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Interview with Warren Davis
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#1 Posted: 00:54:54 05/05/2018 | Topic Creator
Recently the Twitter account The Wumpa Gem has decided to start an investigation to try and understand what actually went wrong with Enter the Dragonfly.
As of now he managed to contact one of the programmers and got some basic but still interesting questions answered:

I’m really intrigued to know more about this game (especially because I went through the struggle of completing it a couple days ago, since I believe I never 100% finished it) and might even write down a more elaborate opinion after more informations are revealed.
There is some good in it.

Hope it’s ok to talk about this after so many years.
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#2 Posted: 01:37:50 05/05/2018
It's been 10 years since I completed this game and I remember it being an absolute struggle. I'd be curious if future interviews would reveal the commonly held belief that EtD is basically an unfinished beta that was put on sale. It certainly felt that way when I played it.
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#3 Posted: 19:21:06 10/05/2018
This was an interesting and slightly depressing read. It's not surprising that there were a lot of internal issues in development, but seems like this poor guy had to fight just to get it released. I knew it was rushed and had a lot of issues but dang it almost didn't even get released at all? That's a bit of a sad thought. It's also sad to hear that his experiences with Enter the Dragonfly didn't seem to give him any love for the franchise considering he hasn't even kept up with it.

This kinda makes me wanna try playing it again. I do have it and tried playing it years ago and I actually didn't dislike it I was just always scared it was going to randomly break or something. I always felt it had a lot of potential and I've seen that a lot of people actually really do enjoy it despite its issues, it's a little sad to see that the developers didn't seem to enjoy making it in the end and couldn't seem to get along well.
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