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November PvP Challange!! Fire vs Undead
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#1 Posted: 23:36:02 15/11/2017 | Topic Creator
Greetings Skylanders fans!! It’s time to bust out your old landers and the first game, grab your friends and family and have a PvP throw down.

The rules are simple:

- Use the selected elements against each other that have been chosen at random
- Elements are considered teams. Only skylanders of differeing elementa fight each other
- Each Skylander can only be used in three battles. That’s “Skylander” not figure.

So for this game, that’s mean you’d have a total of 12 possible matches to report (4 skylanders per element being used 3 times each)

For the Month of November, we will Be lighting a fire under the Dead to get this thing going: FIRE will be squaring off against UNDEAD.

It’s up to the individual event holders whether they mix up the fighters every match or go best of 3. Please post your results and we’ll see how this goes!!
Glad heroic challenges are gone. Imagine doing 165 per skylander. That's 27225 challenges. No thank you.
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