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Reasons... [CLOSED]
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#51 Posted: 19:33:04 18/05/2011
Quote: S240sx24
Ok I see. I do like EA more they have always made good games. but I think square enix would do a better job then toys for bob since one they have 2 titles that were legit plus the final fantasy series too dont forget that and toys for bob has well. nothing big we know other than this game. maybe.

It's not that EA makes good games. It's that they have smart business decisions, don't milk franchises, and have better developers *coughBiowarecough*

Not trusting Square Enix is a matter of opinion for me. I'm not a big fan of any of their games, with the exception of Arkham Asylum.

And I didn't forget Final Fantasy. I don't like those games. Their not my cup of tea.
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#52 Posted: 07:19:06 19/05/2011
Aura I'm aware they are close to finishing the game. I won't be buying this game for sure. I'm just not understanding with the strategy with this. If something ain't working,then give it one last try but go all out. Bring in the best people to see if it is truely a project if worth keeping. Again I like what activision did with transformers the first two games were bad, then made a spin off of the series and it went well with a different developer and then that a fourth game is coming out with the same developer and it looks promising. Not sure what activision is thinking on this one but then again their a odd company. Anyways I'm not a fan of final fantasy either but you got to admit its lasted a long time and has been popular. But anyways it is what it is right?
please let me know what you think about my art, I'd really appreciate it.
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#53 Posted: 11:20:07 19/05/2011
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#54 Posted: 11:39:53 19/05/2011
You know Activision's policy by now: Quantity over Quality. But Toys For Bob might create a gem under their (and our) noses. We can only wait.

Transformers was mediocre the first time, a bit better the second, and War For Cybertron got an honorable mention when I listed my 10 best games of last year. The multiplayer was addictive.

Just because something's popular doesn't mean it's good.
S240sx24 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1970
#55 Posted: 17:58:38 19/05/2011
Thats what Im saying the first two games were bad, till war for cybertron came out under a different developer like High moon studios. And looks like the future for that franchise looks good for now. But yeah toys for bob could and I say COULD lightly, surprise us. But yeah if it does succeed it'll be with little kids and not everyone like the first 3 games did.
please let me know what you think about my art, I'd really appreciate it.
CAV Platinum Sparx Gems: 6266
#56 Posted: 18:40:14 19/05/2011

You never know. It could be a surprise hit with adults. Reminds me of something...
Jackson117 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3875
#57 Posted: 04:02:42 20/05/2011
Toys for Bob made a real Gem called the Unholy War
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#58 Posted: 19:52:54 30/05/2011
Quote: SpyroFanatic101
Mal are you retarded???? I said i didnt mind the artwork/design. Think before you post dumbass.

Ooh, I'm so sorry my little Hypocrite, but that comment was directed at people complaining about the design issues.
Jesus Christ, the way some people react...
“The innocent, the innocent, Mandus, trod and bled and gassed and starved and beaten and murdered and enslaved. This is your coming century!”
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#59 Posted: 04:13:46 06/06/2011 | Topic Creator
It just hit me, like turning around to stare down the barrel of a shotgun. (exaggeration) I just found another reason to dislike SSA...

I neither love nor hate Spyro, but I do like games.
Originally, I had set pretty high goals for the game, even before it was announced. I lowered them slightly when they announced it as a reboot, only because they started from scratch. (Like windows Vista(we all know the end of that)). After that, when the toys were announced, and their association with the game, I continued to lower the bar, now expecting a pretty good game, but nothing outstanding. A- to A range. The announcement of 32 toys did not really help the game all that much. The announcement of the people involved did not change the level of quality that I was hoping for, even Toys for bob, it just seemed like time for them to make something amazing. So then I sat and waited for a game that I could give a low A to. I blinked, then saw the new videos, and then it hit me. This game, from the beginning was not trying to be Outstanding. It was designed to be somewhat entertaining and mind numbing. Like a beat-em-up, only in "3d", or like Angry Birds mostly addicting, mind numbing and something to waste time. All Acti was trying to do with the game is draw in money, and expand the fan base, while trying to mask it with a "new" way of gaming.
So now I am forced to drop the bar, not lower it. I can no longer say that it deserves at least a mid A, I would like to; but not without feeling like I am overating it. As of now, the highest grade I can give it without that feeling is a low B. (so, on a scale from 1 to 10, a 6.5 to 7.5)
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