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Rave About That Skylander
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#1 Posted: 02:43:09 30/09/2019 | Topic Creator
The opposite of Redesign That Skylander. I want to read some wholesome content. Like, Pokémon Center reviews levels of wholesome. Only fun allowed.

Slobber Tooth: A very good boy who deserves all the microphones in the world! He's got a winning smile and a healthy appetite. And this noise? I fell in love the very first time I heard it, back when people questioned if he'd even speak at all and if some characters would return to gibberish. It's so breathy and animalistic, just perfect! Reminds me of an alligator or crocodile gaping: Wrecking Ball did it first, but I think Slobber Tooth perfected gourmandizing. He savors his food. It's all in the animations, the little details. He reminds me of Ray Harryhausen dinosaurs and tokusatsu monsters, here to wreck your city and eat your cars. But he also takes care of his teeth, and that's very admirable of him. This is actual lore, not me messing around. Godzilla doesn't do that. I bet Wrecking Ball doesn't do that. Slobber Tooth, you're doing amazing, sweetie. If Skylanders had made high-quality plush and widened their horizons, I would've got him in a heartbeat. He looks like a hugger. I'm also partial to big dunderheads so...yeah, he’s one of my favorites. It would’ve been cool if he kept the two heads(not talking about the Magic character, there’s another design in Strata where it’s literally two-headed Slobber Tooth, one with a horn erupting from the top of his nose), but I like ‘im. Glad he wasn’t scrapped.
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#2 Posted: 14:09:34 30/09/2019
Hex is gud. Gud dress, gud silhouette, gud powers (and arsenal if you go Master Caster), gud voice acting, great S2 figure. She is so so nice.
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#3 Posted: 19:01:39 30/09/2019
Spyro: wow hes just great hes the leader of the skylanders and hes a dragon and aw geez hes from another game no way???!!
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#4 Posted: 00:00:47 01/10/2019 | Topic Creator
Quote: ThunderEgg
Spyro: wow hes just great hes the leader of the skylanders and hes a dragon and aw geez hes from another game no way???!!

whoa. spyro’s from another game? dude. how many games are there?! is cynder there too?

I’ve never played an original Spyro game. Or the Legend series. I’m actually kinda interested in Reignited tho?
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#5 Posted: 03:02:14 01/10/2019
Warnado is the best. He's my favorite but he's also the best.

Design. Needs its own sub-points.
-Nothing on this design is wasted whatsoever. The shell is the primary part so of course that makes up his standard attack. And with him just becoming a ball of spikes it feels like a puffed-up hedgehog kinda thing. But wait! Did you know that even his tail slices enemies during that attack? Seriously, check that animation, it's really effective as a faux motion line... and also a little subconscious "timer" due to the way it always slaps and wraps around. And then he spins around for that attack, okay... but the logic naturally gets stretched into him spinning to create tornadoes, and then tornadoes that propel himself up, and then tornadoes with little projectiles orbiting him. And he can slam down with that shell too like, it's the weightiest thing, and it's another way they utilise "turtle hiding in shell" besides him just receding into it for his primary. While his ears may not be used for any attack they're wonderfully animated as well and integral to his expression.
-He's covered in triangles but they're overtly "speedy" rather than "threatening" due to how curved they are. Because, you know. He's speedy. He's a speedy turtle but that joke isn't thrown in your face with any stupid dialogue or the like either. And those spikes themselves could straddle a line between what they managed and raptor claws, instead. Warnado didn't need raptor claws on his shell and they could have accidentally ended up with that instead. But they pulled off something smoother, so they knew to avoid the potential trap. Also note stubbier triangles when you move away from his shell, mainly to break up the design. Did you know that even his tongue is triangular, ingame? (I believe in other depictions that isn't the case, but...) And finally, due to his overall silhouette being pretty flat along with this... yeah, it looks even more aerodynamic.
-Bruh have you seen him ingame in SA. This game has a lot of good textures, for characters and otherwise but he has one of the best. If you pay legit attention you see baked-in purples in it even, and of course he himself has blues and aquas and whiter aquas for attacks, even some soft yellows baked into bright parts of his skin, and greys for the tornadoes. Wonderful coloring, much like those spikes could have ended up as raptor claws, this could have looked like a Water character but it's whitened and brightened enough to effortlessly look like Air instead, and depicted beautifully ingame. His attacks are as well; again, his main attack has the tail as a subtle faux motion line, but his shell attacks have actual motion lines that look so bold and powerful but wispy enough to be fast, he's always readable in motion, so on.
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#6 Posted: 03:03:46 01/10/2019
Speaking of ingame: my god. His gameplay. Warnado is irreplaceable in this respect and yes I know about some other characters who fly and attack but you're doing a disservice to all of them if you simplify it that hard.
I think this part speaks for itself, really. Spin around, do a bit of trapping, maneuver and fire miniturtles- and look, for the first game this moveset felt instantly COMPLEX, and as a kid, really blew my mind. And it feels fast and everything, you really feel like the character depicted. Helping that is that he's one of the most responsive characters in SA and that you can even shoot tornadoes out in the middle of the slam! This is crazy stuff!
Anyway, this moveset on paper legit sounds like something from a later entry of the series. It totally broke ground for the original game. And honestly, it has such a wonderful mix of range and trapping, and mobile melee and flight, that I think no other character achieved in the same way, and that few from early games even attempted. And it would still feel fresh if it had come out today. Warnado played way, way ahead of his time. (And thank god he's actually in the first game, though. Because it's the best one. Mah boi Shroomboom didn't make the cut for SA and that truly upsets me.) SA would honestly be less of a game without him, he so effectively scratches that itch of wanting a character that feels more advanced and complex. And again, really, really ahead of his time.
... It's just too bad that come SF they cut down his agility in that game and made his primary attack hang onto enemies more, reduced his input responsiveness and dumb other tweaks; as much as I hate to admit it, he's not an OG character who holds up in every single game, in that respect.

