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how to identify the difference between blue chest
keptman Red Sparx Gems: 76
#1 Posted: 20:53:25 22/08/2019 | Topic Creator
As title says, how do you determine which is which.
I've had the cursed tiki island set and it had W0171 printed on bottom. got a chest off eBay that had w0172 and was listed for lost imaginite mines.
both chest give the same items. Didn't find this out until I was making a backup save file that just had every character I have for the game with no playtime yet.
From what I can tell they all have the same model number on the bottom 8793288.
Can someone that still has both sets please confirm what numbers are on there chest?
CaptainBiggs Red Sparx Gems: 53
#2 Posted: 17:10:57 30/01/2020
I can confirm this later, I have 3 blue chests from a mix of pieces I bought recently. 2 of the 3 blue chests gave different parts. The 3rd blue chest (had the same part# on the bottom as one of the others) gave duplicate in game items.
CaptainBiggs Red Sparx Gems: 53
#3 Posted: 16:38:45 19/05/2020
I have tried the 3 blue chests I have and each time the 2nd one with the same number gives the same exact chest items.
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