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How does racing work in Imaginators?
cyberstudio Green Sparx Gems: 155
#1 Posted: 13:08:54 07/11/2020 | Topic Creator
  1. Does all platforms (Wii U, PS4, XBox One) have racing?
  2. So, do I put a Superchargers vehicle on the portal?
  3. Anything like split screen multiplayer?
  4. Any point having the previous Superchargers game any more if Imaginators does racing, too?

zookinator Platinum Sparx Gems: 5568
#2 Posted: 01:22:50 09/11/2020

  1. All except the Switch version.
  2. Putting a vehicle on the portal will add it to a digital collection. One isn't required on the portal when actually racing.
  3. I believe there is a 2-player mode when racing.
  4. As far as pure racing goes, there isn't as much of a benefit to the original...except for a few key factors. When doing the racing mode in Imaginators, I found that the weapons do far more damage than in Superchargers, likely because there are no armor or weapon upgrades in the former. You also can't mix and match different custom parts, and are instead stuck with the preconfigured variants. I'd honestly recommend playing the Superchargers racing mode over Imaginators for those reasons.
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#3 Posted: 19:03:59 09/11/2020
hmmmm interesting.

i didn't even touch racing in imaginators, so i had no idea there were differences
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