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What would you have done?
isaac343018s Emerald Sparx Gems: 4346
#1 Posted: 13:12:00 30/08/2018 | Topic Creator
If you were designing the game, going into it, what would you have done with Imaginators if you knew it would be the last in the series? (for the time being)

Here's some ideas to bounce around.
  • The Senseis earn their Sky Chi using specific Shrines in each level. I know they already do this, but instead of every Knight Sensei going to Shellmont Shores, the Shrine solely for Ambush is in that level. The Shrines for Blaster Tron and Wild Storm would be in later levels. I believe having 3 different Shrines per levels adds it all up. Crash and Cortex's would be in the Thumpin Wumpa Islands.
  • Make the M.A.P. bigger and have more of the endgame quests. Even if it took way longer to develop, make it so you could zoom in and out to really see every inch in detail. Ideally but unrealistically, give the player camera control on the M.A.P.
  • Definitely improve the writing of the story. Include more characters from older games as NPCs alongside the Academy crew.
  • Add the Sentinel Doomlander fight into Kaos's Lair. Have it right at the beginning of the level.
  • Add gates to the Elemental Realms in levels (like Superchargers did)
  • Make the Switch version compatible with a portal through the USB port on the dock (minor personal nitpick)
  • Obviously, design a new portal instead of reusing the Superchargers one
  • Design a new summoning screen that isn't just the Superchargers vortex minus the vehicle. It would make sense canonically if the portal had a rift engine since in Superchargers Kaos has severed the connection, but have the rift engine be part of the physical portal so the summoning screen looks like it did before Trap Team (the whole vortex thing is boring)

(Yay, first topic since my return)
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kaosmumishot Emerald Sparx Gems: 3271
#2 Posted: 23:23:00 30/08/2018
1. Not nerfed past characters, or made Imaginators as OP as they are.

2. Expanded on the creation concept by allowing people to create their own Islands. Allowing a limited selection of terrains, textures, structures etc. For example you could start with a base Jungle or Desert or Rocky/Castle, Under Ground, Ice etc type theme then add elements to that. A limited selection of buildings that Skylanders could effective set up as their homes. One of the elements that could be added would be a faulty portal that would allow enemies to come through and then move to parts of the island that the Skylanders would then need to defeat. Mabu or other peaceful Skyland natives could take up residence on these islands as well under the protection of the Skylanders.

Understanding that Activision is all about making money they could have sold Island creation packs that would give you the base island type with a number of elements that could be added to customise the island with additional elements being unlocked in game or sold as micro transactions.
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#3 Posted: 09:17:10 31/08/2018
I'll go through all the points:
1. Having one shrine per Sensei is basically just another soul gem, the point of making them for battle classes is so they're not just secondary soul gems.

2. I agree with the M.A.P being bigger and having a free camera, but the endgame quests should be similar to already existing levels like Trouble Town/Calamity City, the other two quest areas should be fleshed out to make full levels, they should also get rid of repetitive boring missions like the chicken herding and balloon shooting. The elemental realms are enough endgame content anyway.

3. They should have kept the academy crew out of or less important in the main story, (I would have ditched them all together, they are all flat and annoying) keeping them for the side quests and elemental realms, it's understandable that they would use them to promote the show, but I hate them, would have rather had the NPC's from Spyro's Adventure make a return (mainly T-Bone).

4.They should have more levels that are based off the dungeon and war side levels, they could have done a level like Mystic Mill or Operation Troll Rocket Steal with the war level and the dungeon could be a maze like level, they should have made the rat kingdom longer and it could be a story level. That way you can have the sentinel fight and some more unique bosses instead of doomlanders in every level.

5. In supercharges, the elemental gates were 1-5 minutes so they were a short diversion, while the elemental realms are half the size of story levels (you could argue that some are longer than the cradle of creation). It would be a pace breaker to have to go through those big levels and then drop back to finish the level you were already playing, most people would leave them to be played separately form the M.A.P.
(Skipping the Switch nitpick)

6. I agree with a new portal being created though I don't know what it would look like, at least all previous portals are compatible in Imaginators.

7. The summoning screen should be the same background screen as the background when making an Imaginator, with the stars and the vortex colour changing depending on the element.

