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WreckingBallBob's Skylanders Stories
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#651 Posted: 21:33:13 21/11/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Equality

smilie Okay, it's been exactly one week since we beat those bullies and they're now rotting their lives away in prison
(The crowd cheers)
smilie Now, we will tackle the second problem in Skylanders... There is no equality
(The crowd boos)
smilie Yes it's awful, now welcome my best friend who isn't treated equal with the others Skylanders Dino-Rang!
(The crowd cheers teh Dino-Rang)
smilie Hello everyone I'm here with my best friend Ghost Roaster... Now, we've been best friends for almost three years now and there's been problems
(The crowd sounds shocked)
smilie You see, because of Ghost Roaster I am not treated as well as I could be... If I weren't friends with him I'd be treated equal and with more respect
smilie Do you guys here that? He's blaming me! The man who is putting and end to this
smilie I'm blaming you because it is you! You are such a horrible person and a bully! Now, you're pandering and lying to these people for their money!
smilie Who dare you! I've never been a bully I've just been bullied, hate crimed against and have been treated unequal
smilie I refuse to be your friends any longer... Screw you
(Dino-Rang starts walking away)
smilie He just hate crimed me... ARREST HIM!
(The Mabu Police jump Dino-Rang and take to his cell and then the crowd cheers)
smilie Thank you all! Tune in next weeks episode for a party for me!
(The crowd cheers louder)
smilie Why are you here Dino-Rang?
smilie Ghost Roaster lied about me hate criming him and now I'm in here
smilie Us too, we need to stop this nut job before it's too late...
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#652 Posted: 22:18:48 22/11/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Fixed Laws

Mabu Law Maker: Who are you?
smilie We were sent here by da Spyro! We will explain why hate crimes laws should be cancelled
Mabu Law Maker: You won't change our minds no matter how hard you try
smilie I assure you I'll try hard than you have in your entire life!
smilie Don't forget me!
(Eye-Small rolls and starts flexing his muscles)
Mabu Law Maker: Oh great you brought a midget
smilie Now you see when someone eats someone because they ate their sandwich isn't that a hate crime?
Mabu Law Maker: No be...
smilie It was a rhetorical question my friend
smilie When someone vandalises government property is that not for their hate of the government?
smilie So, all hate crimes laws support is that we are all different, that we are not the same
smilie It's saying that Skylanders are different from Mabu and that we shouldn't be treated the same
smilie So, we should all be treated the same for any crime against anyone because we are all living beings
smilie Thank you for listening
Mabu Law Maker: That made the most sense of anything I've ever heard... Hate crime laws are abolished!
smilie YAY!
Mabu Law Breaker: Now, your friends can be released from prison
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#653 Posted: 07:11:39 24/11/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 5 The Finale Of The Ghost Roaster Show

smilie This sucks, A whole week in prison!
smilie It's even worse due to the fact we have no toilet and all of your excretion has gone into the corner of the room...
smilie When I get out I'm getting Ghost Roaster
(The Mabu Police arrive at the cell door and open it with a key)
Mabu Police: Hate crimes laws have been abolished, you are free to leave
smilie Finally, Back to our normal lives!
(The looks at a TV that is stuck to wall and the Ghost Roaster Show begins with Ghost Roaster having a party)
smilie All right guys, to the Ghost Roaster to put an end to his show and lies!
(The trio arrive on the Ghost Roaster show set)
smilie How are you out of prison? Security, security!
smilie We were let out by the police because hate crime laws have been abolished!
smilie No, they shouldn't... All they promote is that everyone is different and that people should be treated differently for the same crimes which is completely unfair
smilie If we all want to be treated equally like Ghost Roaster said last week then the first step to that is stopping hate crime laws
smilie Ghost Roaster is using for your money and tricking you!
(The crowed begins to boo)
smilie You deserve a punishment for this... We're taking you to Spyro
(Ghost Roaster then pulls out a gun and points it at Dino-Rang)
smilie I'LL SHOOT!
smilie Whoa, whoa, whoa Ghost Roaster think about what the hell you're doing here...
smilie Get the hell of my stage or I'll kill you!
smilie I won't let fear be the winner I'm not leaving
(Ghost Roaster then shoots Dino-Rang in the chest, drops his gun and floats away to escape)
smilie Follow him Hot Dog!
(Hot Dog then runs after Ghost Roaster while Fist Bump aids Dino-Rang)
smilie Stop running you butthole!
smilie You'll never take me alive!
(Ghost Roaster then floats to the edge of the island)
smilie Ghost Roaster, don't jump this is stupid just come back and we'll this you...
smilie I... It's too late for that now...
(Ghost Roaster then falls to his death as Hot Dog closes his eyes)
smilie Not like this... Not like this...
(Hot Dog the kneels down as others arrive at the scene.
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#654 Posted: 17:36:44 05/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Kaos and Vathek
Chapter 1 The Traptanium

smilie Job well done Doom Raiders!
smilie Now, my plan shall be completed!
smilie What is your plan Golden Queen?
(Vathek comes out of the shadows...)
Vathek: Quick I need the Traptanium
smilie Vathek? Why do you need this Traptanium for?
Vathek: I'm very injured and thisssss will make me ssssssupreme!
smilie What about the Trap Masters? They'll destroy the Traptanium
Vathek: That is the reason I requesssssst some of you Doom Raiderssssssssss either take the Trap Masterssssssss weapons or kill them...
Vathek: What kind of villainsssss are you if you won't kill the SSSSSSkylanders?
smilie Say Golden Queen why should Vathek get the Traptanium when he didn't do anything?
smilie I made a deal with him and the Doom Raiders...
smilie And I got nothing?
smilie You can have a share of the Traptanium...
Vathek: Not a chance Kaossssssssssssss! Now, Doom Raidersssssssss get rid of the other Traptanium while I get this armour ready and when it is I rule SSSSSSSkylandsssss and you guysssssss shall live
smilie I'll sort something out
smilie Spyro, why haven't we done anything about the stolen Traptanium?
smilie We will when it comes our way
smilie What do you mean?
smilie They'll try use it on us and we'll destroy it
smilie And if they don't?
smilie We'll find it
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Chapter 2 Taking Traptanium Weapons

