone of power destroyed the ground they were standing on and acted just like the Dark crystals, yet stronger. All the elementals except Neptulon and Vezkramax were devoured by its lust and all the dragons couldn’t use their elements. The furies that Spyro and Cynder had been doing shot away in a great burst, knocking back Malefor.

They fell down, into the volcano, while Tyrian was still doing the spell and they were almost at the core of the world when he finished it. The orb bound itself to Tyrian, changing him. His skin became purple and his wings darkened. His underbelly became a deep orange. His horns stretched upwards becoming the deepest ebony black. His spellbook was vaporised, yet from the amethyst below came a sword which leapt into Tyrian’s hand and he knew that this was to be used against Malefor, he swung it and it landed right in his heart, the Spell of Binding was still in the air and he was trapped into the amethysts on which he flew above. A great explosion of the convexity element shot into the air, breaking open the volcano and the clouds above. The lava became an Arcane purple full of magic and the Destroyer disintegrated forever, never to be used again by anyone.

Then Spyro and Cynder held hands to craft a spell to bring the world back together. Tyrian went to them and said, “I’m here to help.” Anasterian and Lana’thel came to, and they were crafting the spell as the ancients came to help, they all surrounded the dragons, creating a bright shining light. It grew until it was an astounding glaring sun. Then the volcano erupted, sending out the burning light and the great build-up of magic. The magic soared out over the land creating a massive implosion, and then all of the world came back into its centre and a great quake leapt through it, shaking the whole planet. Then it settled. The searing lava in the volcano settled and the dragons were thrown out by a gust of smoke. They all landed on one of the Floating islands, which, no longer blasted upwards the ferocious updraft of the volcano, were slowly floating back to the ground.
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The Dragons in this story; Kato , Skia , Systro , Tyrian , Tyrian after using the Orb , Sinnda , Cedrik , Cedrik after transformation , Anasterian , Lana'thel , Spyro & Cynder
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Woohoo! They stopped malefor and Tyrian did some magic which destroyed the elementals. Sadly they still have Neptulon and Vezkramax to worry about. I wonder who Anasterian and Lana'thel are? And ooh! Tyrian is now a purple dragon, so that's why Cedrik became white when he appeared in that arena, he'd given Tyrian his power. And what is this element, crystal flame, and where did it come from? Hmm, we'll find that out later.

Happy New Years everyone!
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If there is anyone besides Eternal Sunfury readin this, then could you give me some tips or comments to hlp me improve please. If you don't want to post here then cn you PM me?
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I'm back, I've been gone for quite a while, not that anyone really noticed, but I'm back and ready to continue this story after that dramatic end to Part 1.
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Oh few, I thought that was the end of the whole story, I crid everytiem, but its not.
Remember before when I was talking about smelly garbage standing around being useless? That was a metaphor. I was actually talking about you.
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No no, there is more to come...

Chapter 20

All of the elements of reality itself gushed forth and roared into the skies. The planet had been lost to time itself but a great burst of the element convexity brought it back to the current flow of the universe. The earth quaked and filled in the gawping crevices in the ground. The ice on the rocky peaks melted and flew into great streaks of water in the oceans. Electricity shot into the sky while great gusts of wind caught it and sent it back as lightning. The shadows of the Earth were pushed, and they rushed back to the dark corners of the world, allowing light to flood the rest of the skies. As all of this happened, two dragons at the centre of the chaos collapsed; the saviors of Earth, the purple and black dragons. Spyro and Cynder.


Of course, there was also: Kato, Skia, Systro, Tyrian, Sinnda, Cedrik, Anasterian & Lana'thel. The floating island they were on slowly landed on the volcano. It settled there as other islands came, and they all blocked up the top of the volcano. Eventually, the 10 dragons woke up. They slowly made their way down to Warfang.

In Warfang, they were met by the Guardians: Volteer, Terrador and Cyril. But they were also met by the Guardians from Vilcarnia and Kato’s homeland: Flavius of fire, Wattrim of Wind, Tsarinda of Ice, Masnog of Earth (from the Eastern Kingdom); Ivy of Poison, Shadira of Darkness, and Sauron of Fear (from Vilcarnia - the only place with Dark Guardians).

The 10 Guardians stood round in the Elder Hall. Wattrim spoke, “The elemental threat is still here, just weakened, for the Lords, Vezkramax and Neptulon, are still alive” the other guardians nodded and Terrador said, “Malefor and the Dark Armies have been defeated.” but Sauron disagreed, “Malefor has been defeated, but this time isn’t like when Illidaros died, for Illidaros was upon the Well of Souls and it took the Dark Army with him, but Malefor’s power resided within the Helm of Domination, which he never wore as an actual helm for it was too small, but he had it on him at all times. Between his spine or wrapped around his tail. Since that object hasn’t been destroyed, the Dark Armies are still alive, and restless.”

Anasterian stepped forward, “I have the helm,” he said, placing a small red face-guard on the table. Shadira picked it up and twirled it around her claw, “Yes, this is it, I feel its power. Yet we can not destroy it, for if we do, then the control of the Dark Armies shall be left here, and, with no-one to control them, they will go mad, and seek to just destroy everything. So we need someone to control it. I know Anasterian as he was given to the Temple in Vilcarnia along with his sister Lana’thel at a young age. We know not who the father is, but we know he has a pure heart, I nominate him to control the Dark Armies, for I know the power will not corrupt him.”

And it was then that she gave the Helm back to Anasterian and he placed it on his head, and the power flowed through him. The red faceguard fell over his eyes and he saw each dragons soul, he saw their elements flowing around a glowing white light, the heart of the soul. he whipped the helmet up again and looked at everyone, they were normal again. Terrador gave out quarters to the dragons, but their were only six. So in each there were: Spyro and Cynder; Kato and Skia, Cedrik and Sinnda; Systro; Anasterian; and Lana’thel and Tyrian.

The last pairing was the result of both the dragons opting to share a room but both of their siblings disagreeing to share with them, meaning that the awkward pairing of Lana’thel and Tyrian happened.
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