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#1 Posted: 22:02:42 20/03/2019 | Topic Creator
I already posted this to Reddit but here we go: I got Nordic relase of Imaginators for Switch here in Finland, and it was a terrible mistake. It supports languages for Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian but bizarrily not English. Finnish voice acting and translations are done with the smallest budget possible and often doesn't even make sense! While the story apparently sucks, I couldn't even follow it half the time! All the written jokes fell flat as their delivery was bad or they didn't make sense as they were direct translatins of puns. For example Flynn's voice actor doesn't even pause when sentece ends, he just keeps talking in a monotonous voice faster than the speech boxes.

I can't remember where I got Superchargers but it DID support all the Nordic languages and English and maybe German? Why did they suddenly drop this? Was it because of the limitations of Switch?

Does anyone know if the German relase had English as a language option? I could have ordered it from german amazon...
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#2 Posted: 22:06:53 20/03/2019
It's because the budget ran out on Imaginators. It was sent to die in most aspects other than character creation.
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