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if anything happens for the 10th anniversary what do you think it'll be
cookieeater Gold Sparx Gems: 2029
#1 Posted: 22:39:35 06/01/2020 | Topic Creator
I just think its gonna be a remaster of the first game or a reboot of the franchise as a whole
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#2 Posted: 01:56:34 07/01/2020
My prediction
Nothing will happen because Spyro will still be "making a comeback" and they want to sweep landers under the rug for at least as long as he's still really hot
If anything, the "last bastion" of RoH will be gone by then (I'm surprised it lasted one year, to be honest)
SkyFan91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1798
#3 Posted: 03:15:44 07/01/2020
If something were to happen they would most likely remake the first two (maybe three?) games.

It seems that this remake strategy is in Activision’s interest at the moment.

I would love a new game though!
ThunderEgg Gold Sparx Gems: 2596
#4 Posted: 04:49:20 07/01/2020
I'm leaning towards what Drawdler's saying.

I hope they do something, though. Even if it's small.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3825
#5 Posted: 18:56:05 08/01/2020
My problem with a remake or reboot is that they won't greenlight it for the fans but to cash in on nostalgia

Now this does not mean a bad or soulless product, and yes you can say the same about Acti's recent trilogy of remakes and CTR was pretty great anyways (the other two being way more questionable, clearly way more impacted by Activision rushing development for monaaaayze)- Beenox clearly cared about that and it shone through more, and the other two studios obviously cared somehow about their remakes despite their huge problems- but Skylanders remains a scapegoat to the general public which probably means even less respect for it (from Activision) and a crappier product
Also, VV/TFB caring about their trilogies doesn't mean all the problems in them aren't there, it explains but doesn't excuse their games from many pitfalls (the same way "publisher meddling" was probably behind SI's story, but SI still has a complete dumpster fire of a story, obviously among many other examples across this series- these are still flaws in the final games that we should criticise the games for) - or hell, CTR having MTX, forced online to use the pitstop and from what I hear and have watched, online matches that work very poorly

See also Guitar Hero. I never played it but continually heard from fans of the series that the reboot was mediocre or crappy and it sure as hell looks it and sure as hell got half-hearted support from Activision.

I've been saying this exact thing for years. I don't see how else it could go down. Look at how Acti treated this franchise later on in its own life cycle. And how they treated their own remakes. They won't learn.

I think a remake or reboot is inevitable but that it will be really obviously made for cash cash. It won't get what it would deserve, the entire franchise didn't get what it deserved.

Also, CTR came after N. Sane Trilogy which had proven itself as a hot seller; I'd imagine Beenox had more breathing room, and funding, plus they had many assets from NST to work off of where a Skylanders remake/reboot would have to create an almost/entirely new library of assets.

Finally, I consider the core appeal of the series (gameplay-wise, at least) to be its huge playable cast. It seems like a huge undertaking even to remake the cast from the first game (and you can see how Activision forced out the huge undertakings of remaking Crash and Spyro's entire trilogies). I would expect them to not remake the entire original cast, but pick some of them as well as the most "marketable" ones from newer games, in a soulless fashion. People like me who have Sunburn as one of their favorites and pay attention to gems like Short Cut and don't care about many of the marketing boys would be missing many characters we love.
Not to mention what they would be doing to lore, that'd probably be a ****show (the series itself turned that lore into a ****show by SF). And they'd probably go with all-digital characters which A- would feel lame as **** and B- would not work well with the current lore, yes you can wrap your head around it but it'd be soulless, the series itself overwhelmingly abandoned what the Portal Master lore really was originally about (and it started as something special, turned to shat-on lore). I feel like the fandom itself forgets why the toys were great but I'm getting off-topic now.
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 7445
#6 Posted: 03:00:16 09/01/2020
Maybe not for the 10th anniversary, but I could see Activision remaking SSA/Giants/SF as a trilogy of sorts, as they were the most popular/best selling games in the series.

One's things for sure, the toys will 99% not return. The TTL era is dead.
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Swap Force Fan Emerald Sparx Gems: 4034
#7 Posted: 15:04:48 11/03/2020
Spyro's Adventure/Giants HD is a need.
CountMoneyBone Emerald Sparx Gems: 4160
#8 Posted: 11:28:50 17/03/2020
Quote: Swap Force Fan
Spyro's Adventure/Giants HD is a need.

indeed it is, its the only two games that are still stuck on old consoles with graphics of yesteryears. i would love a remake with ssa and giants with all characters and dlc levels on disc.
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Barrysun Gold Sparx Gems: 2106
#9 Posted: 20:36:32 31/03/2020
(long time no see) other then that, I'd definitely would like a remastered versions of the first 3/6 games. (one half being consoles and the other being 3DS versions)
remastered figures (and maybe an option to buy digital Skylanders for those who are hard to find)
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