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Interesting Finds within the Files
skylandsfan Emerald Sparx Gems: 3332
#1 Posted: 22:57:02 03/12/2019 | Topic Creator
I recently took the time to look through the files of Imaginators, and I came across this image. It seems to be a test room, featuring Template Template.
[User Posted Image]
In the same folder, there is also this version of the image, which seems to include split screen Co-Op.
[User Posted Image]
I apologize in advance if this had already been found, but I couldn't find any posts related to it.
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#2 Posted: 23:19:06 03/12/2019
I think it's new! And an also very messy debug room.

Second one doesn't seem to be split screen, the first screen focuses on the rock, not the first character.
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#3 Posted: 23:39:26 03/12/2019
Template Template <3
JCW555 Hunter Gems: 6479
#4 Posted: 00:39:36 04/12/2019
I feel like the Skylanders series is ripe for unused content if people looked into them.
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#5 Posted: 00:53:47 04/12/2019
I'm trying to look into them but my coding knowledge is very limited. And I haven't tried QuickBMS or pak extraction.

Someone look into SF. I'm begging you. At least on the Wii PAL version, I can say even with my limited coding knowledge, there's some really big stuff left in the files.

Another problem is that it seems like NOBODY has done much research into the games' assembly so there could be unused code there that's completely flying past us. If there is, if we go on to learn about it, maybe there could be fun theories or further research. If someone is doing this, they're (understandably) very private about it.
I'll admit: I've TRIED but these games have been extremely uncooperative and crashed in the process. But I don't even understand why they're crashing just from pausing and unpausing the emulation. I've tried researching this and I've tried a few settings and builds of Dolphin but I come up with no answers or threads of knowledge, that's just always a thing. So even though I'd be pretty willing to bruteforce assembly research with my time, that's horribly discouraging. I think we'd need someone with Wii/Dolphin knowledge to understand why that happens.

Also the games use dynamic memory allocation so good luck with that.

Even I should be able to make a little health cheat, health values actually seem to be set to the same addresses in RAM every time, and lawd it won't work
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JCW555 Hunter Gems: 6479
#6 Posted: 06:12:17 04/12/2019
The problem with Skylanders is besides the Wii/Wii U versions of the games, people generally don't have the tools to look into the games. You need a specific Blu-ray drive to read PS3 games/emulation is coming along but you need a high end computer, XBOX 360 emulation is in its infancy and you need a really high end computer to emulate it anyway, and the PS4/XBOX One hasn't been hacked yet. Then comes the problem of reading the figures/extracting the data off them.
'Ask them when we stop the greed, ask them why we have to bleed"
Motörhead - When The Eagle Screams - Motörizer (2008)
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Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#7 Posted: 06:20:12 04/12/2019
I agree, but the thing is that the Wii is blown pretty wide open. I mean, I understand some parts of Wii coding.
Again, SF on the Wii has some important files there, as well. There's a particular file there that could help a lot in understanding the assembly of that game. The potential is there for the first few games between that and just how hackable the Wii is.

As far as problems go, there's also that these games all run on various builds of Alchemy (SF Wii and the former two games will of course have wildly different builds, too), which is a proprietary engine, if I understand correctly it uses proprietary file structures as well, and we only understand some of those things due to NST which obviously isn't blown open yet either. I mean, right now I'm pretty sure that mere model and texture extractors for NST still corrupt a lot of things.

I think that figure hacking is pretty far along, but I never really tried out that kind of thing, I'm not so interested in it since I own everything anyway and I enjoy the process of maxing characters out without cheats.

The Wii is really well-understood, though.
And the first two games do not have bad Wii ports at all... SA is arguably better on the Wii, because it's not a port, it's the version TFB were focused on where the HD versions were outsourced and seem to be based on an older build. It's not like they'd be unworkable for or not worth modding. I mean, if it's all we could really mod, I'd be pretty satisfied to see work on it- I certainly can't run emulators for those HD consoles but I love messing with even the bad Wii port of SF. But that's me, I'm a huge nerd.

If you want, I can probably elaborate to you on specifics more somewhere private, a bit later. It's not the time right now, I feel like I've already said a lot, but I really believe we could have had way more done if this series had gotten the right attention outside of messing with characters.

Hell, forget about modding, let's just get some research on various mechanics for glitch hunting and trivia. I just think that **** is cool. Haha. I think to this day that nobody has even put out an accurate list of what pools the Giants Skystones can randomly pick from and reward you with and if nobody has ever researched it then I wouldn't be surprised. It's bothered me for six years now. smilie
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ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1490
#8 Posted: 19:28:53 04/12/2019
holy cannoli thats what template template looks like. please someone tell tcrf so they can have a picture
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#9 Posted: 19:32:59 04/12/2019
TCRF Skylanders pages need massive overhauls. I'm too lazy, I just really don't want to relearn Wiki formatting and then actually write things neatly, but they're missing pages entirely for SA (console) and the SG Alpha and lots of things that I myself discovered (well, maybe not first, but I discovered them) and posted recently.

Even SA has, of course, the blue Dino-Rang I've posted, but these textures as well:

[User Posted Image] [User Posted Image] [User Posted Image]

- which I think I mentioned in the TaM proto thread.
Giants has the same textures for the first two as well... except that the secondary colors were changed. (Too lazy to pull up the files rn)

This one which is used, but the smiley face is always obfuscated:

[User Posted Image]
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SkyFan91 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1790
#10 Posted: 19:02:51 05/12/2019
Wow! What a messy room! x D
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