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TLoS: The Plan of Thanatos *CO-OP* [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 22:12:35 23/05/2014 | Topic Creator
MSC had internet problems but used the schools until he was clocked then banned. After a few months, his parents divorced and his father could no longer pay their rent so they moved to Croydon, meaning we got separated and the lack of Spyro-fans at his school meant no-one had a smilie account he could use. This meant the story stopped after Hectapuss72 posted Chap 19. Sadly, my father lost his job putting my family in a similar position to MSC's meaning we had to move, I begged my parents to travel to Croydon as well and eventually we decided too.

MSC and i attend different schools (sadly), yet are able to meet up and shtuff like that. Being banned from darkspyro I allowed him to use my DS account for stuff and all that.

On the account of the story, MSC is editing a remastered version with the aid of H72 who will return to darkspyro (I don't know why he left) and this is a new topic (as of the orginal being closed due to lack of activity/or re-open it if that is possible). I will re-post the re-mastered first 19 chapters and then continue with the rest of the story.
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The Plan of Thanatos

[User Posted Image]
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After the defeat of Malefor, the world split apart completely as the Destroyer’s body erupted into a shower of death and destruction as Malefor's dark powers were no longer able to keep it alive after death. All of the evil minions of the deceased Dark Master managed to remain in existence, but with a failing foothold on the shredded planet, as they still had their dark energies about them. As the very planet itself seemed to fall apart, a great explosion of energy straight from the core created an implosion of might. The dragon guardians and the elders were unsure whether the purple eruption was caused by Malefor's trapped soul or Spyro's might. The land them snapped into place, forming a rocky sphere.

All of the elements of reality itself gushed forth and roared into the skies. The planet had been lost to time itself but a great burst of the element convexity brought it back to the current flow of the universe. The earth quaked and filled in the gawping crevices in the ground. The ice on the rocky peaks melted and flew into great streaks of water in the oceans. Electricity shot into the sky while great gusts of wind caught it and sent it back as lightning. The shadows of the Earth were pushed, and they rushed back to the dark corners of the world, allowing light to flood the rest of the skies. As all of this happened, two dragons at the centre of the chaos collapsed; the saviors of Earth, the purple dragon and his companion, the black one.
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Chapter 1

Spyro and Cynder lay on the scorched ground around them, unconscious. They had used all of their elements except Fire, Fear and Poison, to save the world. Now they had lost those elements, perhaps forever - perhaps only temporarily. As the two dragons lay unconscious on the cracked ground around them, plants and trees alike sprouted and grew all around the world.

Malefor's spirit had escaped from the centre of the planet but without any physical form he could only watch in rage as the world was put together. Then he was taken up to the dragon ancestors, where as penance he inhabited a skeletal dragon form, instead of normal flesh and blood as he had been used to, the Ancients deemed it just as they believed that it would be torture to suffer living without flesh and was arisen. He only had the elements of Fear, Ice and Shadow. He was sent back down as a great skeletal beast to control the restless armies once more, as according to the ancient prophecy, there must always be a Dark Master to control the Dark armies, which was why he’d been sent back with a punishment instead of moving on to the afterlife.

Ignitus, the new chronicler, watched as his young pupil did what he could never have dreamed of doing. The remaining Guardians - Terrador, Volteer and Cyril - flew around the debris and rubble in Warfang, looking for any mole survivors who were still trapped there. The burned lands - which used to be the swamp - stopped erupting lava and slowly became a rocky landscape with large mountains as the magma had frozen to become solid rock instead of its liquid state. Slowly after this the Dragonflies returned to their homes and rebuilt under the new blue sky.

Around the floor where Spyro and Cynder had lain, the powers they had used had left their mark in the earth around them. There were the marks of electricity, wind, earth, shadow and ice. The marks of the elements sprouted columns creating a pentagonal shape around the two dragons. Also, great statues made of Earth and Ice rose up from the ground to connect the pillars together. They had great horns in their eye sockets blowing out wind and swords of shadow and electricity by their sides. Five of these statues rose out of the ground and their shoulder blades touched the pillars. The pillars connected with the statues strongly, creating a tight and rigid pentagon around the two dragons.

This pentagonal structure surrounded the two unconscious dragon forms and started rotating in a great whir of motion. Energy flicked from column to statue to column again until everything was lit up with a vibrant golden light. Then the five swords stretched towards the middle and started to scratch a circle into the ground around Spyro and Cynder. Afterwards the structure started to withdraw into the ground where it would arise when needed. Shortly after this, Spyro woke up and awoke with a jolt to wake up Cynder as he thought they needed to move quickly, until he remembered that Malefor was defeated and that the world had just been recreated.

Spyro prowled around the newly created land and wondered where the remaining guardians were and pondered on what they were doing.


Malefor flew around looking for a disguise to take on as being a skeletal dragon would not work well for his plan. The Dark Lord was weak after his resurrection so needed to move quickly. Malefor spotted a fear dragon and glared at it with an evil intent. The shadows within the fear dragon set aflame and collapsed into a pile of rubble and burnt while Malefor stole it’s identity. Malefor would have to change his name so he could set about his plans without being disturbed. After all, his prior name belonged to a dreaded being of pure evil. After a moment of thinking he decided to change his name to Thánatos. Then, the effort of staying conscious became too much for him. Lights flashed before his eyes and a constant buzzing sounded through his brain, everything was muted into a high-pitched white noise. Unable to take it anymore, he flew down to the broken city and collapsed onto the debris.
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Some information on Thanatos

[User Posted Image]
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As Spyro walked around, the red dragon, Thanatos, - that used to be Malefor - awoke amidst the wreckage of Warfang. A brief aftershock had disturbed the rubble he’d been lying on. He blasted a boulder that had rolled on to his claw. The mind of the dark lord was well and powerful again. He was also pleased with himself, he had escaped the Ancients’ punishment. With that, he flew up into the sky and channeled a powerful blast of fear, which he infused with shadow that he sent out as a great roar. It flew over the lands and hit Spyro and Cynder’s minds. The shadow spread out, covering neuron pathways and creating new ones, and the fear caused mental chaos along those very lines. The effects would be small to start, but they would grow until they finally reached their full potential. Cynder’s eyes sprang open and she sprawled off the ground, scrambling on the floor in an untidy skid. She let out a shrill dragon cry. Spyro shivered and pulled a disgruntled face.
“Calm yourself, or I’ll jam your face in!” he stated, in an angry state of mind.
“Oh, i.. i’m sorry,” Cynder replied, in a shy manner.

Something wasn’t right, Spyro, was so angry that he appeared as a red-headed dragon and Cynder seemed like a shy, timid dragon. Spyro suddenly witnessed a strange feeling, and everything suddenly became apparent to him.
“Oh, sorry Cynder, i don’t know what came over me.”
“Me neither, i seem, to... be more shy than i usually am.”
“Tee Hee!” exclaimed Spyro with a smile upon his visage.
”I think we better go find the Elders.” Spyro said. Cynder then stretched out her wings and started to push downwards. She slowly rose into the air over Spyro. “Oh yeah, oh yeah,” she exclaimed.
“It feels good to stretch my wings after... do you have any clue how long we’ve been unconscious?” Cynder wondered.
“I’m not sure myself, why would you expect me to know the answer to such stupid questions?!” Cynder remained quiet.
“It happened again. I keep on experiencing flashes of anger. I’m sor...”
“Stop! What is wrong with you?” Cynder interrupted. she then burst out into tears and swiftly dived to the floor and hid under an upturned rock. The shadow of the rock made Cynder invisible. The only evidence of Cynder was her faint ‘sniffs’.
“Im sorry Cynder, I think that, something is up with the both of us, me, I’m too angry, and you, seem too shy, an-.. and regretting. Lets go and find the elders and see what really is up with us?”.
“O.. okay” Cynder offer her clawed paw, and Spyro grabbed hold of it and pulled Cynder up. Cynder took off and hovered by Spyro and faintly sniffled whilst wiping a tear which had comfortably settled in the bags of Cynder’s eyes. They swiftly flew off into the shrouded sky, which was more elegant from its renewal than ever...

After flying for a long while, they came to a glistening mountain peak. This trip had also shown Spyro and Cynder the new wonders of the world, but Spyro didn’t seem to enjoy it much, and Cynder seemed to pity it more, as a little girl would go on about how cute a puppy is. Spyro and Cynder had been gliding over the peaceful grasslands with the dragon-flies cruising by them, when they had come to a massive snow peak. They both glided and circled round and round and Cynder shouted playfully,. “Hey spyro, come and catch me!”. All seemed normal and tranquil with the peaceful scenery around them. Spyro used his comet dash and sped up to Cynder, “Gotcha!” He shouted.

But what spyro didn’t know was that the comet dash had scorched the peak, making a flaming streak across the backside of the mountain and breaking the covering of the still cooling-lava cave within. This was because the mountain had formed as two plates smashed into each other and a large chip had risen up from the ground. As it had risen, reaching out of the molten depths of the Earth, the chilly winds (well, they were chilly enough to freeze it compared to its heat in the Earth) had frozen its outer layer, yet the core was still molten. Spyro’s dash had cut through the thin skin of the mountain, and a crack was going through it, the lava was bubbling out, melting the top of the rock. Spyro and cynder tumbled down, spinning and whirling and laughing, with no idea of what had just happened.

They landed on the lush green grass. Spyro was looking up at the top of the mountain at the snow covered peak . He suddenly noticed the snow covering the side of the mountain was starting to slide, melt and crumble. Then, as the snow crumbled off the mountain, grey boulders and rocks also started to fall; the mountain itself was collapsing.
“Cynder!” Spyro beckoned to Cynder to see her rolling around on the floor.
“Wha...” she turned over to view the mountain and shrieked. Spyro pushed off into the air and swiftly flew out of the trajectory of the already falling peak. Expecting Cynder to follow he carried on flying. When spyro noticed the absence of his dragon companion, he searched the ground below to see her staring gormlessly, frozen with fear. He started to frantically fly towards her.
“Cynder!!” he called, with an unknown anger and his teeth clenched. He comet dashed towards her. Spyro was unaware that his comet dash left a streak of red and purple. The shadow of the collapsing mountain grew larger over Cynder.

Spyro landed, skidding as his claws failed to get grip. He flew to the midpoint of the peak then pushed whilst flying forwards. His muscles rippled at the strain.
“Go!!” He exclaimed. Cynder. Sweat beads covered his face. Cynder flew off, occasionally looking back with concern of Spyro. Spyro let go and swooped to the right. Then, the entire peak broke off, and Spyro dodged it to avoid being pummeled by the gargantuan boulder. Cynder, realising Spyro was flying towards her again, started to descend to the ground. Spyro followed, and landed behind Cynder, who then turned to face him. Spyro was speechless. His anger had overwhelmed him to the point it impaired his own speech, he stumbled on words and roared with frustration as he couldn't seem to enunciate properly. Spyro span around and faced the solitary landscape to calm himself. When the reddish hue dissipated from his body, he turned with a sigh.

“You easily could’ve got us killed!!” Spyro bellowed.
He started to flourish with anger again, and his eyes bulged and his nostrils flared, transforming him into a grotesque being. Cynder was horrified of what Spyro had become and flew off, as far as she could go before her vision had been completely effected by the swelling of tears. Spyro let his anger dissipate again and followed Cynder with haste to make sure he wouldn’t lose her. Cynder had found a dark cave within a mountain along the mountain range. Spyro stood in the mouth of the cave, casting an elongated shadow over the cold stone.
“Cynder! I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s happened to us, more so, what’s happened to me? I think we should find the elders without interruption, so we can get to the root of our problem.”

Cynder agreed, but swore to keep a close eye on Spyro’s behaviour. They both knew something was wrong with their minds, but what it was remained a mystery to them.
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Chapter 3

A gleeful grin covered the face of the red dragon Thanatos, who was flying through the newly formed skies. He flew over to where the Dragon Temple was and found Spyro's scent. He selected the one that was tinted with the essence of convexity and followed it. This must have been the track Spyro had used after he had come back from Convexity with Cynder as he could discern her scent as well as that of Sparx floating slightly above. He scowled, he remembered the New Beginning and he hadn’t liked it. Yes, his spirit had been freed, but he had lost one of his most powerful servants and she had become an enemy. The ending of that adventure had been all the more cursed because of that. Then the trail led him to the portal with the crystals still in the same place but now drained of power.

The portal was shut and he had nothing to open it with unless... he knew where he could find four powerful gems that had been found after the release of the Eternal Night, and had nearly been chanced upon by Spyro in the Dawn of the Dragon. He knew that Spyro had visited his only feline servant and taken something from him, a piece of powerful armor that had been stolen by him. Yet Spyro hadn’t found his other chest and neither had Cynder, even though she knew where it was and had taken crystals from it before. Yes, the first crystals had been taken from that chest by Cynder herself, when she’d been corrupted. So he would take the remaining four crystals and free the one being that had been trapped in there with him. That would make his plans flawless. He would free…


Terrador was above the great chamber where the Golem had fallen. This was but fallen rubble except for a dark glint deep beneath the rocks. As the dragon was about to touch the mysterious glint a large ball of pure voltage smashed into him and knocked him sideways so that he lay shivering. Volteer instantly shouted not to touch it as this was a Dark Crystal that had served as the Golem's heart. The Golem's body had been destroyed by the falling rubble but not the Dark Crystal Heart as the Dark Crystals were indestructible except to those of the Dragon Species. If Terrador had touched this then he could have been shattered by the Raw Darkness and his body would host the Golem's Spirit and Terrador would have then destroyed all of Warfang itself. Volteer cast a protective electric shield over it so that people would get electrocuted before hosting the golem. Cyril then came down and told Terrador that it is fatal to touch the heart of a Dark Creature after it is dead as then you will host its soul. So Terrador decided to leave the crystal and covered it with large rocks.

Cyril built up a place with Terrador's Earth and his ice to host the auditions for Fire Guardian to take the place of Ignitor. The three Guardians would judge. Terrador was about to make it official when a great fire comet blasted through the wall that was lined with black and purple streaks. As the flames cleared a great blue, red and black dragon stood with great Fiery Ibex Horns and a gleam of hatred in his eyes. Then a great black dragon with cuffs and a spiked tail bashed through the wall with a great roar. Two great golden horns were on her head that had a great red ball of fear that was producing smaller balls as well. The smaller balls flew around her and created a noise like the screaming of a thousand sirens. There were also great green streaks going across her back to her tail that pulsed and throbbed with poison. The eyes of both of those dragons were as black as death and spread Raw Darkness.

Cyril and Terrador backed away but Volteer knew what this phenomenon was. These were the cursed forms of the two planetary saviors. This happened when a certain memory or event triggers a section of the mind to open up to the other parts, this caused mental chaos and turned the dragons into cursed creatures that were partially made of their elements. The only thing that surprised him was that there was no trace of Electricity, Earth, Ice, Shadow or Wind in either of the dragons but each dragon should've had a trace of some of those on them. Also, there was no Convexity. Spyro, as the legendary purple dragon, should've had the greatest amount of his body made up of convexity as it was the purple dragon's main element. Spyro's cursed form had none at all. Both also had the marks of their dark forms. Cynder had the body and posture of her corrupted form with the exception of the wings. Spyro had the darkness of his dark form. This was not good.

As Volteer stood there in a trance he realized too late that they were doing a great fury of Fire, Fear, Poison and Raw Darkness. This was one of the most powerful furies ever. It blew the building to shreds and created a wave of disturbance in reality itself. This reached Thánatos and he smiled to himself an evil grin as he headed towards the Dragon City to tell his new warriors what he needed them to do.

