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Has anybody tried this? [CLOSED]
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#1 Posted: 02:09:24 03/03/2009 | Topic Creator
Okay, I had to restart my game because I lost my memory card and I got to Evening Lake. So I wonder, what will happen if I do the swim in air glitch (The one where you almost die at FF and exit the level) and go get the egg from the whale.
Now I did this in two different ways, one I swam behind the mountain where the inside of the whale is shown and got the egg from there, then I restarted and I went to the whale while still in the glitch. The whale swallowed Spyro then Spyro swam through the whale's mouth, back out of the whale. Now you have to swim to the right hand side only alittle, you'll see why. Now you don't see from behind Spyro anymore, you see just the whale. The only way out of this, since you can't pause the game, is to go into one of the under water portals but it's hard because you can't really see. (You'll see what I mean if you try this)
I went into Lost Fleet and got out of the glitch but I didn't get the egg. Remember, you can't get the egg yet to do this glitch.
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