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Hey everyone
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#1 Posted: 22:00:32 15/04/2018 | Topic Creator
No I am not an imposter but it is not me typing. I had a friend log on to my account because I wanted to say hi, what has happened, and I have a few questions.

First off, if people will remember back to a post I made back in 2014, you'll remember i said i was falsely accused of doing something i didnt do. Well I went to trial, spent 30K on an attorney who lied. He said he could handle this kind of case, but found out as of last week that he is only a personal injury attorney. At trial he did NOTHING. He cancelled all of my witnesses that could have proven my innocence. He didn't even show evidence that i had that proved my innocence. The jury bought the lies of a fake, but didnt at the same time. It's a long story i intend to tell here when I'm back, which should be about this time next year, if not sooner.

I say sooner because i have a new attorney trying to prove my innocence. I have been gone since April of 2016 but that doesnt mean i have stopped collecting.

While this game disappoints me due to how short i heard it is I still have people helping me to get what i could, but i need some help so i know what to hunt for when i get out. I have ever figure, minus Chompy Mage and Steel Plated Hoodsickle, but I hear there's multiple versions of each creation crystal.

1. How many variations of each elemental creation crystal are there?

2. How do you get them?

3. Does each crystal register as a unique variation on your collections screen?

4. Since the game seems to be super short, is there anything extra that adds to the length?

I just wanted to say whats up and ill talk to you guys soon, unless i have my friend reply while im talking to him over the phone. Wish me luck and pray for me. Hopefully Ill be able to find a Chompy Mage, Stell Plated Hoodsickle, Golden Hot Streak, and the three Yawn Traps.

To Dark52: Please dont be alarmed that I had my friend log on for me. I wanted to let you all know whats going on while i fight to have my innocence proven. I'll have a huge story to tell soon, with visual proof to show how wrong our justice system can be. Forgive any proper lack of grammar and punctation, due to time constraints. Take care everyone.
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#2 Posted: 01:03:15 17/04/2018
Keep on keepin' on, man.
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#3 Posted: 08:43:32 17/04/2018
Hey, GameMaster!

Had no idea you were going through a similar situation; we’ve had our fair amount of disagreement in the past, but I sincerely hope you’ll be able to make it.
I might be an idealist, but I’m convinced justice triumphs, eventually.

Now, onto your questions:

1) There should be three molds per Element, except for Life which had an exclusive one for the Dark Edition of the Starter Pack.
Think it’ll be easier if I just link the wikia page:

2) Some haven’t been released at all, from what I know, but you can find them as Single Packs, Triple Packs and even inside Adventure Packs.
Some of those molds can’t be found outside of certain packs.
They are pretty much everywhere by the way, but certain designs are rarer than other just like traps.

3) I believe so, Legendary Crystals should count as unique ones as well.

4) Imaginators is fairly short, at least Story-wise, but it’s packed with lots of side-activities and is overall quite fun!
There are Elemental Realms accessed with a Sensei of the correct Element, which usually offer some kind of gimmick level, an infinite Arena Mode which keeps getting harder and harder, random missions unlocked after finishing the main game (which are similar to Heroic Challenges) and 5 extra levels unlocked via Adventure Pack.
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#4 Posted: 00:21:34 19/04/2018
Well, of all the things I was expecting to read here today.... this wasn't one of them.

Good luck with the new lawyer.
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#5 Posted: 21:39:49 29/04/2018 | Topic Creator
Thanks for the well wishes and the replies. In the meantime, I'll have my friend that's writing for me to keep checking this forum. I'll be back sooner than you guys think, and I'll have plenty to talk about!

Another question: How many random missions are there?
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#6 Posted: 21:53:00 29/04/2018
Glad everythink is working out, one way or another.
Looking forward to hear the full story.

By the way, the wikia lists at least 18 different random missions but even those ones are subject to variations, and I’m pretty sure there could be at least 10 or so more unique ones.
Consider that some of them are quite unique, as they deviate from the regular exploration and combat-oriented gameplay; don’t want to say too much to avoid spoilers.
”Gulp, lunch time!”
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