Cursed Spyro and Cynder flew past the unconscious Volteer and through the wreckage of the audition hall. They did not notice the two other guardians hidden beneath the secret trap-door in the floor. Terrador brought Volteer into the cellar and tried to wake him up. Thánatos saw his accursed students and brought them to him. There they began to repair the Dragon Temple. Thánatos created a great throne and curled up into it and told the two dragons what to do. It wasn’t very sturdy or magnificent, which made it all the more unlikely as their base of operations, so it was ideal as the Elders would never suspect. He and his students would stay there as he had made them accursed, and no one had invented a way of reverting the Cursing Progress. However, as this was happening, the Dragon Guardians had indeed, against all of Thanatos’ theories, created a plan to stop them...

All the energy of three furies in one blast. Volteer, Cyril and Terrador had all done furies in a contained cell and trapped the energy into a single comprised unit. Then they had fired it at Spyro and Cynder and left them both sprawled on the floor unconscious. The state of unconsciousness was delicate and not much was known about it. Yet Cyril knew that those who were unconscious were in a state where their minds could be easily shaped. That was why hypnotists always knocked out their clients before the work.

The Guardians called upon their powers and breathed a continuous stream of elements at the two Dragon saviors. The taint slowly slid through their scales into their minds and disappeared from sight. However, it did not disappear completely as it hid in the darkest corner of their minds waiting to come out when summoned by anger or hatred. It pushed out the Dark Forms and left them stranded but this had a weird effect. The Darkness that sometimes overtook the two dragons to bring out their dark forms fully came out and both parts of it formed together to create a being of Raw Darkness. This dissipated into the air but slowly travelled to find a host, an unaware fire dragon. This was then corrupted into a Shadow Dragon, the first one in history apart from the one long ago that had created the first ever Purple Dragon. The Shadow Dragon roared and slid into the ground to Convexity to meet Thánatos when he returned. He would side with Thánatos and the trapped Dragon within the portal and they would aid Thánatos in ruling the world. As he cackled evilly a large flare came out from the portal and entered the Shadow Dragon. Instantly he realized he was not formed by fate alone. The imprisoned Dragon was so very powerful that it had forced the Corrupted Forms to do that and he had given the Darkness a name... Skoúrodrákos...
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Chapter 4

Thanatos and skourodrakos pondered a plan, Thanatos, upon his throne, a dark twisted tar-like material was shaped into the throne, with necrotic tree branches entwined and curling around the arm of the throne, and a beastly ram skull crowned above were Thanatos’s head was. Skourodrakos whirled in spinning motions, looking like a curled up spring. Skourodrakos had a long purple shredded, untidy beard, enshrouded with dark purple flames. His eyebrows had cursed and shadow tainted vines shrouding it, so whenever he swished his head side to side, they would flow with his movements, upon his head, crooked spines ran from his nose down his spine, but upon his nose, he had an even larger one, and one his back three even larger, and all made from a unbreakable cursed ore found only in the underworld. But this dragon did not fly with wings, but as being a shadow dragon his shadow energy is unlimited, so to get around quickly, he uses shadow dash, which also works as a good surprise attack. His tail bore a barbed spike upon the end, which dripped with poison. “Hey master, what to do nexxsst?” he said in a sly tone. “To open the portal we need a spirit of a dragon, one spirit from each element of earth, electricity, fire and ice. This is what a read from the ancient prophecy.” replied Thanatos “Master, where is our first destination?”. “First, we must find four soul gems” Thanatos replied.

This was Thanatos’s job, to find the soul gems. Thanatos's muscles rippled as his gargantuan wings moved in an up and down motion, catching the air and gliding. It was hard to believe that the wind could carry Thanatos’s size. He travelled through the valley of avalar, flying high to avoid being seen by the cheetah race. Out of the valley of Avalar he flew, and came to a grassy plain. He landed, his wing beat blowing the grass in swaying movements. He jumped from the ground again, and came to a broken temple, the pillars cracked and the roof shattered upon the floor. Thanatos landed, breaking the debris beneath his feet. Above the broken temple, a hermit sat in the doorway of an old hutch on an overhanging ledge. The hermit was one of the cheetah race. The hermit was his feline servant, whom he had trusted with a piece of enchanted dragon armor, and had entrusted as his personal servant. The hermit had been given power over the Shadow Apes, Orcs and Grublins to some extent as well. This was the servant who he had taken the original crystals from, and now he wanted four bigger and better ones, he wanted soul gems this time. The hermit didn’t know that Malefor had arisen, and he certainly didn’t know that he’d taken on the guise of a fear dragon. So the cheetah sniggered. Shadow apes, orcs & grublins in millions came up from the ground, ready to confront Thanatos. But before they struck him down, they realised that their dark master had returned, and bowed to his supremacy. The hermit stopped laughing and spoke fearfully, “What... it surely can’t be you? You’ve returned?”

Thanatos rose to his full height and spoke in a gruff voice, saying ominous words even though not all were true, he said, “Yes, i have returned, revived and new, more powerful than ever before. Now, bring me that chest, before your soul joins all the others I have destroyed in my wake.” The hermit leapt into his cove at the threat, even though it was a dialogue woven with lies, then he jumped down with a chest in his hands, his legs were shaking, hoping the dark master wouldn't harm him. He bowed, then looked up upon Thanatos’s grim expression, looking down upon the hermit.

Thanatos grabbed the chest and batted his claw at the hermit, who was sent flying into the wall, he lay there unmoving, blood pouring from his wrist, which had shattered on the rocks. The hermit had disappointed him, he had failed to protect the draconic armor and had softened, when Spyro had come a-calling at his hideout, instead of capturing them both under a tide of Shadow Apes, Orcs and Grublins, he had but summoned a small group, and when they’d been overwhelmed instead of summoning reinforcements, he had given them what they’d wanted and left the armor unprotected. Thanatos opened the chest and inside lay four purple soul gems, he then flew back to convexity and spoke to Skourodrakos triumphantly, “I have the crystals, minion, now the real work begins”.

The ground bore a purple trail of where Skourodrakos had moved through the ground, the earth upturned and Thanatos flying way up high, to see how he fared with the opposition. He was heading for the auditioning grounds where Terador and his pupil, fire guardian was, about to audition. It was all set in a great temple, four pillars marked each corner. Skourodrakos sneakily worked towards the temple, he twisted up one of the pillars, and onto the roof of the temple. He came out of his shadow dash, and leaned over the side of the roof, to overlook on the audition. He jumped, his arms outstretched and landed upon Cyril, knocking her unconscious at the judging desk. Terador and Volteer suddenly sprang up, Volteer sent a bolt of lightning at Skourodrakos, giving him a shock all the way down his serpent like body, then the dark dragon hissed, and shadow dashed towards Terador. Jumped up in the air, and landed upon Terador, his sharp claws savagely ripping at Ignitus, he left Terador on the floor in searing pain. Volteer was making a run for it, but Skourodrakos knew he wouldn't get far, not with Thanatos patrolling the skies, Thanatos let out his fear breath, 4 red balls struck Volteer, he was sent speeding down at a tremendous speed, and came in contact with the ground, knocking over one of the temple’s pillars, the temple gave in and the whole of the temple collapsed upon the three dragons. “Now that they are out the way, we can get on with our main priority” Said Thanatos, his booming voice coming down from the skies.

Thanatos had witnessed the pure ferocity and raw power Skourodrakos bore, he could have perhaps been Thanatos's most powerful minion ever. Skourodrakos slid like a burrowed snake beneath the ground, stalking a unaware electricity dragon, grunting at the upturned earth and fallen rubble. And as quick as lightning strikes, Skourodrakos leapt out from the ground and propelled towards the dragon, his claws ready to slash like an overpowered chainsaw. He struck forwards, first from above, then he struck from underneath, the dragon helpless in the air, Skourodrakos struck from the left, sending the dragon pounding to the ground. Thanatos landed, and sucked the very soul of the dragon from a purple beam, turning the dragon a lifeless grey. Skourodrakos continued his savage ways on all of the targeted dragons, an earth, a fire and an ice dragon. And Thanatos sapped the soul from every one. Thanatos had stored the soul’s of each elemental dragon into a soul gem, one had an earth soul, another with an electricity soul, another with a fire soul and the last with an ice soul within. Thanatos moved towards the portal. “Now, the time has come” He exclaimed. Where the portal was once stood the old gems, which had powered the portal, some had been destroyed in his escape, some were cracked and useless, so he smashed those, yet the others were salvageable and he sent them to the Dragon Temple. Each crystal glowed the colour of it’s element. A beam from every crystal, the colour of its element met in the middle of a circular frame. A swirly vortex formed from a small dot, and grew into a phenomenal portal, with overwhelming swirling colours, as bright as the sun. Thanatos chuckled. “My reign, will soon become certain”. His mouth upon a sinister and malevolent face broke into sneer, Skourodrakos also cackled evilly, and they entered the portal...
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Chapter 5

As the 2 dragons entered the portal a great burst of energy swept them forth. It was like a tsunami pushing at an anchored boat! Thánatos and Skoúrodrákos fell over and got caught up in the great sway of energy. Skoúrodrákos was completely alien to this type of sensation but Thánatos had felt it all twice before. The Shadow Dragon dashed through the churning waves of purple fury and eventually came to the eye of the storm. Thánatos was late to arrive but when he did he immediately got to business while Skoúrodrákos was still recovering from the nausea.

A great column of pure white light was in the centre of the eye. Thánatos used up all his will to create a fury of ice, fear and shadow. This grew around him until it was concentrated into one single beam and shot straight at the light. Skoúrodrákos did the same thing with shadow and the two large intertwining beams created a great black spot on the column of light. The red dragon scales around Thánatos crackled with dark energies and started to disappear. The great bone form beneath it began to show and his power increased tenfold. All of his red scales disappeared and the true Thánatos was shown. Tremors of darkness shook the whole portal and shadows started to creep up the sides of the column. As all of the light was trapped a great roar of power shook the ground to Convexity and beyond.

Skoúrodrákos fell down as the shock wave passed and Thánatos collapsed, the red scales slowly reforming around him. A great black dragon with eyes of pure gold stood before them. Shadows whipped around it and burning red pupils formed in his eyes. The great dragon spoke with a voice that told a story of an eternity of darkness. The cold voice formed vibrations that froze the skin to the bone.

The great dragon stated, " I am Chrysósávra, the first Shadow Dragon and the last until the creation of Skoúrodrákos that happened with my will and strength. I was not only the First Shadow Dragon but the father to the first purple dragon, Dromoskav. I was a special dragon in two ways though, not just one. I have the ability to master 3 elements, not just one like most dragons. However, one of these elements is mastered by no other dragon in all of infinity. This is the breath that I lost for years on end as I used all of my power to create a fury so powerful it is still here today! This is called sun breath. It is the same color as gold itself and is as powerful as the stars. My fury was what people now call the sun, which was named after the breath that created it! Now... I have been watching you Malefor... or should I say Thánatos as that is what you changed your name to. I have watched over every purple dragon in existence but you have been the apple of my eye! You have the potential to do great things!!! By this I mean on a scale of evil... not like the goody goody two shoes Spyro! All he ever does is follow people around and cry like a baby! He is the seventh of the purple dragons and is the least powerful so far! I am disappointed to say that you have been getting weaker! You Malefor are stronger than Spyro but you clouded your mind with other things! You tried to get them to join you... but you have to join them, then when they have their trust in you, bang! You backstab them! Afterwards..."

Thánatos listened in awe as the great dragon opened his eyes to how to destroy Spyro and greed overcame him, Thánatos then heard the last of Chrysósávra's words which were, "... I will help you Thánatos and us three beings will rule this world. But if you lay one finger on me, Thánatos, then you will wish you were never born..." Chrysósávra walked up to Thánatos and looked him in the eye before sinking into the ground and escaping from the portal as quickly as he could. Skoúrodrákos and Thánatos followed suit and eventually they both leaped out of the portal. They looked to see why Chrysósávra had escaped so quickly and saw the whole portal covered with darkness and flares shooting of in all directions. The two quickly saw the corrupted ground marking Chrysósávra's path away. They started to dash through it to their mistake. The ground they travelled through seared their flesh and bones straight through, they both quickly leapt out and flew to catch up with him...

In Warfang, the Dragon Elders - Volteer, Cyril and Terrador - studied the unconscious dragons. Spyro was quivering and Cynder was shaking. The elders could sense a raging battle inside the dragons but couldn't find out who one of the fighters was. There was the good will of the dragons and something else. As they were pondering on this a great wave of purple energy hit the building they were in and sent it tumbling through the sky where it landed on its side and started to fall in on itself. Spyro and Cynder had been jolted awake by the shock and they looked around in terror with horror inside them about what they thought they had done. The elders took them as another wave hit the city sending another flurry of buildings to their sides. The 5 dragons entered the ruins of warfang and were instantly surrounded by trolls, hero orcs, orcs, orc archers, grublin flies, grublins and elites of every kind. Then a great crack in the ground formed and a massive elemental crawled out of the crevice. It had a great skeletal body with massive wings, like a fossilized pterodactyl but it had a great mass of shadows instead of flesh and a great golden glow coming from its eye sockets. Ice ran along its spine like tendrils of cold wind and fear echoed forth from its mouth whenever it was opened. The beast from the deep walked along on its legs and used its wings like forelegs. As it came up close to the five dragons it roared. A high pitched sound resonated from deep within and four of them covered their ears and cowered on the ground, Cynder however, looked at it and counter-attacked with great balls of fear that each gave off a sound higher and more terrifying than the creatures scream.

