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Sign if you want "3D" dropped from the title [CLOSED]
dragonlover11 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1672
#101 Posted: 04:26:03 01/07/2009
the 3D glasses hurt my eyes >,<

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Poppy Ripto Gems: 1021
#102 Posted: 05:46:39 01/07/2009
Not a fan of 3D.

*signs under Dragonlover11's name*
Nightshade101 Green Sparx Gems: 206
#103 Posted: 20:53:58 15/07/2009
Quote: matesds
Quote: RenanSpyro
But anyway, I think it will be awesome to watch Spyro's fury attacks in 3D. smilie


Yes, the Fury attcks, But not the whole movie.....*Sigh**Adds pawprint to everyone elses*If it was dropped from the Title then I'd be al right...Just call it "Spyro: The Movie" Ok?.....*Sigh*
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K-Tech Platinum Sparx Gems: 6184
#104 Posted: 06:33:59 17/07/2009
You know, they also charge $2.50 for the "3D experience". Besides, my theater actually splits the movies in two: See it in 3D or see it the regular way.

Also, the glasses look more like Drew Carey style of sunglasses. You know, very thick.
I'm k-tech... and I approve this message.
SpyroCrazy Yellow Sparx Gems: 1648
#105 Posted: 12:57:21 20/09/2009
I ain't looking forward to it, and 3D is gonna make it a whole lot worse smilie
IsisStormDragon Platinum Sparx Gems: 7127
#106 Posted: 17:43:50 22/10/2009
I enjoy 3D ( if it's good quality), but they seriously need to drop the '3D' from the title.

( signs)
undertow25 Green Sparx Gems: 324
#107 Posted: 07:20:19 24/10/2009
I think they should make it available to all theaters, not just ones that show in 3D. I honestly cannot be bothered to watch a 3D movie..
okami12 Gold Sparx Gems: 2205
#108 Posted: 10:03:40 24/10/2009
sign 3D SUCKS SPIDER A** i hate glasses were i live we had to choose if we could have a 3d cimra or a bar LOL we got the bar
Spyros Dagger Yellow Sparx Gems: 1495
#109 Posted: 03:59:10 25/10/2009
Most 3D is baaaaaaaaaddddd!!!!!!!!! The only good 3D experience I had was Shrek 4D at Universal studios because the glasses weren't red and blue, they were clear. If this movie will be like that than I'm all for it. But if the darn glasses are red and blue, then I say blah!.

Nicoppalus Yellow Sparx Gems: 1384
#110 Posted: 19:52:53 30/12/2009
*signs* 3D movies are harder and longer to make so if they just forget about the 3D they can make it quicker!
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C1nder Diamond Sparx Gems: 7883
#111 Posted: 20:32:17 30/12/2009
I'm not really jumping 4 joy that it's in 3D, but I don't mind either. U can just see it normally. But u gotta admit, a fury attack in 3D would b kinda cool...
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Fayveer09 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7155
#112 Posted: 01:34:52 31/12/2009
*signs*I think the 3-D in the title is't necessary.
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Malefor0001 Gold Sparx Gems: 2365
#113 Posted: 11:22:23 07/01/2010
The "3-D" kinda ruins it.
*signs is bold letters*
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GamingMaster_76 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1271
#114 Posted: 22:09:38 09/01/2010
I want 3-D dropped from the title but the movie still be 3-D.

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Bolt Hunter Gems: 5938
#115 Posted: 00:24:02 13/01/2010

*signs name with dragon after it*
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DarkCynder10 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3346
#116 Posted: 21:15:07 15/03/2010
*Signs with left hand* WoAh! 0_o That looks very sloppy!
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Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7780
#117 Posted: 21:43:32 15/03/2010
It would make his a$$ look bigger than it already does in the poaster!
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ElectricDragons Ripto Gems: 1138
#118 Posted: 00:30:31 23/03/2010
If the 3D was dropped from the title, then Spyro would not be 3D, he would be flattened like a cartoon.
PeaceDragon09 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3037
#119 Posted: 00:53:26 24/03/2010
I do like watching 3D movies, but then again "3D" just ruins the title. Also, since I wear glasses, the 3D glasses just bother.

I shall sign! *raises pen and signs in big words*
Apoc Gold Sparx Gems: 2923
#120 Posted: 01:08:17 24/03/2010
Drop it
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