He's a quadruped, which instantly makes him more interesting than many playable characters from many games. If you look at playable characters in other games, there are very few that are strictly quadrupedal, and even if you loosen up and expand the criteria a bit, there are few who even use a quadrupedal stance for anything. Again, this is also integral to his design, to keep him flatter. Of course, Skylanders also stopped giving us quadrupeds in the latter two games, besides Mysticat who's combined with a bipedal half neh. This is a small point, and it will probably never push me to prefer one character over another on its own, but is a point nonetheless.

Even his original toy- not the LightCore, cheap crap- is pretty wonderful and stands as one of the best to come out of the series. The detail of the mold is great and shines through in his skin without needing wash (I love wash, I'm not complaining about it, that just makes Warnado's toy more impressive and fits his texture- he may be kind of wrinkly but they aren't really aged-feeling and obviously not earthy wrinkles). And hell, remember he has that GiTD chase variant? I own that, and the way it picks up light and ends up looking shaded in the dark due to all the nooks is trippy and awesome, but it also just always shows off how strong his mold is. So then that toy also goes and combines the shell's mold with not only that faded-shine paint but a mild wash and it looks fantastic. And you have his claws which are straight-shiny and distinct but harken back to the shell. The pose is dynamic. The toy focuses on both him and the tornado and both have really distinct textures. The tornado itself has a really wonderful mold where all the little dips are just so pleasing to look at and feel and the main transparent texture paired with airbrushed clouds. Both the shapes and (due to the way it picks up light) the coloring and textures of the cloud are distinct from Warnado himself on the toy. This toy is always just a joy to look at; hell, even the scale somehow makes it delightfully miniature to hold and pet. ... I pet my Skylander toys sometimes.

At his core, his personality is silly... but that isn't thrown in your face, it's underneath a chill attitude. Really deep under that chill attitude. Careless spinning about and careless weaving over enemies. He even effortlessly, casually fits Air. He's a chill Skylander. And that's another rare quality- how many heroes in gaming act like this, more relaxed than anything? It's different in other media, but still. If we're talking power fantasies then to be honest... I'd like to play as more chill characters, please. I don't want to be an action hero, not the typical one who looks like a main character, and not the opposite of a tragic one, and not a cartoon character who is overtly wacky, or anything- I just wanna go on some cool adventures, just for the experience, and just to relax in some really pretty places. That's legitimate, old-school, refined cool- not the "hip" kind of cool but the more "gentlemanly", collected kind of cool. And Warnado delivers on that! And his delivery. He says every line with this careless confidence and jokiness. It's awesome.

Also, like? Not sure how to say this, but he's one of extremely few characters I can think of who made the transition from speaking gibberish to speaking English... while sounding and feeling exactly the same. Like, he did that perfectly naturally, too.

And personally, Warnado is the last character I got from SA (along with Camo)... and I was so excited, I kept telling my mom to check for those two, and she came home with them while I was sick. I played Skylanders a lot that day. I even did some heroics on this guy in that same night and I would basically never do that while SA was actually new. On a personal level, just getting and playing Warnado is one of my fond memories of collecting and just getting someone new to play. And it happened after I realised how I loved the game (because SA was a grower on me). So, if you had that feel with any Skylanders, then you know exactly what I mean.

they didn't have to do this.
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