I also agree that they shouldn't have nerfed the older skylanders and made the Senseis/Imaginators OP (I almost always play with older figures.)
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#4 Posted: 22:52:20 31/08/2018
1.Make the M.A.P bigger and change the camera view to a first person point of view so it would take longer to explore.

2.Connect the story to Super Chargers...How did Kaos gain his powers back why is he suddnley in his lair.

3.Make the NPC Skylanders more helpful by helping you out in Final bosses instead of Skylanders do this and that...add more characters, show us backstories and let us see them have special moments...the game felt very lifeless.

4.Make the doom landers boss battles harder and more interesting some of them felt to easy especially while playing with the imaginators or senseis.

5.Add more side content to the game ( more battle arenas , race tracks , online gameplay and battle mode )

6.Portal Master Rank with special unlockables after reaching specific levels.

7.customizing an island or at least the academy since there wasn’t much to do there...heck Super Chargers had some sort of hub customization and this game is called imaginators where is the imagination parts fellas ?!!

8.More diversity in the imaginators parts...I know that we had many , but there are still somethings that felt missing.

9.TBH i hated the story it was the most childish and least interesting one yet I found myself skipping so much dialogue and cutscenes...I would of done something completely different.
Malefore is back and he brought back some villains with him like luminous , nightshade , dragon hunter , mesmeralda , captain fright beard along with new ones we haven’t seen before.
I want a level where Malefore corrupts Cybder and we get to fight her.
Drawdler Emerald Sparx Gems: 3133
#5 Posted: 15:15:39 02/09/2018
Well if I knew it would be the last game and I had my way it'd be totally different
Like having no gimmick
But I'll make this with the stipulation that the gimmick has to stay.

There's probably more I could say but I haven't played this game in months so it's not worth ranting or theorycrafting too much about. Plus there's no way a reboot or whatever would really live up to what I'd want.

Not much to say... this would be a pipe dream but seconding the level customisation idea. Tbh a level editor would have been a way cooler gimmick to me than character creation.

Some form of hub customisation should've stayed. It was really barebones in SC but it's pretty hilarious the following game was about customisation and yet nixed the feature.

Perhaps Imaginator Parts could be equipped (if invisible) on actual Skylanders and provide them with something. You get so many Chests but they're only useful for the gimmick. I just think they should have some other dual purpose.

And yeah Imaginators are unbalanced as hell but I don't know what I'd do about that. I guess for one thing, I don't think they should get doubles of parts.

Honestly, pretty much scrap it entirely... it's terrible.
In particular, Skylanders should never have become NPCs.

The one nice thing I think it has going for it is that having Kaos with Doomlanders and an Ancient (when the Ancients created everything) ties in thematically with the gimmick.

I think I would make Brain the actual final villain. I just can't imagine another villain that could potentially match The Darkness in scale or importance.
Maybe make him have to steal Kaos' power and use it to create Doomlanders or something- I don't remember, did Kaos lose his powers after SC?

Kaos is still good and pretty much redeems himself in this story. He takes Brain's place as the postgame quest giver.
I dunno, he doesn't seem he would totally give it up but I hate the idea of him just being a villain again. Keep him a good guy and you'd be giving Glumshanks a break too.
(edit nevermind kaos dying was a terrible idea)

Or if Brain isn't the main villain or we really want Malefor or something, make it so Malefor comes out of hiding to take everything over, when he sees the Darkness is gone. I never read the comics, so I don't really know if this would work...
personally I'd rather not have Malefor as the final main villain, though; an evil Ancient might be a good idea because Ancients were there since the first game. Just like the Darkness they had lore in a prior game. Personally I'm also not such a big fan of Malefor and I still don't think he would be fitting in scale for a final villain.

I'm not against having a smaller-scale villain- they couldn't keep one-upping themselves for dozens of games- but just not for the final game, man. Especially when the prior one had a spinoff arc where Malefor was already defeated. It'd be flipfloppy.

RoH spoiler (thanks for not spoilering this in that section guys e_e)
The irony is that Malefor actually is gonna be the last villain of these games with RoH, unless/until we see a reboot or new era or something.

They should have actual thematic progression. These levels were all just randomly slapped together and fail to progress in terms of atmosphere and mood (ie they don't get more intense at the end).

