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Getting the fish into the guy's mouth in Idol Springs
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#1 Posted: 16:34:05 28/09/2020 | Topic Creator
I don't know if they've somehow made it trickier than in the original Ripto's Rage, but in the second challenge after the one where you get all the boxes to be yellow, I try blowing those fish from just about every possible angle, and it just won't go in. Most of the time they just fly across when I flame them, but even when it looks like it's gone in the right direction, stone head guy doesn't eat it. Is there a specific way to do it, or is it possible it might be a game-breaking performance issue on my PC?
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#2 Posted: 17:02:18 28/09/2020
might be a problem with the pc version. something about the frame rate tends to mess things up.

i played on ps4 and don't recall having problems. that was a while ago, though, so i can't be certain there aren't issues with that version.
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