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Favorite and Least Favorite NPC
Todd Green Sparx Gems: 273
#1 Posted: 14:16:19 31/03/2018 | Topic Creator
Who is your favorite and who is your least favorite NPC (Non-Playable Character)?

My favorite NPC is Calie. I've always liked her. Her voice doesn't grind on me like some of the other characters, and she just tells it how it is.

My least favorite by far is Mags. I cannot stand Mags. I don't know what it is. Her voice, maybe? Her accent? I literally groan when I encounter her in-game.
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LeonSteamhawk Blue Sparx Gems: 562
#2 Posted: 15:49:28 31/03/2018
My favorite is Buzz. For some reason I just like him. smilie
My least favorite is Blobbers. I doubt I'm interested in whatever's in the chest, Blobbers, I already have every item in the game... smilie
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ChillStealthElf Yellow Sparx Gems: 1864
#3 Posted: 18:56:50 31/03/2018
my favorite is a tie between Cali & Tessa....I can't explain why, but I always just liked those two

least is Mags....she's just annoying to me, and her voice is extremely grating
KingMed Gold Sparx Gems: 2456
#4 Posted: 07:37:47 01/04/2018
My favorite is Tessa I don’t why but something about her is so charming I just can’t help but love her
EmperorKaos Emerald Sparx Gems: 4239
#5 Posted: 21:58:03 01/04/2018
my fav is cali after spyro adventure

least fav rufus
Newguy333 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3073
#6 Posted: 23:57:16 01/04/2018
My Favorite NPC is probably Blobbers, since he's like the Milhouse of Skylanders.
My Least Favorite is Sal, he just seems useless to me and not creative.
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emeraldzoroark Emerald Sparx Gems: 4635
#7 Posted: 00:03:54 02/04/2018
Favourite: Ermit from Giants. Go talk to him 3 times after every level, trust me, it’s worth it.
As for least favourite...
Bamtan Green Sparx Gems: 497
#8 Posted: 14:09:28 02/06/2022
Favourite - Clobbers

Least favourite - Rufus
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