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A rhynoc glitch thing [CLOSED]
emberelora Emerald Sparx Gems: 3059
#1 Posted: 17:26:43 30/06/2008 | Topic Creator
well, i discovered this glitch years ago, but ya know...
basically, in sunny villa (where you go up those steps and there's a rhynoc that runs up and down there) there is a thing to make that rhynoc not run and even not shake in fear. first, you go to the bit where you found a life by the waterfall, then by the wall where you see the rhynoc with his back turned to you, headbash infront of the wall 3 times. once you've done that, go up to the steps and the rhynoc should not be running or shaking in fear.
"This is the most musically inclined situation I've ever found myself in and I've played guitar hero!"
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#2 Posted: 17:57:22 11/07/2008
been there.
done that,
got the t-shirt.
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