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purple plastic pest
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#1 Posted: 17:19:25 22/11/2019 | Topic Creator
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most likely old news, but i saw this while doing online christmas shopping and thought it was cute. i’d get it if i knew the box i’d get had that stumpy spyro in it.

look at that—my first post here.
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#2 Posted: 20:54:22 22/11/2019
havent seen them in stores where im at yet but they look adorable!
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#3 Posted: 11:36:12 30/11/2019
He looks like a friendly dinosaur
Doggo144 Green Sparx Gems: 474
#4 Posted: 16:45:37 15/12/2019
Holy ****, those look great! I hate randomised figures though, I'd be all for getting a Spyro and Ripto, but I guess they have to deter me from buying their figures somehow lmao.
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