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YotD early content thread!
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#1 Posted: 21:04:44 25/09/2021 | Topic Creator
I know it's been a while now since it's been shared (big thanks to YouTube user hwd405!), but just wanted to make a thread about the game's prototype content and anyone's thoughts on it. If anything new gets found, it can be shared here as well!

My personal favorite thing is the discovery of the original Lost Fleet theme song. It just sounds so awesome and I feel personally betrayed that it was left out of the final and buried away in favor of reusing the SBR theme and later a weird remix of Sheila's theme.
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#2 Posted: 02:49:53 26/09/2021
yeah the final theme for that level feels kind of rushed : / i think the proto version is super cool, but something about it doesn't scream "spyro" to me.

i had the most fun hacking the prototype to get into sunrise spring! there's some sort of instructions on hwd's channel i believe. i'm not much of a hacker, which is why it was a cool moment.

messing around in that level was interesting because with superflight, you can actually get to some spaces that you can't in the final game! i'm particularly thinking about the ledge you can hop on to initiate swimming in the air during the final game. if i remember correctly, either the superflight range is extended or the ledge is a little lower, so you can reach it in the prototype!

(it's the ledge behind the tree in this clip. i don't think hwd flies over to it)

the molten crater minigame was also cool but wayyyy to hard! here's crystalfissure playing it.

-piss off is also iconic
-different colored eggs! some of them were a little ugly, so i'm happy with the final design they chose
-glitchy bianca very cool
-so are spyro's animation glitches
-i like that spyro flies in to some levels like in spyro 1. i wish we could have got that in the final!

overall, i was really grateful we got to see the prototype! rediscovering a game that you feel like you know like the back of your hand is magical
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#3 Posted: 16:13:57 02/10/2021 | Topic Creator
Quote: ThunderEgg

overall, i was really grateful we got to see the prototype! rediscovering a game that you feel like you know like the back of your hand is magical

Yeah, I've played YotD and explored it so much (including OoB, glitch and data stuff), it feels very surreal to me.

and yes, the placeholder dialogue and guidebook text is great, especially in Sunrise Spring! smilie

I too really liked the fly-ins, like the one shown in Sunny Villa. Such a shame indeed it wasn't kept that way.
also I actually did beat the thieves in Molten Crater but it took forever. Interesting that they had unique designs as well.
ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2596
#4 Posted: 03:11:52 05/10/2021
if they go for a more classic style next time we get a spyro game, i'd love for them to include fly ins

nice job on the molten crater thieves! their little capes were funny, but if i remember correctly something about their animation did some very obvious clipping. i think the eggs clipped in and out of their hands maybe. a level themed around whatever they had going on was cool.

oh, you know what, they kind of remind me of that mcdonald's burger thief guy.

this guy:
[User Posted Image]

maybe we'll get a hamburger themed level in the next game? /s smilie i mean, we've already had a honey themed level...
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