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Modded Imaginators Wii U [CLOSED]
Shroom Red Sparx Gems: 45
#1 Posted: 17:54:39 03/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Does any one here know anything about a modded skylanders Imaginators version for the Wii u that allows unreleased characters to be played with? That bypasses authentication bytes

Please pm me if so would appreciate alot

Thanks alot in advance
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#2 Posted: 18:38:49 03/02/2019
I think you'd have to talk to the guy who found the unreleased characters in the first place.

Here's his Twitter:

Also, check out the DS post about it: //
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Shroom Red Sparx Gems: 45
#3 Posted: 19:22:49 03/02/2019 | Topic Creator
Thanks alot!
Shroom Red Sparx Gems: 45
#4 Posted: 03:08:22 04/02/2019 | Topic Creator
I mean the unreleased creation crystals and heartbreaker buckshot.
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#5 Posted: 13:37:44 04/02/2019
That one requires Matteo, who I doubt visits the forum anymore.
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