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Eternal wars(chapter one:the little fight)check it please! [CLOSED]
Energy dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 821
#1 Posted: 13:05:58 18/02/2010 | Topic Creator
It's a big danger!All the mages and sages are in trouble...
Once upon a time...there was a magic kingdom named hexerei light.It was a good era,until...that little fight between a mage and a legendary elf.
Chapter one:the little fight
It was a cold night.the stars were shining and dancing around the moon.the village was quiet and dark,no voice or sound...the cafe was empty and the seller was cleaning the cafe with his wife's support.the day fairies were under the lake,sleeping and slowly,the night fairies flew in the sky and sang quietly...almost whispering.soldiers were walking around and guarding in the dark streets.They could see the shiny windows,which means the families are eating or relaxing.A cry heard in one of the houses,and then a hush,A mother was making her little child sleep.all in peace...suddenly a long narrow shadow appeared in a death end after a while,a long thin man came,he had long blond hairs and light blue eyes,his face was so sheer but it didn't covered his skill fullness,he had a cold smile on his lips and had a warm cape on his shoulders,he stuck to his cape tightly,his white face was livid of the coldness.he had a brown wood men clothes and his hairs were messy.his long shiny silver sword was dragging on the ground,making a "shhhhh"like sound.he stood and looked around,waiting.after a while,another man appeared,a shorter man,in long black clothes,with a black hood on his face,he had brown big eyes which were searching around,his tied hair was waving in the cold wind.He had a strange two head dagger which were tied to his black belt.They saw each other and nodded,like they know each other.The long one laughed a little:"Long time no see,Alex,the dagger mage!"his voice was light and clear,which was like a melody.Alex's eyes glowed:"You too,my elf friend,Zephyr."Zephyr shook his head:"It's too cold out here,come in."he opened an old door and the house's light glowed their faces.they came in...suddenly another two shadows appeared.Zephyr thought they're the motel's servants.but he saw two sword shining in the dark and then the swords became more shiny,they made a light rope between each other and tied.the swords became one,A big shiny red sword,with a spirit like thing behind it,Zephyr got on shock,The spirit sword!the mages' weapon!he wanted to warn Alex...but...a smirk?!A plot?!Alex whispered creepy:"You thought that I didn't know who killed some main families to gather power?!"Zephyr's face became light blue,he replied with a strange voice:"I did...I knew...that's why my mate's blood is in your dagger...that's why my boss died,huh?!We are legendary...more power..."A strange breeze came,from west.Zephyr was speaking in a different language,he was speaking to the breeze!the two men who had the spirit sword,attacked him.the sword became shinier and suddenly flew from their had organized its enemy,Zephyr.the breeze became blue and then turned to a woman hand,it twisted around the sword and the fight begun!The two soldiers closed their eyes and grabbed each other hands,focusing on the sword,Zephyr was singing in the breeze's language.Alex was charging at him but two griffins attacked him from behind,the griffins screamed and scratched his hood with their claws.Alex's hood scrapped,and his thin,bony face came out.he yelled of anger:"HE KNEW!"then his hands glowed yellow and his two head dagger activated,with a sound like:"kekekeke..."it's heads became long and silver shale appeared on its heads.The heads' top became big and fatter four yellow eyes appeared on the fat parts and two gashes made on the fat parts and then long sharp teeth in them, mouths.after a while,dagger's two heads,became two dragon's head with long necks and sharp teeth which were growling and starring at the griffins,one of the heads bit one of the griffins,The poor griffin whined of fear and tried to let go of his neck,blood spit out from his neck and something broke,he died.the dragon's neck threw the death griffin away and lapped his bloody lips,the other one looked at the other griffin wildly and growled angrily.the griffin was scared and suddenly hit Zephyr's back.Zephyr got on shock and lost his focus,the breeze's hand became weaker.The sword slashed the breeze and destroyed it,it went straightly to Zephyr.Zephyr yelled of chilly and threw himself on Alex,stabbing his stomach with his glowing sword,Alex's mouth opened but no voice came out,the silver sword had sealed his spirit,he fell on Zephyr the shiny spirit sword stabbed both of them,Zephyr spit out blood and whispered to the soldiers with a creepy melody,an eternal sound:"It's just started,it just MY end."he smiled warmly and died.The two soldiers picked their spirit sword and it became two again.They looked for the death people weapons,but they had gone.They ran to the north of the village to tell this story to the others.Not knowing what's legendary creatures' and mages'
phew!Hope you like this story.Continues...
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ElectricDragons Ripto Gems: 1138
#2 Posted: 10:51:06 19/02/2010
Sounds nice! smilie
Energy dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 821
#3 Posted: 10:53:20 19/02/2010 | Topic Creator
Oh,thank you.Be honest and say my story's disadvantages.
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CinderLover Emerald Sparx Gems: 3924
#4 Posted: 11:56:38 19/02/2010
^what does that mean? smilie but still cool.
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#5 Posted: 11:59:07 19/02/2010
Thats great! smilie
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