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Taking Liberties [CLOSED]
Red Acolyte Ripto Gems: 180
#1 Posted: 15:32:45 10/07/2008 | Topic Creator
Its inevitable when it comes to adaptions, be it book, videogame, or comic book. Some can really work, as in the Silent Hill movie and in my opinion Batman Returns as well as Batman Begins. Are there any liberties you'd like to see the makers take with the movie adaption? Why do you want to see such changes made? Why wouldn't you like to see such changes made?

I'll start off: the kings that you fought in A New Beginning. I think with a bit of brainstorming they could be given a great backstory to tie into the Elders, since both groups, kings and elders, are tied to the elements of the world. Also, the reason the apes choose to serve the Dark Master is something that just begs to be explored.

Okay, your turn...
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