As all the minions and dragons trembled with fear this creature and Cynder battled out with their elements. It was 4 elements for Cynder versus 5 elements for the beast but Cynder's elements were at a more powerful level. As the battle raged on rocks started falling and a great barrier between the minions and the battle formed. Then a lucky stalactite impounded itself in the beast's head. The dragons hopes rose but then it just roared and the rock became covered in bones and became a great big horn. The great beak-like mouth then chomped into a lot of rocks which got stuck in its mouth but slowly became teeth. The dragons despaired and the three silent watchers that were Chrysósávra, Skoúrodrákos and Thánatos, laughed hollowly waiting for their chance to act on their side...
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Chapter 6

The beast resonated a high pitched screech which resonated from the creatures unknown voicebox, Spyro and Cynder were struggling against the creatures might, Cynder latched onto its tail, and Spyro clung onto its skeletal spine. And then, the most unexpected thing happened, Skourodrakos shadow dashed forwards the purple streak marking his destruction, and he launched up beneath the beast, it flew into the air, for Skourodrakos's leap gave much concussive force, and spyro let go, opened his wings and caught the air, the beast pounded into the ground in a heap of bones, but then, the bones reformed back to its current form. Spyro landed, and stared at Skourodrakos curiously. "No time to talk, he grumbled". Thanatos swerved down and began to help them as well, Thanatos landed upon the ground, Skourodrakos beckoned at him, and Thanatos grabbed Skourodrakos by his tail and threw him at the beast, Skourodrakos flew through the air like a living missile, just when Skourodrakos passed the top of the creature, he grabbed onto a spike on its spine, and latched onto the creatures back, Spyro and Cynder were just watching, as Thanatos and Skourodrakos did the work. As Skourodrakos was on the creatures back, he shadow dashed into the creature, the moved up to the creatures mouth, through its neck, and of course, you could Skourodrakos inside the creature. The beast was hardly noticing, as if Skourodrakos was nothing but a small flee upon his back. Then someone new came to help, who Spyro and Cynder didn't know his name. The new person, and Thanatos breathed the elements upon the beast, engulfing it with thick acrid smoke of shadow flame and other elements. The beast seemed to be weakening, Spyro and Cynder seemed to put some effort in to help, still not sure whether to trust their unlikely aiders. As the creature was screeching in distress, and shaking its tail upon the ground, in either anger, or trying to put up with the annoying stinging of the breaths, and the small tickle in its throat, when the tail hit the ground, Spyro timed it right, and comet dashed into the tail, splintering the bones. Cynder helped with breathing more shadow flame onto the enemy, suddenly the beast made its move, its head struck forwards like a cobra, and it struck Thanatos, he was sent flying into the ground, and cracks marked the floor. The beast roared from the pain in its tail, and in a vain attempt to get rid of its enemy's, it took flight, its gargantuan wings opened, to show the real span of the shadowy cloak which hung over its boney membranes. It was hard to think that the beast, a massive heap of skeletal structure could lift itself with a thin sheet of skin. Cynder past over the front of the beast looking it straight in the eyes, but staying far back from its massive beak, Cynder quickly gave a glance at the progress of Skourodrakos inside the creature's stomach, a big mistake, it struck again, and grabbed Cynder in the end of its beak, "Help!". She beckoned at the top of her voice but the creatures heavy wing beats drowned out Cynder. But as Cynder thought she was doom, a faint gruff came from behind her. "Cynder, go!" Skourodrakos told Cynder, as with all his might pushed the creatures jaws open Cynder flew out, then returned at the tip of its beak and helped, the creatures jaw couldn't hold any more pressure, its beak snapped, which added a searing pain to the tower of things it had already had to take, it was too much for the creature, It was sent spiraling down and down, Skourodrakos quickly rushed out and the heap of bones smashed and splintered into a pile of dust and boney remains. They all landed. "Why did you help us?" Cynder asked. "My name Chrysosavra, and because, if you can’t join them, beat them"...
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Chapter 7

Spyro walked up behind Cynder as Thánatos and Skoúrodrákos appeared behind Chrysósávra. Spyro eyed the 3 dragons wearily and Cynder backed up slowly. As Spyro took a step forward the 3 guardians landed in front of them with looks of distrust about them. Cyril breathed a circle of ice around the 5 dragons and Terrador made a trench around them which was filled with electrified ice. Thánatos took charge and introduced himself saying,

"I am Thánatos, a lowly Fear dragon that learnt the arts of Ice and Shadow along with Fear. My 2 companions here are Shadow Dragons. Skoúrodrákos and Chrysósávra. Skoúrodrákos only has the element of shadow but Chrysósávra has 3 elements like myself, but they are a lot stronger! He has the breath of the sun itself which is as golden as light. His other 2 elements are Shadow and, this will really surprise you elders... Convexity--"
At this the elders gasped and Spyro and Cynder took a step back,

"-- He has the element of Convexity because he was not only the First Shadow Dragon but the father to the first purple dragon, Dromoskav. So as you can see he is very powerful! However--" Chrysósávra interrupted him at this point and continued

"However, even though the 3 of us only have 3 good elements and the other 2 are evil. We are not evil. The Fear and Shadow within me and the Shadow within Skoúrodrákos and Thánatos is not great enough to turn us evil. Also, look at Cynder here, she has 4 dark elements but still aided Spyro in destroying the Dark Master. Another interesting fact is that Skoúrodrákos is really closely tied to Spyro and Cynder. Actually they created him. With slight help from the elders of course. When Spyro and Cynder turned... um... let's just say different for now... they were actually in their cursed forms. This may sound weird, but when they recreated the world and lost a load of their elements, they found the crystal of darkness. Not physically, but mentally, and this scarred their minds. This crystal is the source of all evil but can only be found in the Shadow Realm. The Shadow Realm is a place that would kill everything but a Shadow Dragon like Skoúrodrákos here. The crystal is in the centre of this realm and when Spyro and Cynder recreated the world they changed everything. The Shadow Realm is a mirror image of the real world but is totally made of Shadow. So when Spyro and Cynder re-created the real world they also subconsciously reformed the Shadow Realm as well to mirror the real world. All of their work was done with their minds so their mental forms entered the Shadow Realm. This scarred their minds and now, when the get angry instead of becoming dark, they turn into their cursed forms which melds all of their elements into their bodies and makes them more powerful. They also become their own worst nightmare. Basically Cynder was in her corrupted form with fear and poison marking her whilst Spyro was Dark Spyro and he was marked with fire. As you recover your elements your cursed forms will get stronger and stronger. Skoúrodrákos was made when the Elders zapped you and pushed your cursed forms back into your minds. They went into the place where your Dark forms usually hid and nestled there, pushing out your Dark forms. The darkness from your Dark forms leaked out of your minds and became a creature of its own. Skoúrodrákos was formed. Then I later named him and he came under the wing of Thanatos. As you can see he is very good."

The Elders took this in slowly and the first glint of trust appeared within them. Spyro asked how he and Cynder could get rid of the cursed forms and then Thanatos cut in saying that they would have to totally blank their minds and they wouldn't know anything at all. The Elders broke the protective circle and let in the 3 dragons. Terrador, who had taken leadership of the guardians in Ignitus' place told them they could stay if they helped clear up the city and help teach Spyro and Cynder to control their cursed forms. Something clicked within Volteer and he said,

"Hang on a minute! Aren't you 3 the dragons that...--" Thanatos knew what he was on about and wiped the memory of him and the others attacking the guardians from his and the other guardians minds. Then he put something into his mind to say instead and after half a second, Volteer continued and no-one noticed anything except a millisecond of a pause "--... found those lifeless dragons below the debris?"

Thanatos nodded and the other guardians nodded as they remembered the false memory that Thanatos had implanted into their minds. This put even more trust in their minds and they immediately started killing of the minions that had been blocked behind the wall of rocks. This barrier had loosened when the beast had shattered and the dragons broke through easily. After the minions were defeated the 8 dragons left the ruins to find the rest of warfang in a worse state than its ruins. They started trying to fix it immediately and Terrador, Volteer and Chrysosavra tried to find the cause of the great purple waves that had struck the city. Chrysosavra knew but pretended that he didn't so that he didn't look too suspicious.
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Chapter 8

Skourodrakos snaked through the ground like an infestation of darkness. He was heading for the dragon temple so he could refurbish it as training grounds. When he got there he used shadow energy to hold everything up while he took wood, vines, tree sap and leaves from the area around it to hold them together. Then he got to work on the dragon statue. He changed it to please the elders and suit the current age better. He used his shadow to create a burning form of Spyro then took the fallen statue and moulded it together to fill the unholy flame. The fire melted it into place and then he took away all the shadow. The dark dragon then approached the twisted throne of the Dark master and applied some changes to the wall behind it. Then he breathed shadow into a crest in the ground and the wall turned leaving a blank building space. As he built a throne for Terrador he cursed the job and why he had, had to do it. He finished Terrador's throne then built eight slightly less comfortable looking chairs for the rest of the dragons. His, Thanatos' and Chrysosavra's ones were the comfiest by far and Spyro and Cynder's ones were smaller than the rest. As he hand finished everything and made sure it was safe, Thanatos was alone with Spyro and Cynder, watching them practice with their remaining elements and working on some special green crystals.

Thanatos was finishing the touches of his recovery crystals which would help Spyro and Cynder regain their elements. As he crafted them into neckwear, he fashioned them so that they looked awfully familiar but totally different at the same time. He fashioned them into a dragon with it's tail winding up and around into a circle that would fit around the neck. It would greatly resemble the serpentine cuffs he had made before but they wouldn't chain them together. Cynder's target was covered in poison whilst Spyro's had loads of scorch marks. Thanatos approached the two and gave them one crystal neck-wear each. He placed them over the 2 dragons heads and then told them about the art of concentrated furies. HE said he would do a Shadow one. Shadow fire formed around him and lots and lots of darkness resounded off of his ball of shadow. But instead of letting it loose all around him like Spyro and Cynder were used to, he focused all the energy into a great focus-point of Raw Energy which was too dark for the young dragons to convey. Thanatos' eyes turned black and he let all of the power go straight forward in a continuous stream of shadow which blasted a smoking hole in the centre of Cynder's target and through the wall behind.

Sheepishly, Thanatos said "Um... on enemies it is extremely effective... but you should only try it on living items or creatures otherwise you could... damage or even destroy other items or creatures behind it... as such as a wall behind a target... or an ally behind a foe. So be careful. Living energies absorb in the attack... stopping it from hitting others but also damaging itself a lot more, eventually killing itself. A fire version of that attack would be highly effective on trolls! In order to do it, it requires a vast amount of mental power. Younglings like you, normally wouldn't be able to do it--" Spyro interrupted but Thanatos cut him off by continuing, "-- but you two re-formed the world so it should be no problem for dragons talented such as yourselves." -Spyro looked embarrassed by tis but Cynder told him not to be and he calmed down.

Cynder questioned about why his eyes turned black and Thanatos said it was because he was using shadow. He said that your eyes turned the color of the element you are using when putting extreme pressure on yourself. Cynder then charged up a fear fury and when it was at the peak of going loose everywhere, she concentrated on filtering the power into one spot and as she brought all of it together, her eyes turned as red as the golem's veins and a twisting beam of fear flew into her target and totally enveloped it in fear and the rest of the energy continued onwards, through the wall and into a sign above one of the ruined houses leaving a great hole through the collapsed destroyer.

Thanatos brought in a troll in a big cage for Spyro to use fire on so that nothing else was wrecked. Spyro charged up his fury and when he had it concentrated in one place, his eyes turned flaming orange and Thanatos let loose the imprisoned troll. Spyro's fury hit it so hard that it flew right back, through the cage door and into the cage, breaking right through, and denting the steel wall behind it. Then its body burned up and experience crystals floated off it, which Spyro took and then he comet dashed back to Cynder and Thanatos. Thanatos explained it was just the crystals that made them able to do such powerful attacks and without them they wouldn't be as powerful and that troll would still be here. As Thanatos explained some more to Spyro and Cynder - Terrador, Volteer and Chrysosavra were following the massive energy trace back to its source.

As the three dragons looked for the scent of energy, two extremely powerful bolts of energy, one fear, one shadow, narrowly missed Volteer and he cried out in shock. Terrador saw the two bolts and his mind snapped to the worst conclusion, he thought out loud, " Fear and Shadow, those are Thanatos' main breaths along with ice! These are also way too powerful to be Cynder's, especially the shadow one! " Volteer sent a sequence of electric bolts in the direction of Cyril's quarters and as they reached it they struck the wall and Cyril heard " Check on Spyro and Cynder!!! We saw two extremely powerful bolts of Fear and Shadow!! They are too powerful to be Cynder's so they must belong to Thanatos!! Check quickly! They could be in grave danger..." Cyril jumped up quickly and flew to the place where they were training. He saw two holes in the wall and an acrid burning smell coming from the inside.

Cyril rushed in making the two holes one big crater and saw Spyro and Cynder standing next to each other with awfully familiar things around their necks facing Thanatos who was smiling at them. Cyril immediately breathed ice at Thanatos until he was bashed aside by Spyro who shouted "Cyril!!! What has gotten into you!! Stop attacking Thanatos! " "Thanatos stood and said " What have I done wrong, Elder! You have no need to attack me." Cynder was glaring at Cyril, then Cyril chanced a look at the crystal on her neck, "YOU'RE POSSESSED!!! BY HIM!! THOSE DREADED CRYSTALS AROUND YOUR NECKS--" a ball of fear went straight down his throat and he fell down, Cynder advanced and said "CYRIL, these are mana crystals carved into shapes, Thanatos taught us how to do concentrated furies! He didn't possess us! --" She glanced at Spyro quickly "Spyro! Do that fire one again! " She averted her attention back to Cyril and continued "-- I did a fear one, Thanatos did a shadow one and Spyro did a fire one! Thanatos brought in a troll from the ruins in a cage and Spyro did fire on that to prevent breaking anything, such as walls. Touch the crystal if you don't believe me! " Cyril touched the crystal and felt the warmth and energy provided by the mana crystals. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a bolt of flame escape from Spyro and he could sense it was extremely powerful and it melted the heavy duty troll cage and the steel wall behind it.
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Chapter 9

Cyril, amazed, went back to his study and asked hunter to deliver a message to the elders while Spyro slowly melted the ice and Cynder used some chemicals from Thanatos' desk in the corner to heal him. She found a red crystal and gave it to Thanatos and he was quickly back to strength and as hunter was about to read the last sentence to Volteer, a blazing fire bolt blasted past hunter and missed him by a swipe of Chief Prowlus' sword and went right through the letter. Terrador immediately jumped to the worst conclusion but hunter said that it was probably Spyro doing a fire one of those concentrated furies again! So they left it. Hunter travelled to Avalar to re-unite with his tribe and the two elders and Chrysosavra continued to look for the source of the calamity. As they found themselves in Munitions Forge, Skourodrakos caught up with them and told them that he had felt the same energy that had caused the destruction when half of his essence was within Cynder as she was corrupted. He recalled it being the energy he felt when the portal at Convexity had opened freeing Malefor's essence. He then led the way to Convexity as quickly as possible to see the great portal chattered and destroyed. The aura was unimaginably powerful around here and Skourodrakos couldn't help but tell the elders that the crystals here were different to the ones Cynder had used. Terrador could do nothing but agree with this as these were strong and in good condition, however the ones Cynder had used had been cracked even before the elders powers had been drained. There were also crystal shards around the portal which looked like they came from the old crystals. This wasn't good.

Chrysosavra and Volteer were talking seriously about how the portal created the calamity and Terrador and Skourodrakos were pondering why someone would open the portal when the person trapped inside had already escaped. The person in question, Malefor. Skourodrakos said --

"When the portal was first created it was to trap a powerful entity that committed deeds dozens times worse than Malefor could even dream of. They trapped him in a powerful light prison within the portal and as he was a shadow dragon had no hope of escaping. Even touching the prison would vaporize him. So this prisoner got Malefor inside the portal by corrupting him and tainting the elders with his will. Then Malefor escaped leaving the portal unstable and it imploded, weakening his barrier, so years later, he got someone, or something, to enter the portal and since his barrier had weakened, the other creature was able to open the portal and dismantle the barrier from the outside. This let the entity within escape the portal. The amount of power needed to destroy that barrier would destroy any number of portals, now this one was so powerful that when it imploded for the second time it drew in all of Convexity and let it out in an astoundingly quick blast of power that corrupted a load of land, including Dante's Freezer, and sent out waves across the whole planet! This spread out the area, Convexity, by destroying the land around it with the element, Convexity, then sending out shock-waves across the rest of the land causing Calamity." Terrador then told the rest of the group that to prevent this from happening ever, ever, ever again, they would have to destroy all of Convexity. Volteer sent an electronic message to Cyril to bring Thanatos, Spyro and Cynder, to Convexity to destroy it.