smilie It looks like they've improved their security since we broke into there...
smilie How do we get in this time Kaos?
smilie Just blow a hole through the roof and take the weapons
smilie They'll find us if we do that
smilie That doesn't matter just do it Kaos
smilie As you wish...
(Kaos then turns to his Giant Floating Head and destroys the roof and jumps down with the Doom Raiders)
smilie Downstairs everyone, the Trap Masters are down here
smilie Kaos? You better back off right now! GIANTS WAKE UP!
(The rest of the Giants wake up and are ready for battle)
smilie You Doom Raiders fight them! (Kaos runs to the Trap Master room)
smilie Kaos? What a mistake you have made by confronting us
smilie Not really!
(Kaos places down a fire element symbol which Thunderbolt and Gusto which they are weak too)
(Kaos defeats every Trap Master with there weakness and takes all of the weapons)
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Chapter 3 Supreme Armour

smilie Here are the weapons... Are you ready yet?
(Vathek them comes out of the shadows as a ultimate Traptanium being)
smilie Woah... That's incredibly evil!
Vathek: Now, we musssssst destroy SSSSSSSSSkylandsssss and all the pathetic SSSSkylandersssss!
smilie And how does Traptanium armour give you the ability to destroy Skylands?
Vathek: It isssssn't just armour it issss invincibility I can destroy anything without a ssssssscratch!
smilie And then rule Skylands?
Vathek: Yesssssss, of coursssssssse... With you assss my right hand man
smilie Then what?
Vathek: We rule SSSSSkylanssss
smilie I've never thought of what I'd do after that... The Skylanders are they to battle with... If we one what would there be to do? Nothing...
Vathek: Kaossssssss are you ruling againsssst my plan?
smilie Yes, I am I refuse to let this happen! I'm the main villain and I lose! I like it that way and I won't let you change it
Vathek: DOOM RAIDERS! Kill him...
smilie KILL?
smilie You heard the man Kaos must die!
smilie NO!
(Kaos throws Doom Sharks towards the Doom Raiders and escapes the Villain base)
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#657 Posted: 07:01:41 10/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 4 Destroying Skylands

Vathek: Now, the dessstruction of SSSSSkylanssssss will begin!
(Vathek the flies through the ceiling and begins destroying the outside world)
smilie Guys, I'm thinking Kaos was right about what he said... This'll be boring with the world destroyed and no enemy
smilie I agree, it's fun plotting against the Skylanders and facing them... Maybe, we can win but not win everything?
smilie Have you to gotten soft? We are the rightful owners of Skylands not anyone else
smilie Who wants to a destroyed lonely land? Where's the entertainment?
smilie You two quiet down! Wolfgang, Chef Pepper Jack you to find Koas and bring him to me
smilie Yes, queen...
(Wolfgang and Chef Pepper Jack leave)
smilie What of my Chompies where are they?
smilie I agree with these guys, it's fun fooling around with the Skylanders
smilie You all quiet down right now! We are the rulers and that's final, you hear me?
smilie Yes, Golden Queen...
smilie Something is destroying the Mabu homes!
(Sunburn pulls out binoculars)
smilie That's Vathek!
smilie Let me see!
(Spyro takes the binoculars and looks through)
smilie You're right and he has Traptanium armour! That's why they stole it... And, we can't penetrate it without the Traptanium weapons that they stole! Quick, Sunburn find a group of Skylands to take with you on your journey to the Outlands to retrieve the Traptanium weapons!
smilie Yes, sir
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Chapter 5 The Outlands

smilie Wow... This place sucks it's all dark and sadface
smilie Come on Wrecking Ball we need to find their Villain Base!
smilie If only I had my helmet I would have the ability to find this said base
smilie When we find it we must be ready for a fight as the Doom Raiders may be there
smilie And... Kaos...
smilie Isn't that Chef Pepper Jack?
smilie Aw, snap the Skylanders are here!
smilie Aw, yeah! I've been itching for a fight!
smilie Blastermind, Wrecking Ball you two stay back, Me and Scratch will handle these two!
smilie Okay... (Wrecking Ball has apple juice that we begins drinking) How's life Blastermind?
smilie Pretty neat when you're a midget...
smilie I know right, midget power!
(Sunburn breaths out a flame of fire which Wolfgang doges while Scratch attempts to claw Chef Pepper Jack)
smilie Stay still, the pain will be over quicker!
smilie Not a chance cat!
(Sunburn teleports behind Wolfgang and begins to burn him while Scratch misses he scratch and is smacked to the ground)
smilie SCRATCH!
(Sunburn runs to Scratch and burns Chef Pepper Jack)
smilie Even though I'm in the fire element this still hurts!
(Wolfgang and Chef Pepper Jack run back to their Villain Base)
smilie You okay Scratch?
smilie I'm okay... Thanks to you!
(They smile at one another)
smilie They must be going to their base, let's follow them!
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#659 Posted: 07:03:43 10/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 6 Doom Raider Betrayal

