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older skylanders are weaker?
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#1 Posted: 16:56:24 20/06/2020 | Topic Creator
i noticed when i place on a old character they are very weak compared to a sensei or imaginator is this a bug that was never patched or something?
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#2 Posted: 17:04:57 20/06/2020
It's deliberated. It pushes you to play with senseis and imaginators, it's not a bug. But few exceptions, legacy skylanders are way weaker. This has been already discussed in this forum years ago. Just check the stats page and you'll see it perfectly.

Playing with level 20 legacy skylanders in normal mode is like "regular" hard mode in previous games. Playing hard mode with them is not even funny in most cases. Arena challenges, gong challenges and bosses are directly aimed at senseis and imaginators. Without sky-chi or huge stats you're going to sweat to beat them.
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#3 Posted: 16:45:47 27/06/2020
you guys are mad, this problem has never been as bad as people say
hard mode is fine, it's not too difficult, it's just that some later enemies drag on
nightmare is the real piece of **** for older skylanders
if you think old skylanders suck in normal, then frankly you suck at these games

unfortunately regardless of the examples i can list, this assumption lives on

pretty much all the swappers, zoo lou, fryno, sunburn, a lot of trap team characters, a bunch of the supercharger characters (shoutout to lava lance), those guys play as well as ever, and there are many i never tried and probably more that held up there but nah, nobody actually has much argument or examples and just say old ones all suck. go and actually use knockup and flinch properly, space attacks, be patient and get what you can in, it can be tight and certainly are bs bits but it's good.

trap team is the game where really most of the characters suck (old or new) the knockup balance and damage numbers and enemy behaviour are completely busted in that game, a bunch of attacks dtraight up don't work properly, a lot of them are way too weak for what that game asks for, the camera being zoomed out and some other crap in that game also makes it feel really imprecise and worse to play. the villains are a cheap ****ty bandaid. and without them it's like every single enemy drags out as badly as an imaginators boss.

but most people don't give trap team **** when there are plenty of examples of **** there. half the new trap team characters, most of the swap force characters, even some spyro's adventure characters have attacks that function really poorly, knockup balance and damage numbers and other **** are just all over the place for everyone. if you think imaginators is bad then play trap team again and deliberate it in the same way, even if you have less trouble then you can spot plenty of examples of similar or worse problems with the worse characters, and more characters are messed up in trap team.

with all that said, yes, the old characters are weaker, but it's not unusably so and there are examples of some that almost stack up to the senseis themselves, like lavalance. and then you have crash and cortex who are weirdly weaker than the other senseis anyway. also at least there aren't as many attacks that outright don't function how they shpuld and seem glitchy like in tt.

also a reminder that people used to think that swap force gipped every old skylander, and i guess there's an argument with people not warming up to si in the same way, and i don't think it adapted them as well as sf. but sf did gip a couple anyway, and people have always just given si more **** than it deserves, as flawed as it is. i've played all of these games for hundreds of hours, literally, so i know my ****.

EDIT: i just remembered that the ps4 has the game record function and i can play this game on the ps4 so i will record gameplay of old skylanders in this game to prove my point and come back when i have some
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#4 Posted: 08:09:49 02/07/2020
Older Skylanders get weaker with every new game installment , but a few of them are still good.
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