As Cyril received the message he arrived back in the training place and relayed the message to the 3 dragons, they left and Thanatos and Cyril iced up the whole before following Spyro and Cynder. When they reached Convexity, Terrador and Skourodrakos were already working and Chrysosavra was relaying instructions on how to shut down the whole place. Cyril, Thanatos and Spyro & Cynder joined in. Performing a magic ritual which required all ten elements. Spyro breathed fire, Volteer breathed electricity, Cyril breathed ice, Terrador breathed Earth, Cynder breathed poison, Skourodrakos did shadow, Thanatos did fear, Chrysosavra did Convexity and Sun breath and then they were at loss for wind. All the dragons had to do a continuous stream of their breath but Thanatos managed to do Ice as well as Fear so Cyril left and Thanatos' eyes turned half-blue, half-red. Chrysosavra was powerful enough so his eyes didn't change color. Spyro told Terrador to stop as Thanatos was putting strain on himself but he just replied vigilantly with "Nothing can stop me to fight for the justice and bring peace!!! " Spyro looked sadly at Thanatos with his bloodshot eyes and was about to stop when Cyril came with his tail around a surprised wind dragon's leg. Then he landed and shouted "BREATHE!!! " the dragon, named Ptero, breathed wind on one side of the portal and Cyril relieved Thanatos of his pain by breathing ice. Then the combined energy of all seven elements re-opened the portal, at first Terrador was angry and was about to shout TRICKERY at Chrysosavra but then all of Convexity was pulled into the portal and it writhed and stretched with the mass but then Chrysosavra stopped breathing and shouted, " SPYRO, CYNDER, THANATOS, SKOURODRAKOS, CONCENTRATED FURIES!!!!! " They all charged up concentrated furies at the portal and as a bolt of fire, fear, poison, shadow and Sun Breath hit the portal and buzzed and fizzed all over it. The energy grew smaller and more intense and as there was nothing to support it, it started to fall. It fell right down into a pentagon engraved into the Earth. It was too fast for the dragons to keep up with it so they were still so high up they couldn't see it any more. The five statues rose out of the ground with their swords touching the centre of the shrunken portal, and all of the energy was taken into the five swords which resonated and the stone around them shattered. They were glowing with the five elements that Spyro and Cynder didn't lose. But there was convexity also. One glowed with Sun Breath, one had Convexity, one had fire, one had poison and the last had fear. Then the statues moved their swords back into their magical scabbards and sank into the ground once more. Then some wind blew snow over the top of the pentagon and it was hidden from view just as the nine dragons came into view of the area where before they would've seen a pentagon and five statues but then just saw snow. Everyone, even Chrysosavra, Thanatos and Skourodrakos were puzzled by the disappearance of the portal. They let the wind dragon go and he rushed back to Warfang while the remaining eight slowly followed suit back to the dragon city. Thanatos flew with Chrysosavra, Spyro and Cynder flew together and the others were talking about who the entity could be. Chrysosavra noticed Spyro and Cynder were talking then saw that Cynder was crying with a smile on her face, tears of happiness, then she kissed Spyro and Chrysosavra's mind snapped -- metaphorically speaking of course. He thought 'Spyro... and Cynder... together... this moves our plans forwards greatly... they are closer than we thought! ' He relayed this back to Thanatos and then they joined the rest of the pack, minds racing with ideas...
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Chapter 10

As the eight dragons arrived back at the citadel. Volteer went off in search of the wind dragon that had helped them while Cyril, under Terrador's orders gave Thanatos, Skourodrakos and Chrysosavra, a large building to live in. It didn't belong to anyone because the two dragons that had lived there happened to be the fear dragon Thanatos had taken the body of and the fire dragon that Skourodrakos had sucked the life out of. Now, the elders didn't know that of course. They just knew that one disappeared and the other was found lifeless.

Quite a few of the buildings were in better shape now and there were only a few moles that didn't have a proper place to live. Hunter had left Warfang to return to the cheetah village when he heard it was damaged by the calamity as well. Spyro and Cynder were with the elders in Warfang hold. They had their rooms in the middle section of the building. The elders were at the bottom of the building and the second in command of the army {first in command being Terrador} was on the top with a small quadrant of troops, mole and dragon alike, keeping watch in shifts to protect the elders, the two Dragon Saviors and their sergeant.

Volteer found the wind dragon that had helped them by using wind on the portal and as a reward, planted a blue crystal in his apartment. Then he returned to aid Terrador with reconstructing the guardian tower which they would find the new fire guardian in and the y would hold important meetings in there as well. Cyril returned a while later and they finished the job. It was actually the place where the golem was beaten and it was actually quite splendid. It had most of the original columns and such but almost all of them were infused with either Ice, Earth or both. They had to repair the broken staircases and it was paramount they used earth for that. Cyril couldn't help but place works of Ice Art around the edges of each floor and Volteer used some form of technology to make them everlasting as he did with everything else made of ice. Volteer also placed a electricity bolster on a totem pole on the top floor that could sense enemies a light year away and set up a complete sphere of electricity around the building.

Volteer got everyone in the dragon citadel to come and give a tail print on the scanner on the totem pole and after he got everyone's in Warfang he turned on the machine. No field appeared so that meant there weren't enemies around. Just to test it. He told Cyril to get a grublin and bring it close. Within a few minutes the field came up and he sent a message to Cyril to kill the grublin. The field went away again. So Volteer knew it functioned properly and let everyone continue about their daily business. Terrador got a band of Earth Dragons to do the rest of the reconstructing. Warfang was rebuilt after a while and everything was back to normal. At the guardian tower, seven fire dragons approached to become the new guardian. Terrador, Cyril and Volteer were there to judge and loads of bystanders had gathered round to watch the event. Thanatos, Skourodrakos, Chrysosavra, Spyro and Cynder flew above all the other bystanders to get a good view.

The seven dragons stood in a line and each introduced themselves. They would each go through 3 trials, each one harder than the last. They were told the first two but the last was confidential and only the elders and the 5 dragons flying overhead, unseen by all, would be aloud to see the dragons do it. The first test was testing how exact each one was, this was so that if they were ambushed they would be able to hit vital points on the enemy and defeat it speedily. Seven targets rose out of the ground followed by seven cages each with a troll in it. There were zappers in the ceiling so that if the fire bolts failed to hit a vital point the zappers would. There was an amplifier field between the targets and the trolls so that the fire ball would kill the troll instantly if it hit a vital spot.

The dragons said there names and then did the task. First was Pirokron, his bolt flew straight through the center of the target, flared as it went through the amplifier field and hit the freshly released troll. It swung back into it's cage and fell, exposing the great scorch mark in it's head. Next was Mortyro he shot a bolt and it seemed to have to drill through the thicker edge of the target, as it reached the other side it seemed to flicker then it flared out and continued. The bolt only grazed the troll's shoulder and continued past it then hit the field behind the cages and puffed out. Then a strike of lightning shot down from above and the troll looked as if it was trying to fly as it flew backwards with it's arms outstretched. This continued with Pirokron, Deformu, Anapto and Cyltador, successfully killing the trolls and Mortyro, Retpahc and Otpana not killing it and having to let the zappers complete the job. Those three fire dragons were sent into the crowd but were also allowed to watch the final event.

The seven cages and targets went back into the ground and then 4 small golem statues rose out of the ground. 4 new targets rose behind them. This task tested how precise you were and the power of your bolts. Pirokron went first and shot his bolt straight into the centre of the first golem. It pushed its way through and scorched the bulls-eye on the target behind. Deformu was next. He also got the bolt straight into the centre of the golem but his didn't hit the target as it died after drilling 99% of the way through the statue. This continued on and Pirokron and Anapto got the targets but Deformu and Cyltador didn't get them...
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Chapter 11

The two dragons who didn't quite make it joined the others to the level above so that they could watch the third and final event. The elders and the other 5 dragons flew upwards as well. At the level above, loads of rocks and ice lay scattered around the place with electricity coursing through it. This last challenge would test how precise you were, your power and your agility. Anapto had to stand back behind the judges and Pirokron stepped forward, something small and golden was ejected into the centre of all the pieces of rocks and ice and everything started churning like a whirlpool of land.

As everything was taken in to the centre of the floor a shape was formed. It was just like the golem Spyro and Cynder had fought in the Chamber of Retribution but made out of Ice and Earth and flowing with electricity. It rose and roared. The weird thing was... it didn't have a hand on it's right arm, instead it had a writhing mass of tentacles that was flowing with enough electricity to kill a whole ocean of whales. The creature itself held more horror in itself than Bel-Shamharoth who could shake worlds in terror and agony with it's great horrid eye. The new golem rose and roared to the sky. Pirokron gasped and felt himself shrinking down to the size of a mere rat while it grew to the size of a thousand tornados bearing down on him with looks bad enough to break suns. He had to get over the fear, and he had to do so very quickly as a massive claw landed inches away from him. The fist was caught in flames as it shot down faster than the speed of light. He rose and flew in a circle to avoid the thrashing tentacles and fiery fist, breathing a continued stream of flame at the same place. This was only possible as it kept turning towards him. Pirokron saw the glint of gold behind a sheet of ice with a few bits of rock going thru it. He stopped just breathing a stream and focused his energy into short bolts. The first few just hit the rocks around but didn't get him anywhere, then he hit a piece and it went right through. Pirokron hadn't been watching though and a great swath of rocks teeming with thrashing tentacles hit him and he was sent spiraling down to the ground where he scurried off quickly.

Spyro thought he had subsided and looked expectantly at Anapto but he then heard a cacophonous crash and then a resounding roar. Spyro placed his attention back on the beast and saw flames dispersing from Pirokron. A smoking hole was in the centre of the beast and just a few cracked bones remained. Then Pirokron thrashed his tail right into the edge of the golden thing in the middle and dislodged it. It left off a quick electric discharge and then puffed out like a diffused bomb. After that Pirokron started to walk back when thirteen thousand volts of electricity coursed into the golden sphere and everything rebuilt itself behind the dragon. Pirokron was whipped out of the way like a splattered bug on the windscreen of a car and fell into the great wall...

The beast raised a crackling claw and just before the beast short-circuited Pirokron's heart, a rocketing fire comet shot from the wall and hit the beast square in the chest. It swirled around within the beast and fire shot out in all directions. The ice melted and all of the water trickling down seemed to soak up all the electricity and disperse it into the ground. The heat grew so intense that the rocks around started melting and trickling all around. As all the rocks melted the lava trickled down into a dent which put it on a path towards the edge of the building. Almost all the citizens were in the level below but what really worried Terrador and the others was the fact that the golem's dark crystal heart was down there. As Pirokron recovered from the battle, the Elders, Thanatos, Skourodrakos, Chrysosavra, Spyro and Cynder darted off down the edge of the building while Anapto went out of his comet dash and followed suit, believing this was "part 2" of the challenge.

At the bottom, the lava trickled down onto the rocks and through the electric field. The field dispersed but nothing happened. Then, with the last few drops of molten lava came the golden machine.As soon as it hit the dark crystal, a horrible reaction started.The lava formed a circle around of the 2 objects as if by dark energies and then the crystal and the machine melted. The gold and black pools mixed and then froze together. A horrible black and yellow crystal in the shape of a dragon breathing shadow flames. It had a black body with golden wings, golden legs, a golden tail, golden eyes, golden nostrils and a golden mouth. The flames coming out of it were of pure darkness. Then the crystal formation rose and all the pieces of rock and lava rose and then seemed to create a whirlpool. Massive chunks of Earth, Ice, Flames, Lava, Frozen Poison, Crystallized Shadow, Solidified Fear, Freshly-ripped vines, Frozen Nuclear winds, Meteorites, Decomposed Vines, Electrically charged golden spheres, burning mini-suns and cursed rocks that survived the extraction of Convexity, came flying towards the crystal formation that floated high above the watching dragons. All the pieces found a way to fit together and then the newly formed golem rose, towering over Warfang. Greater in Size than the Golem and greater in Power than the destroyer, the new Golem rose up to the sky and roared like a Demon Husky.

All the dragons stepped back except Thanatos, Skourodrakos and Chrysosavra. If they could beat this thing they would gain increased trust and it would stop slowing their plans. They charged forward until they hit an invisible flame wall that only became visible on impact. Anapto was on the other side and he was battling the beast. Anapto knew what to do.
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Chapter 12

The golem did not needing to bother with the dragons on the other side of the shield, turned around and growled, he lifted his gargantuan fist, a writhing mass of tentacles and slammed it into the ground. Anapto just managed to dodge the tentacles, but when he thought he had got out of the way of the tentacles, a tentacle erupted from under him, his wrapped around his body, and threw him into a pillar, which collapsed. An area of the roof collapsed, trapping the golems tentacle hand under the rubble. The golem screeched, as deafening and loud as 100 volcanoes erupting and 100 maelstroms churning. 'after all the repairing, they're just going to have to repair all over again' Anapto thought, whilst dodging tentacles occasionally erupting out of the floor. Then, the golem took a different approach, he raised his clawed hand, each finger with a talon on it, and swiped upwards at Anapto, he then went flying upwards into the air and slammed into the electricity field. The field flickered, which strangely sent pain to the the golem, Anapto realised that the golems lightning and other electricity sources seem to short circuit and burn out, then when Anapto came off the field, the golem's power came back to life. Now Anapto was going to work his plan.

He flew, dodging all the tentacles which stretched out to reach him from the ground below, the golems hand was still trapped. The golem roared as Anapto barraged the golem with a contineous stream of flame. This was his chance, he flew down into the golems mouth and landed on a rock hard tongue. The limb, obviously used for talking, or in the golems case, roaring, flicked upwards as the golem let out another resonating screech, and flipped Anapto down his throat, he could see through the golems body, since it being only a skin of the elements, he could see the golem's hand rising and plundering into the ground, it was like looking through a stain glass window. Then suddenly, Anapto dropped into a golden light, brighter than the sun when coming out of a dark place, it hit him like a brick wall, a force pushed Anapto up back through the throat and flying out of the golems mouth, and skidded across the floor, tearing his wing. Anapto couldnt fly, just as he thought all hope was lost of getting into the golems mouth again, Anapto remembered the light from within the golem, that maybe was its life source, and, it probabley connected to the shield. Anapto wasted not time, he ran over to the force field, and dug his claws into the shield, he was soon hanging upside-down from the dome towards the golem. The golem was screeching, the lightining infused into the golem flickered, short curciting, turning on and off, the golems once golden eyes turned a dull grey, the golem gave a last croak and fell to the floor, the golem was not dead, but more in a sub-conscious state, like when a persons heart stopped beating, and once Anapto got off the shiled, the golem would come back again. Anapto picked up the pace on the shield, if Anapto fell, it would be definately death, since not being able to fly. Anapto reached the golem, he knew he had to get to the core of the golem as quick as possible before the golem recharges his power and comes back again, Anapto could see all the other dragons on the other side of the field, he could see their mouths moving, with a worried expression on their faces, but he couldn't hear them, it was Anapto's chance to show them that he could become the fire guardian. Anapto leaped off the shield and landed on the golems shoulder lightly, with the prowess of a cat. He then leapt into the golems gaping mouth, the neck of the golem was nothing more than a slope now since the golems head was lying upon his chest. Anapto skidded down the slope, and then came to the heart of the beast, were the bright light once was. But now there was only a dull grey crystal, it was vulnerable, it was Anapto's chance, but suddenly, ghostly spectres appeared in a circle around Anapto, Anapto recognised them. They were his family. Anapto's family died in the war against Malefor. "Join us, Anapto" one of them said, Anapto was hypnotized by the ghostly voices, which echoed around the golems stomach, the crystal was glowing the slightest bit now. Anapto reached out to his mother's hand, then Anapto snapped back into consciousness, the images of his family flickered into a beastly form, a shiver ran down Anapto's back, they were sirens, Anapto had ot fight it, the crystal was glowing, the dark stomach of the golem was now lightining up a little, "Join us" another siren said, in the form of Anapto's brother, Anapto, stumbled towards him and tripped from his damaged leg, Anapto was bending on the floor, a siren in the form of his father bent down and looked into Anapto's eyes, the pain was helping Anapto concentrate, the sirens again, being resisted by Anapto, flickered into theur true form, they were lanky with long clawed arms, and a grotesque face, they screeched in an alien voice, the crystal was not glowing as bright as a house light, Anapto thought all was lost.