smilie Those Skylanders thwarted our search for Kaos!
smilie Wolfgang, Chef Pepper Jack take out the fools
smilie What fools?
smilie The fools in this room who disagree with our plans...
(Wolfgang then hits Dr. Krankcase with his harp which takes him to the ground)
smilie No, this wrong Golden Queen!
(Gulper is then take down followed by the rest of the Doom Raiders)
smilie Take them downstairs to the cells...
smilie Yes, my quee...
(Wrecking Ball walks in acting drunk on apple juice)
smilie Nobody moves, nobody dies!
smilie The Skylanders followed us!
smilie Your little plot ends here Doom Raiders... Wait, what happened...
smilie They were weak believing that we need disgraces like you but I proved otherwise...
(Scratch leaps to Chef Pepper Jack and claws his face which leads to Chef Pepper Jack stumbling around)
smilie Get this crazy cat off of me!
(Sunburn then begins torching Wolfgang)
smilie I've go this fat... Ugly thing here...
smilie ow did you get drunk on apple juice?
smilie I didn't, I'm playing!
(Wrecking Ball pounces at Golden Queen as she sends him flying back his her attack shield)
smilie Ow, you... You... Bully!
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Chapter 7 Defeating The Golden Queen

smilie I'm gonna take you out!
smilie you foolish Skylanders Vathek will destroy Skylands and every Skylander but you four
smilie So, we get to live? Yay!
smilie No, I'm taking out you four, HAHAAHAHAHA!
smilie Come on guys!
(Scratch, Sunburn and Blastermind are ready alongside Wrecking Ball as the Doom Raiders awaken)
smilie Ow, wait... Skylanders? Golden Queen?
smilie Join us Gulper we'll defeat her for betraying you
smilie Yeah, come on Doom Raiders we work with the Skylanders and beat Golden Queen
smilie No matter... I shall defeat each and every one of you with the power of gold!
(Wrecking Ball rolls into which knocks her over and allows the Doom Raiders to swarm her)
smilie That was simple enough... Wait, my helmet is around here somewhere!
(Blastermind wonders around as he finds the Traptanium along with his helmet)
smilie Okay, let's just take all of these back home
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Chapter 8 Vathek Takes On The Skylanders HQ

Vathek: Now, it'ssss time to desssstroy that follissssh HQ!
smilie Vathek is coming... Forcefield on!
(Spyro activates a large forcefield to cover the whole of the Skylanders HQ)
smilie When did you get this installed?
smilie When it was rebuilt... One of the things I thank Hot Dog for
(Vathek charges into the forcefield over and over in an attempt to break it)
smilie Will this thing hold forever?
smilie Um... Yeah?
(The forcefield then blinks on and off)
smilie You were saying?
smilie I sure hope they get here with the Traptanium soon or I'm afraid that Vathek will destroy this HQ and kill us all
(Vathek then hits the forcefield with such a force that breaks it and makes him smash through the Skylanders HQ)
smilie Stealth Elf go get the other Skylanders ready for battle or escape quickly!
smilie And you?
smilie I face Vathek!
smilie You can't beat him!
smilie I know...
(Spyro then flies in the air to fight Vathek)
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Chapter 9 Kaos Is good?

smilie That was flipping awesome let's go home now...
smilie What about us?
smilie Keep beating up the Golden Queen?
smilie No, after that when we are done with her
smilie Be your own Villain and fight for your self in battle don't work as crappy groups
smilie Okay, see you in battle later...
smilie Will do Gulper, will do...
smilie We're almost out of the Outlands and good residence!
smilie STOP!
(They all stop)
smilie What is it Blastermind? A enemy?
smilie It's my brother
smilie You have a brother Blastermind?
smilie I'm not his brother...
smilie Whoops, wrong person... Hehe
smilie We should take you down right now for what you have done!
smilie I'm not with them anymore, I wanna take down Vathek that fool...
smilie We can trust him, trust me he'll help
smilie How do you carry weapons with your helmet?
smilie Come on brother you know me
smilie Stop talking and get moving as time may be running out
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Chapter 10 The Final Battle

smilie We're back from... Oh, no!
(The Skylanders HQ has been destroyed by Vathek and Spyro is laying on the ground as the others run to him)
smilie Spyro, what happened?
smilie Vathek, was too powerful for any of us and he destroyed the whole HQ and I'm fatally wounded...
smilie But, but... We have the Traptanium weapons back to defeat him and we have Kaos
smilie It looks like I must defeat him as I'm the only Trap Master ready for battle
Vathek: Look who it is, Kaossssssss with the SSSSSkylanderssss!
smilie Quiet down fool your time is over now as your armour will now be destroyed!
(Vathek then hits Blastermind's helmet which breaks his Traptanium crystals on his helmet)
Vathek: You have no Trap Masterssssssss to defeat me now!
(Vathek is then hit by two unknown figures as his armour breaks off of him and he falls to the ground weak and defeated)
Vathek: How?
smilie Eh, what happened?
smilie We'll get to that after we deal with Vathek...
Vathek: I ssssshall never beg for your mercy... I will take the imprisonment gladly
smilie We can't have creatures like you living in Skylands... There's a difference between evil and just plain insane
Vathek: Kill me... Do it...
smilie We can't just kill him can we?
smilie You guys go to the HQ and check on the Skylanders and I'll deal with Vathek
smilie Come along guys...
(The Skylanders go to the HQ and take the Traptanium weapons with them)
Vathek: You like thissss don't you? You'd like to kill me...
smilie Not, quite yet... I'm taking you with me...
Vathek: To do what?
smilie You'll see... HAHAAHAHAAH! Spyro? You're here?
smilie Just take him... I don't care for him whatsoever...
smilie Is everyone okay?
smilie Uh, yeah I have looked around and everyone is at least still breathing...
smilie Ghost Roaster? Hot Dog said you died...
smilie What did you expect me fall on? I was in the air for ages and landed in water so I decided to not die and make my journey back here
smilie We forgot Spyro, I shall go get him...
(Blastermind leaves)
smilie I'll give all the Trap Masters their weapons back
smilie I'll help!
smilie So... Scratch that was quite an adventure
smilie Yeah, it was...
smilie I guess I'll see you around...
smilie Sure, see ya!
(Scratch walks away)
smilie I think... I have love!
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#664 Posted: 03:17:56 18/12/2014
Can you add some chapter about the discovery of the light and dark elements
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
Evolve Your Skylanders Adventure here!
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#665 Posted: 06:40:49 18/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: funnybone
Can you add some chapter about the discovery of the light and dark elements

