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softlocked out of 100%?
Fly Spyro Fly Green Sparx Gems: 446
#1 Posted: 15:41:21 17/01/2020 | Topic Creator
it’s been a while.
on my absurd quest to 100% every mainline Spyro game, I’m about 70-80% done with enter the dragonfly. I figured out my old DS account info so I figured why not try and see if anyone can help me with what appears to be a softlock.
trying to get the last dragonfly in crop circle country- the one with the four cannons? when I got to the third the ufo wasn’t hit by the cannon, and I am unable to reshoot the cannons as it appears to have been a one time thing? I trudged on to the fourth thinking maybe it was just a visual glitch only to see that hunter was not there, and when I shot the cannon, the UFO had completely disappeared out of the sky. I went back to the third cannon, it was gone there too.
I restarted the level, restarted the game, to no avail. does anyone know how I could possibly get around this? It would be awful to have to replay this broken game again when I’ve gotten farther then I ever have lol.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#2 Posted: 23:41:19 17/01/2020
If you're using an original print then maybe buying platinum/greatest hits reprint would fix it, but just a shot in the dark
Fly Spyro Fly Green Sparx Gems: 446
#3 Posted: 15:42:53 18/01/2020 | Topic Creator
If I did, would I be able to transfer my saves over? I believe im playing on an original GameCube version.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#4 Posted: 17:53:06 18/01/2020
I don't see why not, but I never tried it :/ If I knew where my non-Platinum copy was, I'd test it for you. Good luck anyway!
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