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You gotta try this! 8D [CLOSED]
Dragongyrl1000 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1939
#1 Posted: 18:33:02 31/07/2008 | Topic Creator
Ok. Go to the first level in this game. Go through the portal named Temple of Dune. Now go up to one of the enemies that throw boomerangs at you. Dodge the boomerang, go up to him (but don't touch him) while the boomerang is going around, freeze the enemy and the boomerang will come back and kill the badguy for you. I do this a lot and find it fun. And I didn't see anyone post this, so I decided to. Hehe. You guys should try it! XP (I know, me iz very bored...)
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Cynder28 Gold Sparx Gems: 2731
#2 Posted: 13:42:34 16/09/2008
I should try it when I get SOF!
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jimmy dragon Ripto Gems: 841
#3 Posted: 20:22:50 16/09/2008
i already know that.
spyroxxx4 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1734
#4 Posted: 17:58:56 04/01/2009
yea i do that all the time have them kill themselves
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