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do you think the franchise is dead forever or could it return one day?
cookieeater Gold Sparx Gems: 2544
#1 Posted: 09:52:05 02/06/2020 | Topic Creator
personally i think it could return by the end of the decade tbh i dont want all these great designs to just go to waste
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ThunderEgg Emerald Sparx Gems: 3947
#2 Posted: 15:18:20 02/06/2020
in my opinion, skylanders is grouped under the spyro umbrella. in that sense, skylanders lives as long as spyro does.

i personally think acti could at least sell merch of non-og spyro properties. as for skylanders-specific content in the immediate future, i think acti put out a few comics or books. with no big skylanders games, they might not sell as well as in the past. acti would just have to appeal to older skylanders fans instead of their original 6-12 year old target.

it's possible that it will return in the form of some sort of game. acti has said they're uncomfortable running anything non-og spyro right now, so i don't expect anything soon. however, i think it's pretty easy to conform skylanders to various gaming formats (i mean, look at the mobile games). if skylanders comes back, i don't expect it to be with toys to life. skylanders sort of felt like a pokemon-imitation with how it tried to be so intensely multi-media -- and i'm sorry, but if you're not pokemon, i don't think it's super easy to make a lot of money that way.

tl:dr i think as long as spyro is relevant, skylanders can return. i think it'll return in a different form, possibly aimed at an older audience.
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SoulfulWolf Platinum Sparx Gems: 5859
#3 Posted: 11:25:28 03/06/2020
Been awhile this I posted here...

My hope is that we just get a collection (or two, maybe three) of the previous games in the franchise in a few years. Take the games, remove the TtL aspect, just make the characters purchasable in an in-game store. Kind of like how the Lego games handle it.

Maybe you have to find the Soul Gems to be able to purchase that character. (In the case of starting characters, just remove their Soul Gems from levels, maybe move some Soul Gems around from leveled that had multiple to fill in any empty spots from the removed starting character soul gems.)

And of course make all Skylanders work in all games. (At least within that collection.)
Bifrost Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10104
#4 Posted: 12:40:21 03/06/2020
I think it's only coming back as digital purchase only, as much as that sucks. In a perfect world, we'd get a skylander game with free characters and other monetization methods (or cheper prices to have only the roster we want to) but Acti has had firsthand experience in how a physical product is hell to keep up with, but also, they greedy af even if being less so would make them more profit.
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CountMoneyBone Platinum Sparx Gems: 5033
#5 Posted: 20:24:28 03/06/2020
with all the characters they have made, there is plenty of games for the future they can make. and they dont need any more plastic figures to sell them games like with the old skylanders games. they can pick 10 of the most popular characters and make a good adventure/puzzler platformer with a new story, thats all they need to do, there is always a need for these types of games.
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