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leveling up characters quickly
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#1 Posted: 04:37:50 28/11/2020 | Topic Creator
decided to play imaginators today because that's really one of the only skylanders games i can access right now. i remembered enjoying the arena in my 2018 playthrough. something fun about the mindless button mashing. i realized that it's one of the best ways i've found to level up skylanders quickly.

originally, i had the difficulty set high, but it occurred to me that you can go through more arena battles on a lower difficulty. you don't get the bonus xp, but your skylanders aren't dying left and right, either. i had a couple of figures go from ~4 to ~10 within a couple of arena battles. however, i figure the leveling rate slows down after this.

what are everyone's thoughts? have you come up with better ways for leveling your skylanders?
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#2 Posted: 02:34:59 03/12/2020
No, that seems to be the quickest, so unfortunately it can be a grind.
However, just playing the game seems to give generous rewards not only with xp, but coins, too.
Any last wishes?
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