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skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#1 Posted: 04:09:54 19/01/2023 | Topic Creator
After looking at Thundereggs bio thread, I realized there were a number of historical posts that are at risk of being lost. There's so many posts in peoples guestbooks that lead to removed threads and whatnot. If these users change their guestbook these posts will be lost forever.
So here's an archive for the most important posts on smilie.

Threads of Historic Importance (saved on the wayback machine)-
When saving dS pages to the Archive unselect save error pages
LGBT Opposition Alt
Spyro Yaoi Art....... Must Be MATURE and Comfortable with Homosexuality! Alt
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skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#2 Posted: 04:16:35 19/01/2023 | Topic Creator
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skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#3 Posted: 04:28:08 19/01/2023 | Topic Creator
Excerpts from Kittys Guestbook-

Quote: Forgotten World
Aran, listen carefully to what I have to say, I had a dream about you that involved the same thing. I was in your home masturbating, then I went outside in the forest where you were, later I went to San Fransisco. When I went there You were the dragon, you also were in jail there.

I pretty much had the same dream that you did, which means that you and I had the same demon. The same demon is planning to use me to possess you, and to have you lost forever. my advice is to you is to have you not listen to your dreams or other people who are like those who gossip on the forums.

Quote: Carmelita Fox
crash please fill all my crevices

Quote: Pokemon2
**** **** **** **** damn what the hell damn damn holy **** ****ing crazy ass ****

Quote: arceustheprime
donald trump managed to have three wives so theres hope for you too

Quote: Rickorio
I know, but, I still believe gays should get a chance. Also, that doesn't necessarily mean lesbians.
Carmelita Fox Prismatic Sparx Gems: 12171
#4 Posted: 23:39:40 19/01/2023
i didnt say that. fake.
skylandersfan60 Gold Sparx Gems: 2415
#5 Posted: 10:54:12 20/01/2023 | Topic Creator
I'm exposing you for the furry you are.
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