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Skylanders imaginators for switch
EmperorKaos Emerald Sparx Gems: 4392
#1 Posted: 20:05:33 02/04/2022 | Topic Creator
Is this version worth it ?
how close are the graphic compared to ps4/xbox one ?
optimall Yellow Sparx Gems: 1367
#2 Posted: 01:44:41 04/04/2022
Graphically, it's noticeable that the graphics are dummed down, but only when in dock mode.
Hand held looks fine. The one reason I keep a switch version handy is that is the only way I can play Bowser or Donkey Kong.
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3601
#3 Posted: 02:13:55 05/04/2022
ahh it'd be super cool if bowser and dk were usable on other consoles T__T
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JLrosen Yellow Sparx Gems: 1110
#4 Posted: 22:19:45 08/04/2022
When I initially purchased the Switch port of Imaginators from the night of the console's launch, I tried the game out. Unfortunately, the Switch port had extremtly abysmal loading times. A specific example would be for when you would initially travel within the M.A.P. to the Mushroom River. Not only was there a loading screen before the pre-rendered cutscene prior to first entering the level, but there was another one that was rather lengthy. I was for sure that my game would crash due to being unable to load, but after nearly 30 seconds of waiting, the game resumed. Understandably, I contacted Activision regarding this issue, and they sent me a free Creation Crystal as means of compensation. I did hear, however, that the loading times were fixed, but I haven't touched my Switch copy of Imaginators for years.

As for the other qualities of the game, it does not use a Portal of Power, instead having to scan in figures much like Amiibo, and are placed within a digital library. The vehicles, as well as the entire racing feature, were entirely removed, and the vehicles will now give the player a free Imaginite Chest. Also present is Wendell, an NPC who was only in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. His purpose is for the player to transfer saved figure data.

Another perk the Switch version has is that since every Skylander is backwards compatible, that means the Skylander-Amiibo hybrid guest characters Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong are both playable, as they could only be played with on Skylanders: SuperChargers for the Wii U, Wii, and Nintendo 3DS. The Wii U version would at least have the Racing mode, so you could use their vehicles, the Clown Cruiser and the Barrel Blaster. Same goes for the Dark Edition versions.

Finally, If you want to purchase a copy of Skylanders: Imaginators for the Switch, I'm sorry to say this, but there are no copies under $100. It's kind of a pain, ain't it. It was the only Skylanders game on the Nintendo Switch. Unless Activision or Toys for Bob decides to do something game-wise with the Skylanders franchise, It's gonna be a lot if you want to get your hands on the Switch port of Imaginators.

I also apologize for my long-winded reply, I really gotta stop doing stuff like this. (smilie)
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#5 Posted: 12:17:56 11/08/2022
It really annoyed me that they took out the racing mode. Even though they were old tracks, I still liked that there was something for me to use my vehicles for while completing Imaginators.
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