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Do I need to have played any previous Spyro games to enjoy Reignited?
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#1 Posted: 17:39:08 13/06/2019 | Topic Creator
I've only played a few Skylanders games and, regrettably, Spyro Orange. I made a promise to my best friend that I'd get Reignited if it ever came to the Switch, and now that it has, I intend to keep that promise. Is there any lore or anything I need to understand going in to a real Spyro game for the first time?
theuone Platinum Sparx Gems: 6184
#2 Posted: 17:46:05 13/06/2019
Hmmm, nope.
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#3 Posted: 18:32:07 13/06/2019
Nope, being the first 3 games, the lore is all there already.
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#4 Posted: 20:15:00 15/06/2019
Yeah it's literally a remake of the first 3 games.
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#5 Posted: 16:37:46 16/06/2019
Nope, if you like collect-a-thon platformers, then you should enjoy Spyro.

Reignited is probably the definitive way to play these games, especially because of the updated controls & gameplay.
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