That'll be after the Christmas story.
funnybone Gold Sparx Gems: 2164
#666 Posted: 07:03:23 18/12/2014
Quote: wreckingballbob
Quote: funnybone
Can you add some chapter about the discovery of the light and dark elements

That'll be after the Christmas story.

smilie smilie smilie smilie
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
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skylandersspyro Emerald Sparx Gems: 3250
#667 Posted: 04:33:14 19/12/2014
these stories are great dude smilie
Uh Uh Uh! You didn't say the magic word!
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#668 Posted: 06:32:41 19/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Quote: skylandersspyro
these stories are great dude smilie

Eruptor100 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1446
#669 Posted: 09:07:42 24/12/2014
Christmas special. Is this gonna happen?
Stick em up!
Credit to big green
wreckingballbob Emerald Sparx Gems: 4476
#670 Posted: 09:47:34 24/12/2014 | Topic Creator
It's Almost Christmas
Chapter 1 The Presents

smilie It's all most Christmas and none of us are ready!
smilie The HQ's busted and my helmet is broken...
smilie We have to go find Jolly Bumble Blast!
smilie What can he do?
smilie He can get the HQ fixed and your helmet fixed for Christmas!
smilie Please Wrecking Ball do find him!
smilie I'll try!
(Wrecking Ball then sets off to the Frostfest Mountains in search for Jolly Bumble Blast)
smilie It's so called out here but I don't care I must find him and bring balance... Wait, I died last Christmas...
Fizzy: Hello there Skylander what brings you here?
smilie I'm looking for Jolly Bumble Blast...
Fizzy: Oh, yes he's in the village playing games and stuff you should go quickly because a mighty storm is coming
(Wrecking Ball then dashes to the village and find Jolly Bumble Blast)
smilie I found you! Now, please can I write a Christmas wish?
smilie Who the hell are you?
smilie I'm Wrecking Ball...
smilie That fat little midget worm?
smilie Hey, are you drunk?
smilie You're like two years old you shouldn't know what drunk is...
smilie Stealth Elf prepared me with a lot of stuff like this and gave demonstrations...
smilie What the hell... You know what kid if you leave me alone I'll do your Christmas wishes
smilie Yay!
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Chapter 2 Christmas Wishes

smilie So, kid what do you want?
smilie Well, Blastermind wants a new Traptanium helmet and Spyro want a new HQ
smilie Is that all?
smilie Um... Well, I think everyone else will be awful sad if they didn't get nothing so Hot Dog can a have some fire proof mittens, Shroomboom can have a metallic sling shot...
(Wrecking Ball list gifts for every single Skylander but himself)
smilie Okay... Okay... Are you finally finished?
smilie Uh... Yeah... Oh Wait...
smilie Aw, COME ON!
smilie I haven't wished anything for myself...
smilie Do it then ya ret...
smilie I wish that it was Christmas day and that we were all at the fixed Skylanders HQ eating garlic bread... Can you do that?
smilie Yes, kid just get out of my life
(It is now Christmas day with every wish coming true in the new Skylanders HQ)
smilie This is an awesome Christmas!
smilie My helmet if fixed... Praise the lord!
smilie Mind if I join?
smilie Join in brother!
smilie I'm not your brother!
smilie Garlic bread for everyone!


???: Can we join the party?

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Dark And Light
Chapter 1 Introduction And Interruption

smilie Who... Who are you guys?
smilie We are the Light and Dark Trap Masters!
smilie Light and Dark?
smilie Yes, the Light and Dark are new elements here in Skylands
smilie Where did you come from and how did you guys get Traptanium weapons? I didn't see Light and Dark on the Cloudcracker Prison and that is meant to have every element
smilie What is the Cloudcracker Prison?
smilie Before we came here we fought the Doom Raiders, defeated them, locked them up in the Cloudcracker Prison and Kaos set them free which set up them teaming together
smilie We were created after those events
smilie It broke the fabric of Skylands and two new elements were created
(Suddenly two mysterious foes come from a portal)
smilie Look what else was created
smilie We're putting a stop to all Skylanders and we will be the elemental forces!
smilie Uh... Uh... We'll fight them somewhere else and they'll come to us!
smilie Yes, the base will be in the Outlands... Try stop us!
(They both come back in the portal which they came)
smilie Looks like we have new enemies to face
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#673 Posted: 11:57:53 29/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 2 Their Lair

