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I am hopefull! [CLOSED]
Fayveer09 Platinum Sparx Gems: 7155
#1 Posted: 01:57:27 30/12/2009 | Topic Creator
Alot of Spyro fans do not think the movie will ever come nor will it be good but I'm sure it will and it will be great!Do you think it's going to come and be good?smilie smilie
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Ice Dragoness Diamond Sparx Gems: 7780
#2 Posted: 10:10:50 30/12/2009
I've reached Diamond Sparx so I can leave now.
C1nder Diamond Sparx Gems: 7883
#3 Posted: 20:30:34 30/12/2009
I got a reply on one of my Spyro websites saying that the movie makers have approved that the movie is going 2 come out. I don't know when, though. And I think the movie isn't going 2 b as good as we hope, but still a bit good, and interesting. smilie
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