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Update Patch Saving For Future???
AlexBobSpoons Red Sparx Gems: 74
#1 Posted: 13:30:51 25/02/2020 | Topic Creator
I hope somebody will be able to help this query please.

Is there any way or web-location to have the game update patches (nintendo-based) downloaded or saved please?

Basically, I have a Wii and love playing through the first 4 skylanders games. I have also started buying Superchargers and Imaginators figures and hope to someday in the future own a wii-u to be able to play them on, but right now I dont have the wii-u.

I have noticed that some figures unlock extra levels (Yay!) BUT only if the game is updated to a newer patch containing the M..P area. As far as I know this will just patch on the game in the console, BUT I dont know how long it will be until I own a wii-u and know that Nintendo have already turned off all online functionality of the original wii.

So am I able to download the patches from somewhere and save them to a disc/sd-card/usb-stick or similar so that I essentially future-proof the game?

Any advice greatly appreciated thank you.
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4160
#2 Posted: 11:46:37 17/03/2020
to get the best out of the imaginators i recommend getting a ps4 thats where they game run and play the best on. the wiiu is outdated and not supported by nintendo anymore. you can get all the skylanders games from swap force up to imaginators on the ps4 and the usb portals is not locked like on the xbox, so if you break your portal you have plenty places to get replacement from (ps3,ps4,wii/wiiu). also its really easy to get updates and you get enough storage on the ps4 for your skylanders games. so if you want to future-proof the games the ps4 is the way.
Ha! HA, sage ich.
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