smilie Luminous we must get our plans into action so we can rule the new year
smilie We must eliminate every Skylander in some way and then we will be the only elemental forces
smilie Why don't we place on their forcefield and then steal their controller in it so we can trap them in their own home!
smilie That's brilliant Nightshade let's get our plan in to action quickly...
(Knight Light and Knight Mare burst into their lair)
smilie How did you find us?
smilie You told us you'd be in the Outlands
smilie That's correct I guess we did...
smilie Now we'll defeat you once and for all
smilie So you think...
(Nightshade goes into his stealth mode and escapes the building)
smilie If only I could do that...
smilie Luminous, hold them off while I do the plan
smilie Knight Mare go get Nightshade
smilie Will do...
(Knightmare leaves the lair)
smilie If you tell me your plan maybe I'll easy on you
smilie Not a chance Knight Light
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#674 Posted: 09:46:04 30/12/2014 | Topic Creator
Chapter 3 Nightshade

smilie Come out Nightshade there's nowhere to hide!
smilie I shall come out when my job is done... To the Skylanders HQ!
smilie You must be a fool if you think I won't know where you are going after you shouted that
smilie I'm here, now all I need to do is get inside undetected
smilie I right here Nightshade
smilie Yes, but you cannot see me... I can see you perfectly fine though
(Nightshade punches Night Mare in the face and runs inside the HQ)
smilie Here it is, right under Spyro's bed
smilie Nightshade, you better stop this fooling around
smilie How do you find me?
smilie I can see you shadowy trail when you move
smilie It doesn't matter any more as I will trap you inside here
(Nightshade escapes the HQ as a forcefield is set up)
smilie HAHAHA, now you are trapped inside forever!
smilie So you think
(Knight Mare swings her Traptanium Flamberge Sword which smashes Nightshade to the ground in which he is defeated. Knight Mare then grabs the remote and deactivates the force field after she returns the remote to Spyro)
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Chapter 4 Luminous

smilie Look, I'd love to stay and fight but... I have to go...
(Luminous transforms into Knight Mare)
smilie I can transform into anything I want after seeing them
smilie It doesn't matter would you look like... Just because you look like her doesn't mean you have her skills
smilie We'll just see about that Knight Light
(Luminous and Knight Light begin to duel until he is alerted that Nightshade has been defeated)
smilie Enough of this... I must escape
(Luminous then goes into a back in which Knight Light follows)
smilie Stop running and face me
smilie Do you like it? My rocket I made for me to go into the stars!
smilie I won't allow you do that
smilie I don't need your permission
(Lumonius the gets inside the rocket as it begins to ascend in the air)
smilie I shall not allow this!
(Knight Light jumps on the rocket and slashes it half which leads it to falling to the ground destroyed)
smilie I was so close
smilie I guess I better take you to the Skylanders HQ and celebrate the new year
smilie Can I celebrate?
smilie Haaahahah, no
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#676 Posted: 09:11:14 01/01/2015
^Hey it isn't fair for the villans that they can't celebrate new years with the skylanders smilie
I'll edit the story ending for u
smilie I was so close
smilie I guess I better take you to the Skylanders HQ and celebrate the new year
smilie Can i celebrate?
smilie of corse u can because this is Villan new year!
(smilie starts singing this
Meh idk wut i am doing alive rn
Evolve Your Skylanders Adventure here!
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#677 Posted: 21:02:52 02/01/2015 | Topic Creator
smilie That's just great, now we have an awful music video stuck on this page
smilie That's what you get for not taking me to the new year celebration
smilie Just, shut up Luminous...

Crazy Kittens
Chapter 1 The Catnip Leak

(A crate is carried by a mobile crane)
Mabu Worker 1: Be careful with this crate guys... We need to deliver this to the city for all the pet cats
Mabu Worker 2: It'll be finer it's just catnip...
(The cables holding the crate then snap and the container lands over the Outlands)
Mabu Worker 1: You fudging idiot! How? You know what? Bail...
(All the Mabu Workers leave the crate with catnip spilt everywhere)
(In the city)
Mabu Jordan: Come on Bob Cat it's time for bed
Bob Cat: Meow!
(Bob Cat along with all the others cats in the city go running to the catnip spill and begin eating and going crazy)
smilie Okay, Scratch do you wanna play four to score and take turns with Hot Dog?
smilie Yeah...Meow... MEEEEOOOOOOOOW!
(Scratch then jumps out of a window running)
smilie Uhh, Scratch?
smilie What the heck?
(They both go Spyro)
smilie Um... Spyro, Scratch jumped out of a window running...
smilie So did Freeze Blade and Tuff Luck because there was a catnip spill
smilie How do you know that Trap Shadow?
smilie I'm a big cat which means I can sense catnip but I'm not made crazy by it
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Chapter 2 Kitten Destruction

smilie So... What are they going to do?
smilie Destroy Skylands
smilie What? Are you serious Trap Shadow? A bunch of cats will destroy Skylands?
(A cat jumps on Spyro and licks him)
smilie The kittens have gun crazy over catnip
smilie Everyone has to hide!
smilie This cat is only licking me guys I can just push it away
smilie You won't be able to do that once there's too many
smilie So, Trap Shadow what can we do?
smilie We must burn all of the catnip
smilie How will we get there if there's loads of kittens in the way?
smilie By walking
smilie Gee, I didn't think of that
smilie Hot Dog you need to burn the catnip
smilie Why can't I?
smilie Once a cat gets you... It will never leave
smilie Oh, go burn the damn catnip!
smilie Guys, the cats have destroyed the city with licks! Even... Scratch... You must stop this and save her... Uh, I mean them
smilie We are going calm down
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Chapter 3 The End Of Skylands?