Let me explain...
SA had the elemental theme and got more intense (going to less populated and more creepy places). Giants was spotty but still had thematic progression in several levels with other random ones sandwiched between. SF tried to make it feel like you were going further and further through Skylands. TT tied in levels with the Doom Raiders and had great mood progression. SC didn't have great progression but had consistent intense atmosphere and kinda felt like the levels got more isolated towards the end.

There should also be a few more puzzles but I'll take this level design over something like Giants' anyday thanks.

There should have been more levels.
But I wouldn't just put the realms in as part of the regular count, because they make your choice of levels more open-ended. It's really cool when you replay the game and makes it more fresh.

Regular Gates should be back, they add diversity when you replay levels in older games. I mean even the Supercharger Gates were better than Gongs, which are just fighting random enemies in the same spots you've seen. And often in spots you already fought enemies.
Maybe Gongs could unlock Senseis' Sky-Chi. I dunno, then you'd just pick the one you like/find easy for everyone, though; having more might get redundant.

Tbh, I never used Sky-Chi anyway so I don't really care about it or Shrines or whatever...

Misc. gameplay features:
Path switching.

Should be able to use extra vehicle mods (the ones that were added in an update, repaints, extra horns, extra powers etc) without an Internet connection. This would never be patched into SC so we could at least add it here.

Skystones should just be Skystones Overdrive. To be honest, I like that minigame so much I think I would've rather seen it copied and pasted than going back to the old Skystones. I still like the old one, but sorry, we've seen it way too often and it's especially forgettable here.

Online random Skystones matches. (Why wasn't this in SC smilie)

Bring back Magic Items.
If not feasible, make them unlock random hats every day or something. They shouldn't be one-and-done.
SC got away with doing that for Traps because new Skystones were a really practical and fun reward.
And at least SC's rewards for old magic items aren't as throwaway as... more gold. There's not even an extra use for it in SI. smilie

Should be some gold dump. Another hat store would work but be lame to see AGAIN. Maybe add more postgame quests to buy.

Bring back nicknames and add a hats menu. Also bring back trinkets.

Switching to/from Nightmare difficulty instead of it being locked to a save.
That little thing from SF where you can see the highest difficulty you finished each level on.

Allow you to select the postgame quest you want to play.
Difficulty selection in the arena (at higher levels it's unreasonable for new characters and can just get tiring).

Portal Master Rank. I don't even care if it does anything, because even if it didn't, at least it adds more sense of progression. (See: Trap Team)

Also please reskin the lock puzzles because they're kinda garish and just silly.


Old Skylanders are so hit and miss. But the Senseis in a bubble have pretty great balance. The gap should be closed but I don't know how, you could nerf Senseis and enemies and there could still be a gap.
If you just buff all the old characters... I think that's an unrealistic task.
There are actually some characters that hold up well too.

Pvp, but that's totally unrealistic.
Same for character-specific quests and heroics.

I don't really know how I feel about the MAP. I think just making it like a level and with the same camera and whatnot would make it really repetitive to traverse. At the very least the heavily zoomed out isometric camera and such should be an option.
I think it's lazily designed but the idea had potential.
Should have more visual variety (the Rat Kingdom entrance is great, have more nooks like that and unique setpieces).

Regardless, there should still have been a traditional chapter select for those times you just want to pick a random level, and for QoL's sake.

And lastly: the game in general needed more effort outside the roster. As fondly as I remembered it, and while it still ends up being... nice, in retrospect I like it much less and it overall has a generic and thoughtless feeling. Like they just made some nice art but weren't really pushing themselves to do anything more or make much out of it.
Outside the Senseis. The roster is fabulous and kinda the game's main plus (and it helps how they're so fun to play). Maybe that's just why I liked it so much back then.

I miss Skylanders.
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#6 Posted: 21:35:38 29/12/2018
Player vs. player your imaginators would get a real test fighting those of friends and family.
"Come rang or shine"
Still troubled by him speaking
Skylander3112 Gold Sparx Gems: 2023
#7 Posted: 03:52:58 07/03/2019
Bringing back player v player, all those mini games from SWAP Force and the challenges in Trap Team would be great
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