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Best Level
ThunderEgg Yellow Sparx Gems: 1490
#1 Posted: 18:26:19 10/12/2018 | Topic Creator
Hot take: Wumpa Island is the best level in the game.

Prove me wrong.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#2 Posted: 02:27:33 22/01/2019
TWI is one of the worst, the combat is terribly easy and it has too much platforming. It would be good if the fights were as tight or thoughtful as SF's, but they absolutely aren't and the level is boring as a result. Don't let the bell-and-whistle minigames fool you, the level is actually pretty empty.

Gryphon Park Observatory is one of my favorites because you can keep it a little fresher on replays, and I like the different environments on show. It's hard to really say a "favorite" or "best" level, though; for some reason others seemed really disappointed in GPO, and while the levels are fairly consistent in quality (and good) they're also all similar. I like replaying almost all the levels, but there aren't really ones I feel I miss replaying or especially want to replay; think that GPO is the closest.

The Water and Air realms were also really good for being no-nonsense and having fights in tight arenas/with tricky enemy layouts respectively, but I don't think they're as memorable. Fire and Dark ones I remember liking a lot as well and they have a little more breather moments I guess. The Undead one is a cool concept, but I think it falls flat, feels overly simple.

Earth Realm is clearly the worst level. It's total garbage until the end, even if you're using an Earth 'lander.

As far as the quests go uh the lost temple of ahoogah one or whatever it was was my favorite. It feels like the least straightforward of those quests, in a good way. Town quests were generally good. Most of the battlefield quests ****in sucked and all the battleship ones did. (Battleship is still better than earth realm because you're actually doing something though)

... WAIT. ****. I FORGOT RAT KINGDOM. That one is clearly the best actually. Radical discovery, semi-random nature keeps it fresh, and while the bull**** AI is unfortunate it still feels like a fun challenge, you basically get to explore as much as and where you want too, and have a couple path choices that make it fresh even beyond the randomisation. There was never another level like Rat Kingdom in the whole series.
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