(After seconds of walking they encounter a crazy Tuff Luck)
smilie Watch out, if she gets a lucky pounce there's a very high chance she'll get you and lick you
smilie That sounds worse than it seems
smilie Run!
(Wrecking Ball runs as fast as he can while Trap Shadow goes in his shadow pounce)
smilie Uh... I guess I'll do something...
(Tuff Luck then pounces Hot Dog and licks him)
smilie Ew, it's sticky... You guys go on without me
smilie Okay...
smilie No, you are supposed to say I can't leave you
smilie Oh yeah I can't come on walk with her licking you
smilie Lame
(Many normal cats come running as Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog and Trap Shadow dodge them and they make it to the city)
smilie Oh no, it's Freeze Blade
smilie My Wave Four friend... I'll take him
smilie And do what?
smilie Stall him, you go take find the catnip with Hot Dog
smilie This sucks
(They barely make it to the Outlands)
smilie Quick burn it!
smilie Wait, Scratch is rolling around in the pile
smilie Now what?
smilie Trap Shadow was right about the multiple cats... Skylands has been overrun... All has been losses
smilie Sorry Scratch I'm gonna have to burn you
(Hot Dog is then knocked aside by Sunburn)
smilie Please Scratch I know this isn't you... Please move
smilie Sunburn!
(Scratch then leaps to Sunburn as they hug)
smilie Okay? I guess I'll burn this
(Hot Dog then burns the catnip and the evil catnip effects wear off)
smilie Yay, let's go home
smilie That was yummy
smilie Yep, the HQ is destroyed again... One of these days...
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Story 84: Night Club
Chapter 1 Spyro Is A Derp

smilie What are you doing Spyro?
smilie Why the heck are we here?
(Every Skylanders looks at Spyro while he sits on a chair on a stage without moving)
smilie Do you want garlic bread Spyro?
smilie Spyro, answer us!
smilie Bail?
smilie Bail!
(All of the Skylanders leave but a few)
smilie This is one of the derpiest things ever...
smilie Come on guys, let's just go somewhere
(The remaining few Skylanders leave)
smilie Hey guys I rented a night club for the night in the city, want to come?
smilie What time is it at and is it safe?
smilie It's at 7:00PM and it should be safe
smilie Yay, it's at 7:00PM I can go!
smilie I'll go too because I don't care any more
smilie It's going to be excellent!
smilie Who else is going because I guess I'll go...
smilie Every Skylander who is sane should be there!
smilie So, not Spyro then...
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Chapter 2 Naughty Night Club

(At the Night Club)
smilie Whoa this place is huge!
smilie Yeah, it needed to be for the Giants and stuff
smilie I'm thirsty
smilie We have fizzy pop!
smilie I don't like fizzy pop... Do you have apple juice?
smilie Who the hell doesn't like fizzy pop?
smilie It's yucky and is very very bad for you
smilie Get out of here Wrecking Ball that's just sick
smilie Oh my, that was amazing Flashwing
smilie Yeah, you were really good
smilie I thought you two hated each other
smilie What? No! We best buddies
smilie They're totally drunk!
smilie Fizzy pop causes drunkness! You said this was safe High Five so I'm going to sue you for lying and making people kiss each other
[User Posted Image] High Five, Wrecking Ball is right... You are going to have to go to the Villain Vault for a while and we must ban fizzy pop forever!
smilie YAY!
smilie We are back Spyro... Whoa!
(They all look in amazement as the HQ is fixed)
smilie Okay...?
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Story 85: Dragon Breakout
Chapter 1 What Happened To Vathek?

(In the basement)
smilie I'm just going to relax right now...
smilie Spyro?
smilie Cynder? Uh, what are you doing here?
smilie I was wondering about what happened to Vathek after he was defeated and the others said you were the last one back inside the HQ
smilie Why does it matter what he did with that scum bag?
smilie Spyro, just tell me
smilie I think he took him away to tortured him
smilie Did he say he'd kill him?
smilie He didn't say he would but that means nothing
smilie We need to stop Kaos now!
smilie Why? Who really cares of Vathek dies?
smilie Malefor does...
smilie Malefor? How would you know he cares?
smilie After spending all that time with him I've overheard some things and I know he will help Vathek
smilie Look, if Hex can beat him alone then this shouldn't be much of a big deal
smilie He's been gone for a while and there's no telling the things he could have done
smilie Why didn't you tell me before? We could have prevented this... Wait, why does he care about Vathek?
smilie Because they're...
(Spyro and Cynder are then interrupted by Malefor who came from ground floor, who then kidnaps Cynder and destroys the HQ)
smilie CYNDER!
(Some Skylanders come running downstairs to Spyro)
smilie A giant dragon came along and destroyed the HQ!
smilie I can see that Knight Light
smilie Who is that guy and what's his problem?
smilie It's Malefor and he wants Vathek
smilie What, where am I?
Malefor: Hello, Cynder it's so nice to see you again
smilie Malefor, your wings, your whole body!
Malefor: I'm more powerful than ever and I want to know where Vathek is
smilie I will never tell you!
Malefor: I can make you tell me Cynder
smilie Try all you want but I will never tell you
Malefor: Interesting, shall I get the toys?
smilie Toys?
Malefor: Not the toys you're thinking of...
(Back at the HQ)
smilie He's got Cynder!
smilie We'll find him! Where's that punk live?
smilie I believe he lives in the underworld
smilie In heck?
smilie I don't know but we need to find Cynder, who knows what he could be doing to her... He wants Vathek and he must be trying to make her crack... Let's just hope she can hold on
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#683 Posted: 08:34:00 24/01/2015
Why dont you have a sticky? Your stories are awesome
Summoning a STUNFISK
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Quote: Iganagor
Why dont you have a sticky? Your stories are awesome

I don't want a sticky because I don't think any fan fiction should be made to look above the rest.
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Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
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Quote: Iganagor

Exactly that. I'm not saying his fan fiction isn't good but to me it doesn't deserve a sticky.
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#687 Posted: 08:42:08 24/01/2015
Quote: wreckingballbob
Quote: Iganagor

Exactly that. I'm not saying his fan fiction isn't good but to me it doesn't deserve a sticky.

Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
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Quote: Iganagor
Quote: wreckingballbob
Quote: Iganagor

Exactly that. I'm not saying his fan fiction isn't good but to me it doesn't deserve a sticky.


Are high up. Yes, I know.
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#689 Posted: 09:09:10 24/01/2015
Quote: wreckingballbob
Quote: Iganagor
Quote: wreckingballbob

Exactly that. I'm not saying his fan fiction isn't good but to me it doesn't deserve a sticky.


Are high up, yes I know.


btw my stories r bak
Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
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Chapter 2 Saving Cynder

smilie I'm going to underworld...
smilie Me and Trigger Happy will come also!
smilie No, Gill I'm going alone to save her
smilie What, are you mad Spyro? If you are defeated no one will be there to help
smilie If I'm not back in an hour send help but for now I got this
smilie Good luck Spyro!
smilie Make sure you fix the HQ and watch out for intruders!
smilie Will do!
(Spyro then flies off to the underworld while Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt go to attic and call all Skylanders there)
smilie Attention Skylanders me and Trigger Happy are in charge and our first order of business is for some Skylanders to fix the HQ!
smilie We can do it HAHA!
smilie Okay, some Earth guys go to that
smilie We also need everyone to behave and watch out for intruders so... Wrecking Ball!
smilie Huh?
smilie You take the minis and go watch out for intruders on the poop deck
smilie Hehe he said poop
smilie The poop deck?
smilie The attic window...
smilie Okay, come on minis let's go!
(Wrecking Ball and the minis go to the attic)
smilie Now, the rest of you go do your normal stuff!
(All the Skylanders leave)
smilie Job well done Trigger Happy, job well done
smilie Let's go relax!
smilie It looks like I'm in the underworld... It's dark and disgusting here, Cynder?
(No answer is received by Spyro)
smilie Cynder, where are you?
(Spyro travels on and find Cynder on the ground barely conscious)
smilie Cynder, what happened where's Malefor?
smilie I'm sorry Spyro... I had to tell him...
smilie It's okay Cynder, I'll get you back home and we'll...
smilie He's going to fin Vathek and when he does we are all doomed
smilie That doesn't matter right now
(Spyro picks up Cynder and begins carrying her)
smilie We just need to get home
(Spyro then flies back to the Skylanders HQ)
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Chapter 3 Malefor VS Kaos

smilie Intruder intruder!
smilie That's Spyro and Cynder you derp
smilie Hey, don't call me Trigger Snappy a derp
smilie But, he is a derp
smilie Quick, we need to get Cynder some immediate help!
smilie What happened to her?
smilie Malefor must have tortured her...
smilie I'll try heal her the best I can
(Zook takes Cynder upstairs)
smilie All right, Malefor will be going to find Vathek who is in the Outlands so I need some back up
smilie Us two!
smilie Nah, you two need to look after the HQ still
smilie Yeah, look after...
smilie There's always me Spyro
smilie Who are you?
smilie He's Blackout and I'm Spotlight, we are also from the Light and Dark elements
smilie I'm sure if I can trust you two while knowing little about you
smilie Believe me, we can get the job done
smilie All right, come on!
(Spyro, Blackout and Spotlight all fly to the Outlands)
smilie Kaos, where are you?
smilie Leave now or feel my ultimate power
Malefor: Power? Someone like you doesn't have any power
smilie Malefor, you better go back to the Underworld before we make you
Malefor: You may have beaten me once before but now I'm far more powerful and you are no longer a threat
smilie We can take him
(Malefor then begins to attack Kaos as the Skylanders attack Malefor from behind. Malefor then turns his attention to them and quickly whipes out Spotlight and Blackout)
smilie Blackout, Spotlight!
smilie Malefor, you want him so bad?
(Kaos then drags Vathek's dead corpse to Malefor view)
smilie Looks like you're too late
Malefor: You'll pay Kaos!
(Malefor then lunges towards Kaos who somehow disappears. Malefor then looks at Spyro)
Malefor: Pain and suffering...
(Malefor then flies off back to the Underworld. Spyro then helps Blackout and Spotlight up as they head home)
smilie What happened Spyro?
smilie Kaos killed Vathek and Malefor will return with a vengeance... How's Cynder?
smilie She's not doing too good... She doesn't seem to be recovering
smilie What?
(Spyro then dashes upstairs to Cynder who is lying down on a bed)
smilie Cynder, are you okay?
smilie She cannot hear you, she must be in a coma of some sort and I'm unsure when she will recover
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Fact of the day-26th January 2015

Only 27 different Skylanders have appeared in 2015, 90 Skylanders have not appeared since 2014, 19 have not appeared since 2013 and 4 have not appeared since 2012. Full list on Page 1.
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Summoning a STUNFISK
1. Go to a beach - 2. Fall flat on the ground - 3. Recite Stunfisks fart-cry
4. Flop 618 times - You have a STUNFISK!
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Quote: Iganagor

