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Lore Question
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#1 Posted: 22:21:27 13/10/2020 | Topic Creator
Did the SWAP Force actually guard Mount Cloudbreak for hundreds of years? I always assumed they just happened to be assigned that mission on the day of the eruption.
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#2 Posted: 13:40:27 14/10/2020
It was never clarified. Their blurbs always start at "during an epic battle, they got blown out". For all we know, either they were the only ones stationed at that region(since a few come from there), or they really just were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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BlueFox Gold Sparx Gems: 2798
#3 Posted: 14:29:39 14/10/2020 | Topic Creator
Ah okay. I saw a headcanon saying they were immortal and got confused, because I definitely didn’t read the backstory that way. I’m going with the Swappers were just very unlucky.
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