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tipping culture
somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8443
#1 Posted: 23:12:15 26/12/2023 | Topic Creator
imagine this scenario. you are at a football game at some smelly stadium. thousands of cheering fans and body odor surrounds your senses. however, right as your team scores a goal you feel your tummy rumble. with your blackhole of a stomach you approach the food stand near your seat. you wait in line for about 10 minutes sacrificing game time with dinner time. soon, it is your time to order and your eyes dart to the menu. a hot dog speaks to your mind as the cashier calls you to walk forward to the counter. she asks you what you would like to order. your mouth starts watering as a simple phrase comes out of your mouth. "one hot dog please" you ask. the cashier does some magic with the register and asks if you want anything else. you quickly reply with a request for a cup of soda to quench your thirst. the cashier smiles and adds it to her computer. she then informs you of the pricing of your order. 19.87. quite expensive considering your meal is a piece of meat between a bun but there is nothing else for eating at this stadium. you quickly agree and then it happens. the cashier flips her card reader towards you and a simple question is asked. "leave a tip?". there are 4 options. "15%", "18%", "20%", "no tip". of course you don't want to feel like an asshole so you quickly choose the middle option. you don't want to feel too cheap y'know? what if the cashier thinks poorly of your character because of this? but then it hits you. why are you spending so much money on a ****ing hot dog?

tipping is so stupid. how have we been tricked by greedy restaurant owners to shame others into not tipping because they refuse to pay their own workers? its gotten to the point where i was asked to tip for buying a shirt at a concert. like wtf? all you did was ask me what shirt i wanted and gave it to me. the reasoning behind tipping is to allow restaurants to allow cheap labor by basically slashing their wages in half in the hopes that customers to pay their own workers. its gotten so bad that fast food chains like sonic pay their workers in tips. when was the last time you tipped your server at a fast food restaurant??

its even worse with the ipad registers. why am i tipping at a self serve frozen yogurt stand? all you guys did was tell me that my yogurt costed 8 bucks. where is this money going to? the million dollar corporation that owns the place? i especially hate it when places hide the tipping option behind the other option. they know that people don't want to tip so they hide the button and use psychology into tricking us into giving them more money. hell, ive been to places that put mandatory tips when you pay. like what the ****? thats not a tip thats just tax?

but the thing is. if you don't tip or god forbid not tip enough people get mad at you. the worker gets mad, your friend gets mad, you get mad for no reason. and its honestly one of the greatest psyops to ever exist. restaurant owners use the excuse of their workers not being paid enough to eat unless you the customer eating gives them funds for their survival. why is it our responsibility to pay your workers?? its especially annoying when servers get upset about not wanting a set wage because theyre gonna make less money. you always hear people complain about their 2 dollar wages but never their tips. but heres the thing. people don't get paid 2 bucks because that would be illegal. restaurants have to match their payments to minimum wages and when that happens the employee gets in trouble. its not even like these jobs require much experience. and if it does those jobs usually have the 1 percent tipping outrageous amounts of money. its crazy how the waiting job has either "you get paid minimum wage" or "you make double minimum wage".
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LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2336
#2 Posted: 08:29:15 27/12/2023
hold on let me find Dannys reply post to this from the last time this popped up
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skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2364
#3 Posted: 22:02:22 04/01/2024
Tipping culture is super lame. Service workers should be paid enough to survive without worrying about tips or whatever. We have a decent minimum wage yet it's been becoming a thing here too thanks to Americanisation smilie.
ArisaArtisan Green Sparx Gems: 403
#4 Posted: 07:02:52 05/01/2024
sadly bc america's minimum wage is trash, most workers in certain lines of work survive off of tips.

the major reason why i dont eat out is bc i dont have the money to tip and i dont wanna seem like an ass bc i Can't tip. lol
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somePerson Diamond Sparx Gems: 8443
#5 Posted: 14:54:12 05/01/2024 | Topic Creator
Quote: skylandersfan60
Tipping culture is super lame. Service workers should be paid enough to survive without worrying about tips or whatever. We have a decent minimum wage yet it's been becoming a thing here too thanks to Americanisation :(.

The thing is. Tipping makes them make way more than average wages. Or if they don't make enough tips than they have to be paid minimum wage by the owners. but idk if that's in other countries besides USA .
LeewweewoowheeH Gold Sparx Gems: 2336
#6 Posted: 02:39:38 06/01/2024
it was Erika not Danny in the second edition of this topic

Quote: Erikatastrophe
You pretty much summed it up with your first post, I'd just like to emphasize that there's practically a whole community, of workers and random people alike, dedicated to shaming people and making them feel like horrible people for not tipping, and that drives me absolutely insane.

Some people don't have the money to tip, and if it's a low enough tip, it's not worth giving. Some people really need to save up every dollar, especially if they order out often, then all that 8-dollar tipping is really going to add up. "sToP oRdErInG oUt So MuCh." Yeah, long story short, some people don't have a choice; no time on their hands, broken equipment, the list goes on...

I just hate it that it's trendy now to make people feel bad over this, it's incredibly stupid and most of all really condescending and big-headed.

It's also not a thing anywhere besides America. Surprise, surprise. You actually not supposed to tip in Japan, as a matter of fact. America should try it.

which i post because i think it pretty much somes up the stupidity of tip shamers

and here is a link to edition number 1 of this topic when i made it for a further look on my own thoughts on the concept

and also for the record

despite this i always tip and tip more then the minimum average. i was taught to be a generous tipper.
YO! thanks for the party and the maserati yall rocked my body but now im gone BYE! skylandersfan60
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