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Revisiting childhood
Camo Lover Blue Sparx Gems: 999
#1 Posted: 14:22:40 26/01/2020 | Topic Creator
It has been a while since I visited this forum. I believe I was fourteen the last time I was on here. Some of you might remember me for my rather cringe-worthy Skylander Fanfictions, or blind love of Camo.
Out of honesty, I'm just making this post on a Sunday afternoon because I feel like it. Although I've never actually played Imaginators (I'd "outgrown" the series by then.) I remember Skylanders being a series I fondly shared with my family. I remember my grandmother marvelling at all the details on the figures.
Recently I watched Teal Game Master's Developer Commentary on Spyro's Adventure, and it was interesting to see how one of my childhood games formed. I still own a box of around one-hundred or so figures that I collected over the years.
I don't really know where I'm going with this; I probably won't ever rejoin this community, I never actually knew Spryo existed until Skylanders; and I've never played a Spyro game. I suppose I just wanted to say thank you to this community, and although they won't read this; the developers, for making games I can fondly look back on.

Camo Lover
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Bifrost Platinum Sparx Gems: 7497
#2 Posted: 16:55:37 26/01/2020
It's all right, we all had our poorly written, or argumentative days, here or on other communities. If a game made you happy with good memories and you're not doing anything bad with it, that's what matters and it's what you take from it in the end.
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Camo Lover Blue Sparx Gems: 999
#3 Posted: 17:29:07 26/01/2020 | Topic Creator
Indeed, I'm really looking forward to the rest of Teal's series. Its super fasinating to guy behind the scenes on the Skylanders games. And I'm glad they were there for me when I was younger.
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Barrysun Gold Sparx Gems: 2082
#4 Posted: 22:36:58 31/03/2020
I am too. I so missed Skylanders, hunting for new figures, watching news. lately I've been doing a stream of the adventures. (mainly on PS4 releases)
they do bring back fun memories.
Skylander3112 Gold Sparx Gems: 2023
#5 Posted: 10:54:21 27/04/2020
(sighs) Haven't played Skylanders in forever (I'm in university now, no time for games), all the figures are probably back home collecting dust smilie
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