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Autumn Plains / Zephyr gem glitch
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#1 Posted: 20:20:11 13/03/2019 | Topic Creator
*inhales sharply through nose*

After getting all the orbs from Zephyr i went round to get all the gems. I never recall seeing a balloon in the air in the first area but I do remember one being there in the original game. Sparx still points up to the sky but the balloon is not there. Meaning I am missing the last 7 gems from that level.


I give up and go back to complete Autumn Plains. I do so and check the guidebook after collecting a couple gems because I didn't get the "level complete". Open up the ol' guidebook aaaand I have, in fact, completed Autumn Plains 100%...with 7 extra gems. So, I have 407/400 for Autumn Plains and 393/400 for Zephyr. If it matters, one of the last two gems was from a jar just before the bridge to Shady Oasis and the other was in the area where the Shady Oasis portal is. I know I left the jar to come back to later but I'm sure I got the other when I first visited SO...

Has this happened to anyone else?!
Oh and the patch installed before this

*exhales sharply through nose*
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#2 Posted: 18:23:42 14/03/2019
That glitch sounds super annoying. It is kind of ironic, though that you're missing 7 gems in one level and have an extra 7 in another.
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