"I must fight it" Anapto muttered. "I will fight it!" he shouted, the sirens screeched, threw their heads back in dismay, and let out when final screech and erupted with a green aura. Anapto quickly stumbled up onto his legs and roared, he raised his fist which then grew with a fiery aura, then his whole body glowed with a fiery aura, he plunged his fist into the crystal, the crystal shattered, it was as if time stood still, and the crustal, in slow motion, erupted into thousands of shards, then time continued, and Anapto erupted, letting out a shockwave of fire energy, the golem, half alive, his body slightly lit up, gave a week screech, and exploded, gravel went flying through the air, molten lava pools upon the floor, and the electricity and lighting puffed out, and the body parts of the golem collapsed into a pile of rubble, and fiery remains.

Anapto fell to the floor, he got up, his wing was healed, and his scales glittered with fiery aura, Anato was smiling, impressed and proud of his deed. The shield went down, and Anapto over to the other ancients. Terrador walked over to Anapto, "Very, very impressive indeed, you are to be crowned the fire guardian, you have physical strength, courage and determination, and tremendous willpower to get past the sirens, you are stronger than the fire guardian we needed, since the task became harder when the golem merged with the old golem's heart. We will need repairs, but first, we will celebrate and perform your ritual, so you can become officially, the fire guardian".
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Chapter 13

At the ceremony, Anapto was sitting in a burning sphere that was floating above the cracked remains of what the guardians were now calling Golem Hall, the level above was called Rock-Bane Chamber and the top level was called Siren Outlook. They had renamed the levels of the tower to these names in honor of Anapto’s great deed. He had successfully destroyed the old crystal so the golem’s spirit was no more and he had saved everyone from what could have been a dreadful ordeal for the Dragon City. The great tower had been reduced to a three story building from the 2 major battles that took a lot out of the old place. Cyril and Volteer, who had come up with the idea of the third challenge being a golem, were being ridiculed by Terrador and Spyro and Cynder got to know the new fire guardian. They believed that a great evil had been vanquished but none knew that the greatest evil was still brewing. Thanatos, Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos weren’t at the ceremony, they were at the temple of the Old Gods, asking the mole questions and he was telling them what was within them.

For Skourodrakos and Chrysosavra, all he could decipher from the crystal ball was a mass of shattered dark crystals, the same with the tea leaves. However, when he looked within the crystal ball for Thanatos, he gasped. He could see the spirit of Malefor rising from the depths of the earth, the skeletal remains of his body rising and forming around his spirit giving him physical form once again, then the attack on Spyro and Cynder, the death of the fear dragon, the birth of Thanatos. Then he saw Thanatos reigning over a broken world with Spyro and Cynder, flying corrupted, by his side. He then saw Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos snake along through the ground and bear down on the elders, then the 5 deadly dragons brought siege upon Warfang and left the 4 guardians sprawled, dead, in the burning city. He could see the great dragon temple floating above the lands, spreading demonic corruption to every inch of the land, turning the dragons into necrotic beasts and the moles into cursed gremlins. To add to the malevolence, the already evil things became even worse. The gremlin and gremlin flies became abominations with 3 arms and 2 legs, some had big dragon wings. The orcs and orc archers become massive ghouls with 7 arms and cracked skulls. The trolls became cursed undead behemoths that towered over the cities with growing strength and terror. The hero orcs became massive cursed golems of the 9th element, Convexity. The mole saw the curse destroy the planet and the few bands of survivors or cursed beings that weren’t transformed into beasts of Thanatos’ army were either crushed or cursed into creatures of madness, such as was done with the apes.

As the dreaded vision ended the mole crawled backwards in fear towards the hidden translocation orb at the back of the chamber, as he got there he muttered, “The elders… they shall know… who you rrrrrrr… really are! You are the cccccc… cause of our troubles… you shall pay!” The mole then touched the orb and his particles split and travelled at a the speed of light far away, but Chrysosavra dashed below the ground at the speed of Shadow which is faster than light as it always escapes it. Chrysosavra overtook the speeding particles and thrashed them backwards into the floor with his tail. The mole reformed in immense pain and then screamed as he felt the burning sensation of the curse surrounding Chrysosavra. Chrysosavra saw Skourodrakos arrive and handed the mole to him, then they both went back to Thanatos. When they reached Thanatos they saw he had pinned Pirokron to the ground, who had followed them into the temple. Thanatos was melting as he became a skeletal beast once more. The mole gasped as what he saw confirmed that the vision was true and then he was thrown against the wall unconscious. Pirokron was trapped in bounds of fear, shadow fire, Convexity and Sun Breath then they clamped his mouth shut with darkness and used the translocation orb to take him to the secret dungeons beneath the Dragon Temple deep in the wilderness of the New Swamp where it was dark and cold and bound with all 10 elements. No sound could escape. While those two bound up Pirokron so that he couldn’t relay the ugly truth to anyone, Thanatos delved into the moles mind and planted a little bit of his soul within so that he could use the mole for his own purposes whenever he pleased and then, he wiped the memory from the moles mind. After this, Thanatos appeared at the ceremony in his fear form and went to meet Anapto.

2 weeks after the ceremony and 3 days after the completion of the building. A full moon crept out from behind the clouds on Fireday 13th (In Spyro’s universe, the week had 10 days, each named after an element, there was Fireday, Poyznday, Fearday, Sunday, Cnvxtiday, Iceday, Earthday, Electrikday, Shadowday and Windday.)

Three shadowy silhouettes could be seen frequently rising out of the ground and then diving back in again. In another section of Warfang two dragons flew away from the Guardian Outpost and lifted off into the sky and shortly afterwards a small mole crept out from the temple of the old gods and waited. After a while the two dragons came down and one picked up the mole and the other three silhouettes made their way into Old Warfang. Then the two dragons came in carrying the mole and approached the dark three. Thanatos, Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos stepped into the light and he Corrupted Spyro and Cynder, carrying the dark mole did the same. In the dim light from the shaft a bright glow appeared. At this Chrysosavra, Skourodrakos, Thanatos and the mole stepped into the shadows then a voice sounded and the two dragons reverted into their normal forms. The glow turned out to be Sparx who had just heard the arrival of the dragons and grinned widely when he saw that it was Spyro and Cynder “HEY!! You’re back! I haven’t seen you for ages! I’ve been building bridges with the moles to all parts of the old ruins! The refugees are in the lower right section. I prefer the top left so thats where I stay! Smiles formed on three faces as the three friends were united. The 3 friends said everything but Spyro and Cynder kept one thing secret as they both knew that if they told Sparx what they had said before the world had been reforged, then he would never let them live it down.

As they were talking, Thanatos grew bored and shot a concentrated shadow fury at the roof-like substance covering Old Warfang and then implanted darkness with Sparx, as the moon shone through the newly created gap the three became corrupted versions of themselves. Sparx was a horrid black dragonfly that glowed with anti-light. Darkness wasn’t the opposite of light, just its absence, anti-light was when you went right through darkness and out the other side. It wasn’t just a spot that gave off no light, it was a spot that took on light and quelled it. The dark Sparx looked horrific and then the 4 beings in the shadows came out and planned, dark, sinister plans. Afterwards, Thanatos took away the memory of Spyro, Cynder and Sparx seeing each other and sent everyone back to where they had come from. He then returned to his chambers.

Spyro and Cynder woke up together feeling blissful as they had did what their love for each other had brought upon them. Then they went to meet the elders as was requested by a mole sentry guard who had arrived and passed the written order through the paper box and then left again.
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OH YEAH! Loved the art!!! smilie

Well... time to read those chapters! smilie
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Chapter 14

In the Golem Hall, the 4 elders were positioned around the room between the 4 alcoves. Spyro and Cynder went in through the main alcove, then Thanatos, Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos materialized within the shadowy recesses of the other arks. Skourodrakos told them about the Dragon Temple, he then led them, fortunately by air, to the Temple. Chrysosavra tunneled beneath them and Thanatos did some kind of Banshee Charge with his Fear Element through the sky.

They got to the Temple in its new splendour, the main throne seemed to be made of plain wood, Anapto was directed to it then, as soon as he sat on it, the wood changed shape and became molten iron blazing with blue and white flames. Initially shocked, Anapto leapt off and it became plain wood once more. While everyone was staring in amazement, a voice that seemed so far off but was really right behind them said, “Enchanted, the wood contains pockets of each element which react to a Dragon of their element and totally engulf the chair in an imitation of itself... Hmm... I wonder what would happen if Spyro or Cynder sat on it...” Intrigued by Skourodrakos’ idea, Chrysosavra led Cynder to it and she sat down upon it.

It suddenly turned into a golden chair with harp-like strings going from one end to the other. The metal was coated in poison and then the strings started to vibrate and balls of fear flew around the chair and a loud screeching noise sounded. Cynder jumped off as the noise overwhelmed her. Anapto then went back to the chair which changed once more and then Spyro sat forward to his right, Cynder forward to his left. Next to Spyro sat Volteer and next to Cynder sat Cyril. -- Then Thanatos sat on the chair opposite him and next to him were Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos, behind Anapto was Terrador.

Then, Chrysosavra made the Dragon statue in the centre rise upwards so that all could see that it was now Spyro with Cynder next to him, a secondary addition made by Chrysosavra, and they were painted correctly. Not just golden like the one of Malefor but purple and black plus all the other colors. While the others were marvelling at the amazing New Temple, Thanatos flicked a hidden switch next to his chair with shadow. A small pipe was filled with shadow and it went all the way to Warfang. It came out in Burdened Cellar, the cellar below Golem Hall, and filtered into it until it came up to the hall and then eventually into the city itself. Eventually, all of Avalar was full of the Shadow and it was spreading to the Temple...

When it came in sight of the temple, Cynder was the first to notice, she cried out in alarm. Everyone stared with horror at the approaching cloud, except the Dark Three, who faked surprise. Thanatos barged out of the temple and rushed at the temple, time to gain two things... one, more power & two, more trust. He entered the cloud, from within you could see flashes of light and fear and ice. The shadows started to thin and became more like a grey fog, they could see the silhouette of a skeletal dragon. When it was just mist, they saw the skeleton, it was screeching in what they thought was immense pain and agony. A curse of enfeeblement was over Thanatos. They knew that the skeleton was Thanatos, then the mist dispersed and the skeleton, buzzing with dark energies, fell from the sky towards the ground.

Terrador got there first to the surprise of everyone, especially Chrysosavra, who was traveling at the Speed of Shadow, under the ground. They saw the skeleton with bits of red scales reforming over the skeletal form but it was obviously in agony. They took Thanatos back to the Temple and they placed him over where the statue rose up.

Shadow fell over him like a cloak. He tried to rise, but the sheer weight pushed him backwards. He coughed up a ball of shadow, and shadow seemed to flow through him like blood. Soon enough, he managed to crawl to his seat, the wrong seat. He climbed onto Anapto's chair and a wave of Convexity flowed outwards, his body was suddenly illuminated in Indigo light. He was suddenly healed, as Malefor, he became Malefor again, he recognized the scales and quickly changed it.

He was extremely lucky, no-one except Chrysosavra and Cynder saw Malefor, Chrysosavra slashed at Cynder's mind with Sun Breath, melting the memory. She passed out, then they attended to Thanatos, who looked like Thanatos again and they also tended Cynder, who they thought was caught in the blast...
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Thanks Denragon!


Chapter 15

A frigid and icy wind had seeped into warfang, mole workers walked around, working on re-building warfang, and facing the freezing wind, which made their bones feel brittle, which obviously didn't help building warfang. Thanatos and Cynder had finally recovered. Yet, Thanatos didn't need to be treated, but it was all part of the act. Though the pain while it lasted had exhausted him, that was nothing compared to the pain he had brought upon Cynder. Now a grotesque scar stretched across Cynders left eye.

This day was brisk; gloomy, dark, and the sky was full of grey clouds. No one felt of doing anything, even volteer, anapto and the other guardians felt like giving up on rebuilding the foundations of their beloved home, nor did Cynder & Spyro wish to do anything about the coming of a storm. And even Thanatos and his allies didn't want to plot and scheme and go about their evil ways. How all this was brought on, no one knew, maybe it was to do with the wind and gloomy weather. Neither did they know who brought that on, but this wasn't a natural storm, but had been brought on by the ethereal old gods. A race of spectral beings which aren't evil, but neither are they good. They are more of a police force to stop evil, by attempting to change the inevitable, and doing whatever it takes to fulfil those aims. The old gods have been planning to stop Thanatos from corrupting Spyro and Cynder, but they knew who he really was, they knew he was Malefor, just in hiding. They were not trying to prevent corrupting Spyro and Cynder, for Spyro and Cynder's sake, but for the old gods sake. They didn’t care that the world was nearly torn apart, nor did they care that it might be attempted to be torn apart again. But the reason they were concerned that Spyro and Cynder might get corrupted, is because back, before the world was old, the old gods tried to stop what Malefor was becoming; a corrupted, evil being. Whilst attempting to take Malefor down, the old god Daemond killed a friend of malefor, and they knew, when Malefor is all powerful, and the world becomes what the mole had seen in the vision, they knew Malefor would come for them and get revenge.

But the problem was that Thanatos, if when he was young, could survive from the old god: Daemond, then they knew that they wouldn't be able to defeat him when he had a group of powerful allies. So, instead, the Old Gods planned to kill two beings, which in turn would mean the corruption would not be able to take place in the first place. They planned to kill Spyro and Cynder.
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Chapter 16

Deep in the foreboding clouds that stretched high across the dark landscape of ultimate demise, two ice crystals sparked against each other, and against all the laws of physics, that tiny spark in the glowing thundercloud, being jostled around by ice crystals to the thousands, set a crystal on fire, this hit all the other crystals until the whole cloud burst into flame. A flare, like you’d get from a star, shot down from the burning beast and eroded a hole in the damp soil below. Although the impact was practically soft and bouncy, it sent tremors around the countryside. An ancient moles grave literally flew out of the mud and dirt.

The Old God of the Elements rose from the crater. Ten creatures rose up next to the cornucopia of crackling elements that were; Fire, Electricity, Ice, Earth, Poison, Fear, Wind, Shadow, Convexity & Sun breath.

The Fire beast was actually an elemental, with great shackles that bound it to Avalar.

The Electricity monstrosity was actually a ball of lightning, wrapped in cloths that floated just above the ground, the bandages trailed wildly behind it.

The Ice Beast was a floating Ice Geode that twinkled with a pleasant sound.

The Earth beast was a great humanoid formation of rocks and four holes in its back through which lava flowed, like a big cape that seemed to flutter behind it.

The poison beast was a menacing scorpion, with a tail sharper than a tongue of flame. The tip glowed with an eerie green light.

The Fear beast was a hideous Hydra, each head bright red with burning horns of fire.

The Wind beast was a suit of wrecked and shattered armor, with a fierce hurricane blowing within its depths.

The Shadow creature was a fierce dragon with taloned wings and darkened claws It had two heads, each with 6 horns. Coincidently, apart from the two heads, the dragon looked a lot like Cynder in her Corrupted form. The heads looked like Malefor’s, but black.

The Convexity formation was a twinkling assortment of crystals that produced a surreal sound when they touched one another.

The Sun Demon was a twisting basilisk with great bands of pure golden light swiveling around its hide. The long fangs were a horrifying hue of the same color but although they were the same, they were so different. That was Thazad’kel, Old God of the Elements, and his elemental formations.

In the Ruins of Warfang, a troll rose out of the dirt and began to attack a group of wandering moles. Just before a huge fist slammed down on the moles, a spark appeared. The world seemed to turn to a queer azure hue for the moles. Everything had slowed down, the fist seemed to stop in the middle of the air. Slowly at first, but then with haste, they rolled out of the way and then saw that out of the star a figure formed. The figure held what seemed like a trident, coloured black. The trident had flames licking the sharpened points. The person was adorned in a majestic, silver and gold robe.

