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Series Remodeling
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#1 Posted: 19:10:43 12/05/2020 | Topic Creator
Anything you would've done if you were in charge? Another nit-picking topic by yours truly.

  • Television series and comics right after the success of Spyro's Adventure. Seriously, why was Skylanders underwear made before this happened? Beyond the fact it's cheaper. When you slap your hugely successful franchise on everything, there's usually a cartoon right up front. Take note of the shows from the 80s—just try to hide that it's a big commercial. Also, make it canon.

  • Let the Skylanders be actual characters. Superchargers had a bit of that, but it largely got used in Imaginators. I realize some might feel it retcons the importance of the Portal Master, and thus the player, but c'mon—you made all these characters, and only a select few are given anything more than catchy lines. I always thought it'd be cool to see other Skylanders at the Academy or maybe you run into some on a mission. You could replace any random NPC with a character that actually might have some resonance to the player or make them want to go out and buy them. It'd be fun if there were character-specific banter. Say, Player One uses Night Shift, Player Two uses Freeze Blade. Antics ensue. There has to be a balance though, so anything lengthy like that would have to be relegated to quieter moments. I remember these games could get really noisy sometimes.

  • To bounce off of that, I want to look at Ring of Heroes for this next one. Those Story Dungeons? Such a good idea. But they're incredibly lacking with the limits of a mobile game. I think those should've been brought to the main series. A Cynder story dungeon would be wicked.

  • Skylands is always toted as this vast, endless world, so I think it's upsetting we never got to explore more of it. You're probably tired of hearing people ask for Open World, but when the lore is literally begging for it, there's only so much one can do. To hear that Lorne Balfe music building in the back as you soar as Whirlwind or the fantasy ambience as you buzz around as High Five. Oogh, I want it. What if you could terraform? Make your own little retreat?
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#2 Posted: 05:57:13 13/05/2020
The two obvious ones would be not to release the series yearly, and not release so many figures with each game. That killed the series right there. Find a better figure release schedule too. There's no reason why certain figures took so long to release after the game's release. I know some might disagree with this, but there needed to be less characters in general. Skylanders lore collapsed on itself as a result of having way too many characters. Also, stop killing the gimmick of the last game with the next game.

More of a nitpick here, but Skylanders had the habit of explaining major happenings that took place 100's/1000's of years ago. Why can't we, you know, play these major happenings? It's not a Skylanders exclusive problem in the slightest, but I hate it when video games describe major wars/happenings and not letting us play those events. Skylanders fell into that trope.

I'm not a Skylanders fan, but I realised that these were major issues the franchise had way before it crashed and burned in 2016.
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#3 Posted: 13:13:11 13/05/2020
Only one developer, or at least two teams within the developer umbrella. Can't finish a game in 11 months? Well then they need more months, at least it won't go to waste porting so many assets back and forth between two offices.
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#4 Posted: 23:58:26 14/05/2020 | Topic Creator
Release the art books publicly and release them for all games, both developers.
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#5 Posted: 15:18:54 15/05/2020
Quote: BlueFox
Release the art books publicly and release them for all games, both developers.

Y E S !
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