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Season of Flame!! [CLOSED]
xSpringWeatherx Blue Sparx Gems: 707
#1 Posted: 01:43:43 28/02/2012 | Topic Creator
Just because it's season of "flame" doesn't mean you can flame me, alright?
lol, I'm kidding, that's just the title... smilie

I saw that no one has came here this year so I decided to see if I could bring this section to life again...
Here are some questions:

1. What is your favorite home world in the game?
2. What Element is your favorite?
3. Which boss battle is your favorite?

Not too much to ask about the game, it was pretty good, though!
I'll be willing to tell you my opinions as usual. smilie
~Ooh, just close the door~
Radiance Emerald Sparx Gems: 3950
#2 Posted: 15:01:33 05/03/2012
Oh baby I've been waiting for this lol One of my favorite games!

1) Sunny Plains! Since it's sunny and grassy and summer-y.
2) Ice! smilie
3) Crush... oh come on now, he's the easiest out of the three.
Love is a gift.. Cherish it!
Stealth Elf 32 Green Sparx Gems: 176
#3 Posted: 11:41:15 23/04/2012
1) Shamrock Isle
2) Lightning
3) Ripto
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I posted! smilie My Other Site, although I rarely use it. I love Godsmack! Its a rock band.
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