What would really catch someone who looked at him were that where there should’ve been eyes on his visage, there were holes. They had an endless depth, as if you were staring into an abyss. If you looked into those eyes for more than two seconds, you would receive a foreboding sensation that you had been sucked into them, as if they were portable black holes. This was Sartho, Old God of Fate.

The world turned back to normal, well... as normal as a world with creatures such as the Old Gods and Thanatos within can be. There must always be a balance with Life and Death and Sartho had upset the balance. So, he found an equal group of moles, who had just robbed the Guardians. Sartho teleported the troll to them that then fell on the moles and crushed every last bone within their bodies and spilled marrow all over the place. The lumbering troll then magically disappeared. Sartho had teleported it back to its former position, though this time, it was wounded and couldn’t move. It would be paralyzed for the rest of its existence. He sniggered, then went to look for the other old Gods. The Gods of Time and the Elements needed to meet to ensure their victory..

A thunderclap sounded, out rolled ominous dark lightning and the Cheetah Village below totally and utterly froze. Every single cheetah had stopped in mid-step. None moved, except Hunter of Avalar, who managed, with a great effort, to swivel his eyeballs upwards, as his large exposure to Spyro’s presence enabled him to be less affected by this. So he was the only one who saw a cloud take the shape of an hourglass and then sand pour from it.

The sand piled in on itself and started to form a great figure wearing plated armor. In the centre of the armor was an hourglass, actually, to be accurate, it was a lifetimer. Old Gods aren’t immortal, they just live for a long time. When one Old God dies, one person takes their place. There is a special race that the Old Gods belong to, that race is the ‘Ethereal Celestius’; a race of creatures that hold immense power. Originally they were human, but dense exposure to the Nether-Realms had caused them to change and adapt. Now, the only similarity was the stature of the being, everything else is different.

This Old God had a trail of onyx hair that joined at his chin and became a small beard. He had golden eyes that matched the golden sand in the lifetimer. This was Valanar, Old God of Time. As soon as he appeared he was no longer there, the Cheetahs continued with their lives again, but none were aware of anything apart from Hunter, who told none but immediately set off for Warfang.

As said before, Old Gods can die and can also be killed, although this isn’t usually the case. The Celestius were frightened because they found out that Old Gods could be killed. Meaning none wanted to take Daemond, the Old God of Death’s, place. So this forced the King to take matters into his own hands. The King of the Old God’s never died, nor could he be killed. This is because he wasn’t of the same race as the other Old Gods. He was the one who had led the Celestius to the Nether-Realm, where they began to change. He was totally entwined with the Nether-Realm, his name was Al'akir, King of the Old Gods.

Al’akir traveled through the darkened plain into the Passageway, the astral path where the Celestius traveled to get to the Ethereal Night, the place of their afterlives. In the Passageway, the lumbering form of Daemond was crossing a large hill, he looked angry, furious and enraged! He was constantly muttering about how he’d like to go back and show Al’akir that he was worthy. Then the King stepped across his path and said, “Would you like to go back and show me that you’re worthy??” Daemond immediately agreed and then Al’akir grabbed the spirit and pulled it into the real-world. Here, Daemond was merely a ghost, until he was placed into his corpse. The corpse stood up and opened its eyes, that emitted an eerie purple light. The King smiled, “I think we need an army, and an undead unit... bring one to me, from Avalar.” So, Daemond, Old God of Death was sent down to Avalar.

The point of the other Gods being sent down was for an army. Daemond would receive an Undead Unit, Sartho would receive creatures of all species and Thazad’kel would receive an Elemental Unit. Valanar was creating a base for them on Avalar. Although they had the Throne of the 5 Gods in the Nether-Realm, they still needed one on the land. So they created the Nether-pinnacle, an epic place hidden in the sky where they could operate.

As the Old Gods fulfilled their tasks, Hunter of Avalar rushed to Golem Hall. The moles that had seen Sartho earlier had fallen off the cliff, in turn balancing everything fully. But Valanar didn’t know Hunter had seen him, so they had a witness that could bring about their complete demise. For, if Terrador knew, then Chrysosavra and Thanatos would find out. Then even The King would be in trouble, as Chrysosavra was The King before Al’akir, and he wanted revenge...
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Chapter 17

The nether pinnacle had been created, each god had his own horde of minions at his disposal and avalar had become out of proportion, as a vacuum had been created high above the clouds. Where the pinnacle floated crackling purple lightning struck down into the pinnacle empowering the it from the heavens. The pinnacle was gargantuan as it was big enough to hold each of the gods units within its walls.

Since Al'akir was in his fortified hold within the heavens, the man in control, rather the thing in control was Thazad'kel, the twisting basilisk of the sun, but Al'akir still had control over his assistants as a 'seeing eye', as it was called, had been placed on top of the pinnacle and could see all that was going on. At the top of the pinnacle was the keep where Thazad'kel and the other gods were accommodated. Thazad'kel's minions were able to be summoned, instead of kept within the keep. Al'akir's plan was for Thazad'kel to create a nether portal using the power of the seeing eye, summoning Thazad'kels fire elemental, in a form which had been dosed in water, to make it smaller and obscure so it could find out what the situation was in the case of Spyro and Cynder and for it to find a way to remove them from the temple, so they were vulnerable. But that was to happen after they marched upon the cheetah village, as Al'akir knew that hunter had seen val'anar, but he didn't know yet that hunter was on his way to warfang. Meanwhile in warfang, Thanatos, Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos set off to a cave, past the cheetah village. The gods came down the winding stairs of the pinnacle, and when they came to the outer walls, Valanar cast a spell, his muscular arms straining, and when the spell was finally cast, glittering sand flew down from the sky with finesse, and floated down like snow upon the gods and their armies. When the sand fell on them the sand became a part of them and their body’s turned into heaps of sand on the floor. Then more sand fell and landed on the floor below the pinnacle and more sand stacked creating the shape of each humanoids body, including the gods, down onto Avalar. Thazad'kel summoned his elementals, when summoning his units, two golden beams emitted from his eyes, and combined into one single beam, whilst Thazad'kels snake-like body was twisting rapidly, the beam shot into the ground and a massive purple orb formed on the ground, which then flattened to become a portal upon the once fresh, green grass, that started to decay. Then small aspects of various elements were dispersed from the portal that each transmogrified into a water, air, earth and a fire elemental in front of Thazad'kel. They stood and posed as if they were a group of heroes. Thazad'kel felt content: his master had obviously smiled upon him, granting him such extraordinary powers. Thanatos and his allies where flying low, disgusted at the lush green grass, Thanatos let out a purple stream of flame, scorching it. Thanatos laughed under his breath, thinking how gullible spyro and cynder were to not notice anything strange or familiar about him. Soon, Malefor and his group would fly high so they wouldn't be spotted as they passed the Cheetah village, but they had quite a way yet. Thazad'kel and the gods where marching now, with there armies behind. The armies weren't as big as a medieval battalion or army, but big enough to take control of a village, especially as they all were much more powerful than cheetah archers.

Now Thanatos and Chrysosavra were nearing the cheetah village, so they backed up higher into the skies, but five minutes after raising higher into the sky, they saw an unreal army of undead and brightly glowing elementals, and four-meter high beings standing over them, as well as a bright, golden basilisk with bands of pure light around its twisting body. "Who are they?!?" Thanatos asked Chrysosavra, in a gruff voice. "Ha ha, i'm looking forwards to this, you could say, i have quite a history with the old gods and finally, a chance to get revenge", Chrysosavra smiled slyly, as the old gods didn't know that Chrysosavra was on avalar. "Who?" Asked Thanatos. "The old gods, just step back, and let me approach them, don't worry, they'll be more surprised for them to see me than me to see them, and Skourodrakos, stay with Thanatos" replied Chrysosavra. Chrysosavra flew eagerly towards the old gods, and then, Thazad'kel noticed them too, and his golden eyes bored into them with disgust. Thazad'kel's mouth flung open, and roared at Chrysosavra, Chrysosavra retorted "So Thazad'kel, where is your precious king Al'akir?" shouted Chrysosavra, his voice echoing through the grassy plains. And of course, Al'akir could here this conversation. Now, Thazad'kel spoke: "Ha! Chrysosavra, how nice to see you again, the king will be pleased to see you on Avalar, alive and well i see", his voice was deep, and resonated with the same sound as the convexity geode. “I see you have malefor with you" continued Thazad'kel. Thanatos was surprised to see that he knew who he really was. "Oh yes, i forgot you knew thanatos" he corrected Thazad'kel. "Oh yes, and i have unfinished business with you" continued Chrysosavra. Then, with a roar of enthusiasm and hatred, the fight began. The three dragons battled it out against the old gods, and the old gods with their armies fought well too. Whilst this was going on, Spyro and Cynder went to the cheetah village to check everything was fine. After the fight had endured for approximatley ten minutes, Skourodrakos shadow dashed Thazad'kel, and he flew through the air and landed with an audible ‘thump’ and started to thrash on the floor. Chrysosavra then proceeded in charging a convexity breath and launched it at Thazad'kel, who was lying on his side breathing heavily within a crater. Valanar had also been knocked down, but Daemond approached Thazad'kel, and whispered to him something anonymous. Thazad'kel then turned his head to the three dragons, and stared with a seething animosity towards Thanatos and said: "Malefor, why don't you help your old master?" he said, with a manic smile on his face, and blue blood dripping down his jaw. Then his yellow eyes started to emanate a bright yellow glow, which then proceeded to project a beam of golden light, which struck Thanatos who cried out and stumbled onto the floor. The rest of the old gods spectated silently. Thanatos cried out, and suddenly he became Malefor again, and he remembered his distant past. As this was happening, Spyro and Cynder were watching it all, and knew who Thanatos truly was. Spyro was shocked, as they had trusted him for so long. Then malefor, lay on the floor and clawed at his head, trying to get Thazad'kel's searing laugh out of his mind. Thazad'kel laughed in reality too, as Daemond, the god of death healed him and his allies, teleporting them back to the pinnacle as reality descended into anarchy.
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Chapter 18

Chrysosavra and Skourodrakos stared at Malefor, regret, disappointment and anger within them, confusion and anger on the outside. Spyro looked angrier than a Buffalo in a red room. Cynder had dispersed into Spyro's shadow.

Chrysosavra roared in rage, then he began to glow orange. To spyro, Chrysosavra was angry at Malefor’s trickery, but really he was angry at the Old Gods for releasing their secret. A fiery ball flecked with purple streaks appeared in front of him, it grew so large that Skourodrakos felt like he was decomposing. Spyro flew away carrying Cynder in his shadow.

The fiery ball grew so large that, even though it floated high up, the ground around it grew craters. Then the ball was projected into the sky, a resounding explosion boomed across the land. The Old Gods plummeted down, Thazad'kel crying "Al'akir, your servant calls for aid!!!"

Then fire seared across the land, it was aimed at Chrysosavra, but he purposefully deflected it all into Skourodrakos who started to burn, sparks flying off him, like water from a fountain. Chrysosavra needed power, and he didn’t need Skourodrakos, the shadow dragon was only useful to aid in his escape, now he was just an annoyance. Skourodrakos screamed in pain and anger. The scream awoke Malefor.

Malefor saw Skourodrakos dissipating, "All that power, wasted..." said Chrysosavra, Malefor knew what Chrysosavra intended to do, he knew what had happened, he knew everything about Chrysosavra’s trickery and treachery. So, to foil Chrysosavra’s plots, he absorbed the deceased Shadow Dragon. Chrysosavra was shocked. Malefor crackled with darkness, but before Malefor got the upper hand over him, Chrysosavra mind-controlled him and he and Malefor translocated to a secret cave underneath the Dragon Temple.

Here Malefor's mind was released, instantaneously, Malefor lashed out at the dragon that was now equal in power with him. Malefor managed to create a Dark Crystal which sapped Chrysosavra of his strength. That dark crystal pulled away the energy of the Old Gods’ magics. The purple scales slid back until he was just a skeleton, he tried to pull his red scales back, but the Old Gods had stopped that permanently. Or so they thought.

Chrysosavra collapsed next to the crystal, Malefor left and travelled to the Dragon City, he was feeling things he'd never felt before; Guilt, Regret and Sorrow; or at least he couldn't remember feeling them.

While Malefor went to redeem himself, Chrysosavra lay, drifting into unconsciousness.
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Chapter 19

Thanatos, with his old identity ripped from his soul, was inhabited by anger and betrayal, as Chrysosavra had destroyed Skourodrakos's soul, with his evil and deviant mind. A searing laugh inhabiting his thoughts, until he was to become a part of the even more powerful Chrysosavra. Luckily, Thanatos had taken in the body of his friend before Chrysosavra had desecrated him. Thanatos, his mind set anew, set off for warfang, seeking new allies. He didnt want to alert the citizens of warfang, as he was obviously known, for all the bad things he had done in his past, to be an evil and extremely threatening dragon.

When he reached warfang, the last touches of the rebuilding of warfang were nearly done, its had nearly been restored to its old state. When Thanatos reached the border of the walls or warfang, anapto, now embraced with flame as the fire guardian, flew up to thanatos,and with a brief sweep of his tail, smothered in blazing flames, he hit malefor with a devastating blow, knocking malefor through the air and onto the floor. “You greet me kindly, I see” said Thanatos. “You only deserve to be greeted with a broken jaw” said Anapto. “Anyway, I come to seek allegiance with you, and your fellow guardians” exclaimed Thanatos, feeling the large searing cut over his face. “Ok, we'll take you in, welcome to the fellowship” said Anapto, and walked off, beckoning Thanatos to follow, they flew to an underground place in warfang, below Golem hall. “Come, Thanatos” said Anapto. From all the good doings Anapto had heard that Thanatos had done, he couldn't help remember, but the name only brought a bitter taste in his mouth and disgust. Then, in the dark halls, Anapto swiftly walked down a passageway, getting thanatos of his tail. Thanatos was lost, and all he could hear was scuttling of mice and echoes of brief footsteps far away. He was in the middle of a junction of five passages, it was dark, but that didn't bother thanatos. The footsteps became quicker, and slightly louder too, but he didn't know from which direction, know he realised it was a trap, then the footsteps were louder, louder, and know he could've sworn footsteps were right by him, then he heard a 'swoosh!', and then
darkness, as he was knocked out by a sweep of Anapto's tail.

Thanatos awoke, in the middle of a rocky chamber, within rocky and rough halls, which seemed familiar. He couldn't remember a thing, and his head was swaying and ached, his vision was hazy as well. He got up and observed his surroundings in detail. The chamber he was encased in glittered with sized variants of purple crystal, encrusted within the rocky walls. These glowed vibrantly, and four soft and flowing beams extracted from him, leading to the largest crystals, which as well as glowing, contained an orb within it, holding within thanatos's power. Thanatos turned his head sharply at the sound of Anapto's voice. “Do you like your prison? Beneath our newly rebuilt golem hall. It was a pretty clever plan, wasn't it?” Said Anapto. “Yes, it was pretty devious”. “These crystals are sapping your power, rendering you useless, oh yes, and what actually are you doing here? Where you sent by your master?” said Anapto, slightly provoking Thanatos. “No, Chrysosavra didn't send me, he is no longer my master, and what I said was the truth. Your power and authority over warfang has made you sick, stubborn and selfish, fire guardian. You are still young, and your mind is fresh. Get used to the idea of being no better than everyone else, or you won't be the fire guardian for long” exclaimed Thanatos. “and how would you know of how to protect sins of the unworthy?” replied Anapto. “Because once, I was a guardian, and those factors, selfishness and stubbornness, was what got me banished from the kingdom and from my own power and regret I grew sick, and my heart corrupt” replied thanatos. This changed the view on thanatos for anapto, and he released thanatos, and led him to the other guardians, for a reckoning.
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That was the last of the original 19 re-mastered chapters, the following chapters are freshly-written by MSC, starting with Chapter 20
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Chapter 20

Thanatos had lost the guise of a fear dragon. He had also regained his power of convexity. Thanatos knew that he should revert to the name of Malefor. As he had created Thanatos purely to be a disguise from the truth. However, as a great skeletal dragon, with a different mind, Malefor didn’t suit him any more. Malefor hadn’t been his true name, he had been given it as he’d shown himself to be maleficent and malevolent. However, Thanatos had changed since putting on those red scales and Thanatos was now who he was. Malefor was dead, truly dead. He had lost his power to control the dark armies, Chrysosavra had taken it from him.

