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Dialogue not matching the text? [CLOSED]
Juniper Green Sparx Gems: 109
#1 Posted: 17:53:47 26/10/2013 | Topic Creator
I tend to ignore the dialogue in this title, instead skipping over it most of the time, but a few times I've noticed the dialogue and text don't quite match several times.

For example when Spyro speaks to Alex-Bob in Honey Marsh, after exploding the hives, the text says something like "It was no problem" but Spyro's dialogue is a lengthy something that goes along the lines of "I told you I could. I wasn't born yesterday".

Caleb the yeti in Monkey Monastery "Gosh, thank you, Spyro" but his voice clearly says "Egads" not "Gosh".
alicecarp Prismatic Sparx Gems: 11211
#2 Posted: 18:18:55 26/10/2013
There's a lot of mistakes in regards to voices and dialogues in this game.

I noticed one of the yetis say "I feel like an ice lolly" even though it's not in the text.

They reuse some of Sparx's voice clips. For example, when he talks about the locks that can only be opened with the ice/lightning breaths, the dialogue is that of when he talks about the challenge portals.

Some of the characters' voices change:
- When you say no to the honey slide challenge, the alligator (forgot his name) says "Okay, come back anytime.", but with a voice similar to the monkeys in Monkey Monastery.
- When you say no to the volcano slide challenge, the mouse (again, forgot his name) says the same line as the alligator, but in a very deep voice.
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