Yeah, a new one will start today to end January. It's about clubs.
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Story 86: Skyland Clubs
Chapter 1 Club Set Up

smilie Why doesn't everyone but us have to be asleep at this time?
smilie I'm sure but I think it's because they went to bed too late
smilie Why would they do that? It's always better to go to bed early and wake up early!
smilie Yeah, even Hot Dog is asleep though...
smilie Hot Dog seems different, he seems to be changing
smilie I agree, before he used be up with us right now
smilie I think we should start a club just outside of the Skylanders HQ which supports people in waking up and sleeping early
smilie That's an awesome idea Wrecking Ball!
smilie Let's go build a stand!
(The trio then go to build a stand which takes two hours)
smilie Morning, I should go see what Wrecking Ball is up to
(Hot Dog searches the HQ and eventually finds Wrecking Ball outside)
smilie Hey Wrecking Ball, what's this?
smilie This is my club to make people wake up and sleep early
smilie Can I join in?
smilie Only if you wake up and sleep early from now on
smilie I kinda like sleeping in though...
smilie How could you? It's boring!
smilie I like sleeping late too and playing Skylanders at night
smilie That's really dumb Hot Dog
smilie Well, well, I gonna start me club and I bet I get more business than yours!
smilie You're on Hot Dog!
(Hot Dog the begins to build a stand)
smilie What's going on out here?
smilie Well, we build our on stand for our club which supports waking up and sleeping early, would you like to join?
smilie What do I get from the club?
smilie Huh?
smilie If I don't get any rewards, why would I join the club?
smilie For the sake of better sleep habits
smilie Nah, boo...
smilie Free hats?
(Bushwhack runs over to Hot Dog's stand)
smilie If you'd like to join, all you have to do is sign these papers and you get a free hat!
smilie Oh, heck yeah!
smilie Don't you even care what it's about?
smilie Not as long as I get a free hat!
(Many more Skylanders go to Hot Dog's stand for free hats)
smilie Stop people, it's about the message not the hat!
smilie It's about the hat bro...
smilie What do we do now?
smilie We bump our game... We need free stuff!
smilie I'll go get some, some...
smilie Go get watches, take some money out of Stealth Elf's bag, she won't mind
smilie Okay!
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#696 Posted: 08:48:28 30/01/2015
Post 700. Happy 700 posts.
Add me on Fortnite: ElmoCaused911
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Chapter 2 Club Wars

smilie Where heck is Shroomboom?
smilie How long does it take to get some watches?
(Shroomboom then returns with a truckload of watches)
smilie What the, what the heck Shroomboom?
smilie What? I got you the watches
smilie I didn't mean a truckload! I meant a box full
smilie Oh, oh well
smilie How much money did you take?
smilie £5000
smilie What the heck Shroomboom? He meant some of her money not all of it!
smilie This is some of it...
smilie Oh wow...
smilie If you sign up here you get three watches each!
(The crowd from Hot Dog's stand move to Wrecking Ball's stand)
smilie I can't tell time but who cares?
smilie Always on Ebay!
smilie I'll give you a free massages!
(The fire Skylanders then move over to Hot Dog)
smilie Come on everyone!
smilie That will burn me alive
smilie We have free nukes!
smilie Dude, why do you have nukes?
smilie I stole them from Kaos when I was on that pizza
smilie Where did you keep them?
smilie In my mushroom cap!
smilie Uh, great
smilie Yes, I need nukes!
(Chopper get the nukes and starts shooting)
smilie Dammit, Shroomboom...
smilie Let's all blame Shroomboom!
smilie How can we fix this before we all die somehow
smilie We could cancel our clubs which will cause all this stuff to no longer be theirs
smilie Yeah, this is way to out of control I hereby cancel my club to wake up and sleep early
smilie And I cancel my club to wake up and sleep late
smilie That's what it was about?
smilie Now give everything back!
(The Skylanders give everything back and return to the HQ)
smilie Let's not have clubs ever again
smilie Unless it's a club to stop murder
smilie Yeah!
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There will be a Valentines Story this year which will be from 13th February to 15th February!
That's not the next story though, the next story is about a glitch, the Skylands glitch!
Zahzuvex Blue Sparx Gems: 798
#699 Posted: 05:44:36 01/02/2015
Glitches?! I LOVE glitches!

That's why I love Skyrim! smilie
Top 5 Skylanders: 1. smilie 2. smilie 3. smilie 4. smilie 5. smilie
I LOVE Machine Ghost, he is underrated and needs more love!
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Story 87: Glitched
Chapter 1 Encountering A Glitch

smilie It's snowing!
smilie It's snowing? But, but, we never get snow in this part of Skylands!
smilie This doesn't seem right at all...
smilie I know, I can't flip this table because the ice has stuck it to the ground
smilie No, no, not that... It shouldn't be snowing here, my scanners indicate that snow wasn't meant to be present this year at all
smilie Oh well, at least we get to play in the snow Spee Reese!
smilie Promise me now that you will never call me Spee Reese again
smilie I promise Spee Reese
smilie Wow, anyways this snow should not be here which means the disc has glitched
smilie What disc?
smilie The disc that runs Skylands!
smilie We are run by a disc?
smilie Yes, it is run by the Portal Master
smilie Neato, but how is it glitched
smilie I'm unsure as he normal keeps his disc very safe
smilie It must be his fat sister and ginger brother
smilie Let's just hope that no more glitches occur as snow isn't too bad
smilie LAVA!
(Slam Bam runs to the HQ as lava falls from the sky)
smilie Quick, run!
(Wrecking Ball and Spy Rise both run back to the HQ)
smilie The glitches are getting worse aren't they?
smilie It appears so...
smilie But, he always watches over us so he will know that something is wrong
smilie Unless, he's at school
smilie We're all gonna die!
(Slam Bam then stands still with his arms to his sides)
smilie Oh no! It looks like it is affecting us now!
smilie Why is he in that pose?
smilie When he was programmed he stated out like that before he had animations
smilie I don't wanna end up like that Spy Rise
smilie He cannot move, think or do anything
smilie What can we do?
smilie We must find a computer!
smilie Why?
smilie So we can report the glitch
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