Thanatos was saddened. Chrysosavra had killed Skourodrakos and then tried to steal his power. Chrysosavra had corrupted Thanatos long ago as part of a grand scheme to be free. He had caused Thanatos’ turn to evil and he had caused the guardians to place Malefor within the same prison as Chrysosavra. Then Chrysosavra had created Skourodrakos to temporarily serve him, then later act as a charger for his power supply. Thanatos hated Chrysosavra with all of his dark energies (he didn’t have an actual heart, he was sustained by the Ancients’ magics).

Terrador and Anapto walked into the cellar. Although unseen, Thanatos sensed Volteer and Cyril lurking in the dark. Terrador spoke, “Malefor... your evil has been seen through, the fake memories you laid in our minds and the ones you wiped have been revealed. We know everything that you have done. You can’t hide from us any more” Thanatos grew angry at the use of the name Malefor. He wasn’t that tyrant anymore. He had grown to befriend Spyro and feel at home in Warfang, he was even beginning to enjoy Volteer’s humor. That couldn’t be taken away from him.

Anapto then spoke in a mocking tone, “Thanatos... you told me that you wish to stray from evil and join us. Yet, if you did, then why wait until you were caught to wish to redeem.” Anapto said his name in a mocking and sarcastic tone, but using it actually made Thanatos calm, instead of riling him up, as was the young and arrogant guardian’s reason. Everyone had seen Thanatos in his skeletal form and it had got out that he was Malefor. However, Chrysosavra’s trickery had unveiled his earlier trickery. Now Thanatos wanted revenge.

Thanatos spoke, “I came here seeking allies! Not to make enemies. Chrysosavra tricked me, he tricked us all! He was the reason I ended up as I was! His evil caused me to stray into darkness and caused the elders of that time to imprison me in the same prison as him. Right in the centre of Convexity! Then he caused Skourodrakos to be, just to help in his release and his rise to power. Then he killed him off just as easily! He would’ve done the same to me, but he felt like he wanted to dig his heels into my side instead. His newfound arrogance and carelessness caused my mind to clear, just as yours did. I was open to the knowledge of his trickery, so I stole a small shard of his vast power and used it to surprise him, causing him to fall unconscious. Then I came here, to make allies! I resent my past as Malefor, now I am Thanatos, Malefor is dead. Chrysosavra is the Dark Master of my past armies, but I am not, I have let them go, the next time they see me, I could possibly be killed. I have but four of my previous 9 elements. Ice, Fear, Shadow and Convexity. The rest are gone. I am not Malefor, I am Thanatos.”

All four of the elders were taken aback, Volteer and Cyril came out from the shallow darkness, apparently appearing out of nowhere. They released Thanatos and led him up to where Spyro and Cynder were waiting. They didn’t expect Thanatos to be with them. Spyro was clearly very emotional, two green mana crystals lay shattered on the ground. The pendants that Thanatos had made for them. Cynder’s eyes were full of sorrow and betrayal, Spyro’s whole body conveyed anger, even though his deeper emotions were the same as Cynder’s. At the sight of Thanatos’ skeletal form, Cynder obviously moved behind Spyro, the only thing that stopped Spyro from speaking out in anger was the color of Thanatos’ eyes. Blue, deep blue. As a fear dragon and Malefor, they had been black, as a skeleton they were usually red, but now they were blue. Thanatos’ eyes were full of regret.

Cyril spoke, “Spyro, Cynder, we have spoken to Thanatos and what he has told us was true, unknown to him, we had enchanted the amethysts so that they would have special powers. We caused them to block any powers and we caused them to make anyone in the room speak truthfully. Thanatos told us a tale of the evil and darkness of Chrysosavra. We know that he was the one who had been in Convexity and Thanatos had released him. However, both Thanatos and Skourodrakos, although the latter is now sadly dead, were pawns to Chrysosavra as Cynder had been to Malefor when he had been trapped.” At this, Cynder winced openly. “Anyway, that is behind us now, but Chrysosavra had been doing the same thing with Malefor back in the days of his youth. He caused malefor to turn evil and caused the elders to place them in the same prison. Malefor’s first escape wounded the portal and Thanatos was then able, under Chrysosavra’s corruption, to free the Shadow Dragon from his prison of light. Chrysosavra had afterwards turned on them both, killing Skourodrakos. Chrysosavra was, though we find it hard to believe, even under the Truth Amethysts, the only dragon of malevolent intent. Thanatos and Skourodrakos were under his darkness.”

Spyro spoke shakily, “So... Thanatos... I’m sorry for destroying your crystals. I really wanted to believe that the Old Gods were tricking me when I saw you. You did so much for us. You taught us many things and helped us greatly. Even though I began to suspect that some things were fake, I didn’t want to. I wanted to believe that you’d changed and I was right... and... Thanatos, there is something I’d like to do. Well, two things... One, I think we should continue our classes together, you’re our friend, we should forget Malefor and focus and you. Secondly, I heard that Skourodrakos was killed, but I saw his darkness go into you upon his death, and I know a way of reviving someone from death as long as the essence is preserved. And you did just that. I know how to revive Skourodrakos...”
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by the ancestors, I thought that this was practically history, its great to see this brought back, im about to read through it asap.
On board Spyro Reignited hype, Choo choo!
Thanks to BlackWing116 for the Chimera drawing
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Thanks, well, I like finishing what I start
Chapter 21 will be coming either later today or tomorrow
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Chapter 21

Thanatos was amazed. Spyro knew how to revive Skourodrakos! Thanatos followed Spyro and Cynder up to the Siren Outlook. They told him to stand in the very middle, where a circle was carved. Thanatos recognised it, the rune circle wasn’t new. It had been there since the Golem Trial which Anapto had completed. Thanatos looked around uneasily. Then Spyro noticed something happening to Spyro and Cynder. Their forms were flickering, tearing apart. A bright flash of convexity showed that there were now four dragons where there had been but two before.

Two things struck Thanatos. Somehow, Spyro had regained his convexity breath, and somehow, he had invented a cloning spell. Thanatos worked out the first. When they had created the world after Malefor had destroyed it, they had used convexity, electricity, ice, earth, wind & shadow. So, they had been left with only Fire, poison and fear between them. Wrong. They had forgotten, until then, that Cynder was also a purple dragon, she was only darkened due to her possessing 4 dark elements. Cynder had Convexity too though, even though she wasn’t used to it. A third thought came to mind, why didn’t Cynder have convexity in her cursed form? Then he remembered that only elements that you normally used would appear. Spyro and Cynder had remembered Cynder’s convexity breath, and she had returned to Spyro the gift of Convexity. Then they had created a cloning spell.

Not long after Thanatos had finished thinking those thoughts, two things struck him, physically this time, and they were four waves of Convexity. They lit up the rune circle and empowered it, sending rays into Thanatos’ bones. An uncharacteristic scream wrought its way up his throat, then burst out through his mouth. It echoed over the area, then fire came at him from two sides in short concentrated bursts. Followed by Poison and fear from the front and behind. Looking faintly through the elemental cocoon that was surrounding him, he saw Spyro’s and Cynder’s eyes bursting with color. Both had purple, spyro had orange, and cynder had both green and red. Thanatos groaned as another wave overcame him, he felt his chest being ripped open and suddenly his vision was swamped with black. Thanatos passed out, but not before he saw a pair of wispy and white, wrathful eyes spin over the darkness.

Thanatos woke up to find himself at the edge of Siren Outlook. A small depression was in the centre where the energies around him had pushed him down into the earth. A shadowy haze was over the sky, a stream of darkness streaming down into the depression that Thanatos had made. The beam was being controlled by Spyro and Cynder, just one Spyro and Cynder. The clones had gone. Energy crackled through the air. Occasionally, flares would flick away from the main stream and land on the floor, where they would transform into great balls of shadowflame. The cloud in the sky was rapidly thinning and the ball of shadow it was being taken into was growing steadily. Soon, there was no more left. The ball revolved around on an invisible axis, gaining speed and power, all of the remaining shadow was sucked in, like when a dragon takes in a deep breath, then it was expelled with mighty force, like when the dragon releases the pent up flame. Where the ball had been stood Skourodrakos, his white eyes glowing strongly. His eyes hadn’t always been white, but the resurrection had made it so. Skourodrakos roared then sucked in all the shadow around him, anger simmered all over the shadow dragon’s form. Then he uttered one word and drew it out, if the one that word was connected to had heard, he would have let out a whimper. Pure hate and fury layered that one word, and a message that would otherwise only be conveyable through a ten minute rant was passed on. Death was sown into that word. That word was, “Chrysosavra...” Skourodrakos was clearly about to go and confront the Sun Dragon but Thanatos held him back, saying, “Friend, I went through much pain to revive you, and I will not let you kill yourself and waste everything. We will come up with a plan to defeat the betrayer, mark my words.”

With that, Cynder, Skourodrakos, Spyro & Thanatos went down to Rock-bane chamber where the 4 guardians were waiting and a number of certain guests were due to arrive.


Chrysosavra awoke. The cave held one other member, Pirokron. The fire dragon that was the second choice for the Fire Elder Guardian. Pirokron was weak, but Chrysosavra knew that the guardian could have uses, a faint sliver of power was sent into the dragon and he awoke. Pirokron was under Chrysosavra’s influence, the dragon would only be kept alive shortly, then he would be drained of all his power. Chrysosavra was feeling angry and ruthless.

Thanatos thought he was clever, but Chrysosavra was smarter, he knew that Dark Crystals retained the power they absorbed, and he knew that if you attached yourself to a dark crystal in the right way, then you could use that power and you would be supplied with an endless battery. Pirokron was doing that now, he’d halved the dark crystal and had carved it with his fire breath, now he was attaching the halves to Chrysosavra’s wings, were the Shadow Dragon of the Sun would harness the power they absorbed.

Pirokron was finished. Chrysosavra stood and lashed out on the fire dragon. He laid his hand over the dragon and watched as his body dissolved. Chrysosavra knew a trick that could control and convert your very body into energy. This was what was happening to Pirokron. The last expression the wannabe Guardian would ever make was a mixture of pain, anger, recovery and betrayal. Very comical in effect. Chrysosavra chuckled. No self-respecting Guardian would die with that expression on their face. Not even a wannabe would. Chrysosavra then stood, and fingered the dust that was the remains of Pirokron. Within it he wrote, “Chrysosavra was here and he killed one of your best... Here lies Pirokron, I laughed at his demise”

With that cruel aftertouch, Chrysosavra took off into the sky, buzzing with power, and set off for Warfang. He had a vendetta to fill...
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Chapter 22

Spyro stood shakily. Something horrendous was happening. Pure rage had sent a tremor out over Warfang. Spyro had been sleeping peacefully with Cynder when the Tremor had struck, knocking them both out of bed. A roar sounded, along with a blinding shot of light. The stomp of heavy footsteps was going on over the walls. Spyro and Cynder flew from the Guardian Outpost to Golem Hall where Thanatos, Skourodrakos and the Elders were already position at the octagonal table.
“Spyro! Cynder! We were just awaiting your arrival!” boomed Terrador in his deep voice, yet it was deadly serious.
“What’s happening?” Asked Spyro
“The Old Gods march on Warfang” whispered Volteer, no time for jokes now.
“And Chrysosavra could come at us at any moment” hissed Skourodrakos
“Hopefully not, I chained him up with some dark crystals, he may still be trapped” replied Thanatos.

Thazad’kel flew up high in the sky, glowing with the energy he was made from, the sun in the sky flickered, the greatest fury, made by Chrysosavra all that time ago, was going away. Into Thazad’kel. The serpent was absorbing its energy to create a concentrated fury on Warfang. The world was plunged into darkness as Thazad’kel absorbed the last dregs of its energy. Yet the darkness was his downfall, as from the shadows plunged a shape, which twirled with Sun energy, Convexity and Shadow. Chrysosavra had made his appearance.

The Old God was caught unawares and fell unconscious. Its fury was released, yet Chrysosavra contained it, his eyes burned so brightly that they lit up the whole sky. Then he flew up into space and let loose, sunlight spread in all directions, as a swirling ball of flame grew in the sky. Then a concentrated bolt soared out and hit Thazad’kel, the serpent screamed and exploded, leaving only a skeletal creature with a burnt and blackened husk.

Thazad’kel burst some flames out of his spine, making wings then made flaming limbs as well, yet Thanatos had arrived and shot ice at it, dousing the flames and leaving only skeletal appendages. Now Thazad’kel was an Emberwyrm. Valanar stopped time, yet Chrysosavra used his Dragon Time to escape the trap. A single claw latched onto the Old God of Time as they teleported away, taking Chrysosavra with them to the Throne of the Five Gods. As Chrysosavra was taken away, he realized he would be unable to carry out Plan 1, so had to initiate Plan B. As he dematerialized, he sent out a call to his servants, ordering them to proceed as he’d planned in case of this situation.


Chrysosavra and the Four Old Gods had gone into the Nether-realm, yet the armies were still left behind. The four Dragon Guardians, the two Dragon Saviours as well as Thanatos and Skourodrakos had to fly over the plains, destroying the siege towers erected by the armies, douse the flames set by them and defeat the assortment of Undead, Elemental & Living creatures bombarding the gates.

All of the elements except Sun came over the walls of Warfang, it was an all out war, yet with the absence of their leaders, the attacks were messy and uncoordinated, that was why it came as a great surprise when a huge burst of convexity exploded out from the Barren Square on the westbound wall of Warfang, the whole wall imploded, leaving a massive crater, four dragons led the mole residents out from it, then stood firm at the Inner City gate fighting the creatures that had come swarming in.

Spyro and Cynder went down to help them.
“What is your name?” Spyro asked
A fire dragon, undoubtedly the leader of the group, spoke, “I am Kato, and these are Skia, Systro and Tyrian.”
Each dragon had a different element, Kato had fire, Skia had electricity, Systro had Ice and Tyrian had Earth. None had any armor on, and were blackened with soot, they had probably only just escaped their homes and hadn’t managed to take any belongings with them. Systro and Skia had lived together, so after the army had been fought back to the walls and Spyro and Tyrian had boarded it up with Earth, while Spyro and Kato used the Fire Seal to shut it properly, Cynder took the two girls to their home to recover their belongings that had survived the flames.

All that remained of their home was the basement, where one dusty chest lay. They pushed hard and eventually they forced it open. Within was some fearsome red armour that fit cleanly on to Skia’s form, as well as some black cuffs, a spine-plate and helmet, which Systro wore. Then Skia attached a shining silver sword to her armour, while Systro donned a blue and green cloak which bore a blue crystal upon it.

