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Favourite Homeworld?
NSane Bandicoot Gold Sparx Gems: 2565
#1 Posted: 11:52:56 25/07/2018 | Topic Creator
What is your favourite homeworld in Year Of The Dragon? Mine is Midnight Mountain.
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SpyroxCynder Yellow Sparx Gems: 1906
#2 Posted: 14:08:03 25/07/2018
Mine is Sunrise Spring. I just really like colors and music. And the little forest before you get to the portal for Tiki Lodge.
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#3 Posted: 17:13:10 25/07/2018
Midday Gardens!
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#4 Posted: 10:39:46 26/08/2018
Evening Lake is my absolute favourite. I adore the setting of the sunset, it's such a nostalgic feel.
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Spyrobaby Emerald Sparx Gems: 4109
#5 Posted: 00:40:42 27/08/2018
Midday Gardens I think. I love them all in this game so much though. Midnight Mountain is beautiful but is probably the most unsafe for Spyro lol, Evening Lake is lovely but I want more ground to go with the lovely lake, Sunrise Spring is beautiful and I love the trees and the water and it feels like there's a lot of places to go even though the homeworlds are obviously smaller, especially this one and Evening Lake, than the GtG ones, and Midday Gardens is my favourite because I love the variety in the scenery like with the buildings and the caves it's so beautiful and big but doesn't feel too lonely.
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#6 Posted: 00:50:26 02/09/2018
Evening Lake.
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