Meanwhile, Spyro had taken Kato and Tyrian to a clump of burned-out houses, they each went into different ones then came back lugging hard chests. Tyrian knocked his open with a blast of rock, while Spyro aided Kato in opening his. By the time they had opened the chest, Tyrian already wore black armor with yellow lining and a mask made from a Dragon Skull. He was wrapping a heavy belt onto him, to which he fastened a large book. Kato had some simpler black rune-plate armor and helm, as well as a quiver of arrows and a bow.

Spyro wondered where they’d gotten the armor from as he met up with Cynder and saw that Systro and Skia wore similar gear. As they entered the Golem Hall, the Guardians and Thanatos were already there, Skourodrakos was out slaying the last few creatures. Terrador spoke saying,
“The Councils are going to expand, with the Guardian Council having a Convexity Guardian and a Dark Elements Guardian. Thanatos and Skourodrakos of course. The Saviour Council is going to need members to represent the four main elements, we were originally going to call auditions for them, but seeing the competence of these four, and acknowledging the fact that they are here now, we will be prepared to offer them the positions.”

The four accepted and were offered three rooms. Kato and Skia were together, so shared a room, while Systro and Tyrian had their own rooms. There had originally been only two rooms spare, but Spyro had given his to Kato and Skia and gone into Cynder’s.

The next morning, breakfast had been made from the army that wasn’t either undead or elemental, it had been cooked using the remains of the fire elementals. Volteer was using the electricity elementals to repair his lightning totem. The Fear, Poison, Convexity & Shadow essences were kept as weaponry. Earth was used to repair the city and Ice was used to refill the water supply. Wind was used to blow away the stench of undeath.

Spyro questioned the bow of Kato, the sword of Skia, the crystal of Systro and the book of Tyrion. The bow and sword were enchanted, they always hit where you wanted them to and were twice as deadly. The crystal gave Systro basic command of all elements and extra power over ice. The book was a spellbook, giving Tyrian powerful spells that he could use with his own magic. Magic was a rare thing, not many beings on Avalar could use it. Malefor had been able to use dark magic, yet lost that ability when he became Thanatos. Chrysosavra could, yet he’d stolen that ability. The Celestius had a powerful grasp of magic, which meant the Old Gods did as well. They had to be wary.
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We are going back to our old routine of switching chapteers, some of you might not be familiar with this as you've only seen this topic, but that's what we used to do. hence the *CO-OP* notice written on the top, so sometimes it may take longer for chapters to come, but people are patient (I hope). ( ͡° ʖ ͡°)
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Chapter 24

Meanwhile, Chrysosavra was in the Throne of the Five Gods. Al'akir, Thazad'kel, Daemond, Sartho & Valanar stood next to him, surrounding him with menacing glares on their faces. However, they had a major disadvantage, Chrysosavra had been the King before Al'akir and had created the Throne. So it was attuned to his will. Also, Thazad'kel had been severely weakened, now being only an Emberwyrm. Wyrms were a sub-breed of dragons such as Whelplings, Wyverns & Drakes, yet the weakest out of them all, aside from Wyverns.

Emberwyrms were a sub-breed of Wyrm, along with Frostwyrm and Magmawyrm. Each different type of Sub-wyrm were undead variations of their living brethren. The differentiation was decided by either their origin or how they were revived. There were three Wyrmflights, the Blue, the Red and the Black. When raised from the dead, blue became Frostwyrms, Red became Emberwyrms and Black became Magmawyrms. Also, if you were raised through ice, you became a Frostwyrm, if raised through fire you became an Emberwyrm, and if raised in magma, you became a magmawyrm.

The red wyrmflight were the weakest, having low tolerance for pain and tiring easily, whereas the Black were the strongest, almost unresponsive to pain and able to continue ceaselessly without food or water for up to a month. Thazad'kel was an Emberwyrm due to the fact it was his Sun-Flame that had resurrected him, as he had died temporarily yet his Sun-Flame had brought him back to life, yet he'd lost it in the process. Also, he was incredibly weak.

That made him a target.


Chrysosavra struck quickly and ruthlessly, first cutting of his air stream with shadow magic and blinding him. Then scolding him with Convexity, tearing his bones apart. Then, enveloping himself in Sun Energy, he charged through the bones before they could come back together or any other Old God could attack him. The spirit of Thazad'kel rose up from the corpse and charged at Chrysosavra, yet he stopped it with dark purple rays from his wings. The two dark crystals, embedded there by Pirokron in his last moments, also acted as a weapon. They drained Thazad'kel of all his power, converting his body into energy and absorbing it, leaving only ash scattered around the Throne. The spirit itself became trapped in shadow and slowly melted away, the last sound the Old God making a devastating wail.

Chrysosavra smiled at the rest of the Old Gods and sent a dark bolt of Shadow energy into each of them, then blasted balls of Sun at their limbs which all sought to go in different directions, causing them excruciating pain. Only Al'akir was spared the torture.

"I would do the same to you, King, except I have better uses for you, if you willingly give me the other Old Gods to do with as I please, I will spare you Thazad'kel's fate. It is a choice I would advise you to take. You will remain as King and will be able to do whatever you please, as long as you don't bother me again, if you lay one finger on me or my allies, no matter what your intention, I will personally rend you limb from limb then sup upon your soul..."

Al'akir was clearly frightened, seeing how quickly Chrysosavra had dispatched Thazad'kel and had trapped the other Old Gods, yet couldn't just hand over his subjects, who trusted him, without a fight.

"No..." Al'akir said warily, scared of an instant death, yet none came. Then Chrysosavra narrowed his eyes and spoke, surprisingly calmly, "Very well then, I will duel you, the spoils of the winner are the four Old Gods I have trussed up over there. It is to the death, unless one shows mercy, which is very unlikely. Do you accept my challenge?"

Al'akir only nodded, then signalled Daemond, "You will count down and start the battle, to handicap myself, I will hold back my Shadow Breath so that the King here has at least a small sliver of a chance."

Daemond counted down slowly, then on GO, Chrysosavra dashed forwards slashing at the King. Al'akir dispersed his body into wind, making his bottom half an inverted tornado that pushed at Chrysosavra, his top half became hard, like smelted iron. Smart, Chrysosavra mused to himself. Yet not smart enough...

Chrysosavra took two breaths, which controlled the raging winds sent around the Throne, then dashed into the tornado. He felt himself being whipped around and pulled from opposing ends. Al'akir was physically much bigger, so Chrysosavra could fit within him. Eventually, he reached the Eye of the Storm, which was where the tornado met the rock-hard torso. Charging up his son breath, he broke through into his chest, incinerating everything in his path until he broke out of his back, creating a gaping exit wound. Al'akir fell to the ground, defeated and shocked about how quickly Chrysosavra had done it, even in his Elemental Form. Yet Chrysosavra wasn't killing him, even though his life force was slowly draining away, he fell into a dark reverie, spinning around and feeling dizzy, he reverted to his normal form, sealing the wounds, yet unable to repair his burnt insides. Chrysosavra's voice snapped him back to the present, "I make again my earlier offer, I will heal you and leave you be if you part with them willingly, however, now I add to that, I want the Blackrock Skull..."

The Blackrock Skull was an Ancient artifact forged from Ancient Amethysts deep within the World. They had been pumped full of demonic energy and the power of the Elements. It had been used as the Skull for the Blackrock Dragon, carved into the shape of a Dragon Skull, the Artifact had animated the great statue of obsidian and Crystallised Time. It had been named the Blackrock Dragon after the colour of the rock it was made up of. It had caused devestation at the Hands of the Old Gods, however had been killed in turn by the Ancients. It's skull had been kept by the Old Gods for use in chants and rituals. It was sacred to them.

However, Al'akir had no real choice, it was that, or die. His warriors would be gone anyway, so he had nothing else to lose, and his life he valued above all other things, so he agreed. Chrysosavra smiled as he left, then he went to the four other Old Gods and stole their power, leaving them as only spirits, then sent them back to their master. They wouldn't last long, the shadow magics sustaining them would soon run out. Then they would dissapate, one by one.

Chrysosavra was now more powerful than anyone could ever comprehend, as he came to the Blackrock Skull, he placed it over his head, the sleek black rock fit cleanly over his face, looking ebony and dark, like anti-light, sucking in light and converting it to darkness, similar to a black hole but even darker. You could only see it because everything else was so much lighter in comparison, even complete darkness would seem lighter. He looked extremely fierce and it gave him even more power. Now he was ready to fill out his vendetta.
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But, I'll read those chapters as soon as I can... smilie
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Chapter 26

Skourodrakos asked one of the Dawn Soldiers about where the Guardians had gone to and they told him that they had travelled to the west. Skourodrakos tucked in his wings and dived into the ground, he tunnelled along through the churning earth for an extremely long time until he felt the searing burn of Shadow & Sun seeped into the ground. He rapidly ejected himself from the ground to see a hideous plain of scorched grass surrounded by thick smoke with large black craters where miniature suns came crashing down… Chrysosavra…

Skourodrakos bristled with rage, his only close friend, Thanatos and his other allies who were also becoming his friends were either dead or gone. He couldn't let that happen. He would either bring them back from the dead or from where they'd gone. He tapped into the mystic realm and saw the battle played out in slow motion before his eyes, the sun bolts hitting the 11 and them crashing to the ground, then he saw Chrysosavra landing on the ground and raising his wings, which each had a dark crystal attached, and then the 11's power was taken into those two dark crystals and then Chrysosavra created balls of convexity around each dragon and flew away with them on shadowy "leashes".

Skourodrakos leapt into the air and discovered one of his wings was torn and slightly sagged, so he flapped awkwardly and looked like a circus clown doing an act. He followed the mystic imprint of Chrysosavra's power, but in mystic vision, he could only see objects that had magic in them, so occasionally snagged his legs on trees or cliffs. He almost smacked face first into a tree which Chrysosavra had phased through and had only noticed when a brief glimpse of the bark which he had left his imprint on appeared in from of him. He only shadow dashed through it just in time. Eventually he came to the old Dragon Temple, which he and Thanatos had rebuilt. Chrysosavra's essence was extremely strain here, meaning he'd stayed here a long time and was possibly still here. So he cloaked himself with shadows and followed Thanatos' essence, which was the one he was most familiar with. He came down to the chamber where he, Thanatos and Chrysosavra had imprisoned Pirokron all that time ago, he could see the dark magic Chrysosavra had used to force Pirokron to make the dark crystals stay on his wings and saw how he had destroyed the red dragon. Then he saw the inscription Chrysosavra had etched into the ashes, "Here lies Pirokron, one of your best, I laughed at his demise" yet there was a more recent magical input overlaying it, and stepped back to the edge of the room and flicked a bit of his claw at it, the ashes opened up, revealing a trapdoor, Skourodrakos quickly went through the door and it closed behind him, now he was in a prison, 6 cages lined the walls on each side of the room, making 12 in total, one was empty. His cage… he thought. Chrysosavra had intended to trap all of them and… leech their power, he continued as he saw the dark crystals taking energy from each of the dragons.

Skourodrakos uncloaked himself and looked around the room, they were each gagged with shadow that Skourodrakos removed, the energy was instantly whipped into the dark crystals. Skourodrakos was getting weaker by the minute so had to act fast, first, he pushed all the dark crystals to one corner of the room, (his empty cage) and then worked on freeing each of his friends, starting with the ones closest to the crystals, until they were all free. Then he prepared to break through the wall and for them all to flee. However, as soon as the wall broke, a great roar sounded, and Chrysosavra came running into the prison. Skourodrakos enveloped everyone in shadow and began tunnelling down, straight down. The others lent him all the energy they had, but Skourodrakos felt it wasn't enough to outrun Chrysosavra, using his mystic vision he looked through all the untouched rock to where Chrysosavra was coming down, towards them at a course that would cut across there's slightly ahead of them, so he turned around and made his way in the opposite direction, towards Warfang, but realised that Chrysosavra would notice when he didn't come across their course. So he sent a small ghostly dragooning back in the way they were going before at an extremely fast speed, the speed of shadow, which is faster then light as it always escapes it. It zoomed past Chrysosavra and Chrysosavra came into their path and followed it, the dragooning was faster that him and would keep his attention for hopefully long enough. They surfaced at the gates of Warfang but may not have had enough time as a bolt of Sun energy came out behind them mere seconds after. They had no choice but to flee, as if they remained in Warfang then all of it would be destroyed, sow they went to the one place Chrysosavra would never look, the Throne of the Five Gods...
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Chapter 28

Thanatos spoke, "There is something about him that's new, this helmet that he uses, it wildly boosts his powers!"
Al'akir nodded in agreement, "Yes, I know, he took that from me after he killed the other Old Gods, it is the Blackrock SKull..." Terrador shivered at the name, he knew the legends. “There is only way to gain an upper hand on him, which is through numbers and hoping that his whole is lesser than the sum of our parts. However, at the moment that fact is not true, so we have to increase the amount of parts so that the sum is bigger.” Stated Skourodrakos.

Then Al’akir continued, “There are only a few beings that have the power to tip the scales, the Core Essences. These beings reside at the Core of the Dark World, where they were kidnapped long ago by the Titans. In the sanctums of Ahn’Qiraj, Ulduar, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Nazjatar, there resides one of the Core Essences, we must free them, at long last, so they can aid us in our quest, yet, to gain entry to the Dark World, we must find the Wildcard, an Ancient Hound that guards its entrance, and the only key is the horn upon its head. We must either convince it to aid us, or kill it and take its horn, although the latter would pain me. He can be found at the top of Tartarus, a large volcano in the Wildlands in the North of Infern Isle, across the seas, we must go there now.”

So they went, flying through the Nether-realm so as to be undetected by Chrysosavra, then they landed at a dock at the base of Infern Isle. They traveled through, fighting, living, walking and lethal armours, that attacked them with their silver broadswords. They eventually broke through into the Volcanic Pass, which led them into an underground hole into Tartarus, where there were Skeleton Soldiers. They had to be weary as one cut from their scythe could give them a free trip into the underworld.

They went through a side section where there were many Fallen Priests, who came at them with red scythes that were covered in blood, they went up to where the battled the Boss Troll, a large troll with a heavy spiked Oaken Club.

After they had slain it, they made their way through a large passage until they came to the Black Dragon, it enveloped them in its Inferno, and they had to flee once. Anapto told them that apparently its scales had turned from gold to black from the heat of its own breath, they didn’t have much trouble believing him.

Eventually, they bypassed it and fought their way through a high-topped chamber full of Silvapitheci, winged, silver apes with a slightly majestic air around them. Then they fell down a rockslide to another path, guarded with Phantom Swordsmen and Soul Spawns, which were the souls of those who’d died in swamps. At the end of the cavern they defeated the Atlas, I huge golden giant with a single horn, it wielded a mace made from an enchanted tree, and they had trouble stopping it.

Eventually, they did defeat it, and came to the top of the volcano, there was a small ledge around the edge, they edged around it and came to a large circle, where the Wildcard stood, in a position ready to leap.

Al’akir stated straight away that they meant it no harm and it relaxed a little but was still on guard. “I know that your mission was to seal the entrance of the Dark World using the Power of the Mark, but we have allies, trapped within and we need to free them, I know this is a lot to ask, but will you open the Dark Gate so that we can go through?”

The Wildcard considered that move for a moment, “Well, I will open the portal for you, and I will go through with you and close it behind us, but if I don’t like the look of the people you want to take out, I will take myself out, leaving all of you, and those that you want to free, within, as the only key is on me now, and you will not have it.

So they made their way through the dark world to the first prison. Ahn’Qiraj.
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