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Skylanders: Civil War
GillGrunt4Ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1681
#1 Posted: 18:13:48 08/10/2017 | Topic Creator
Hey darkSpyro users! It's Gill, and I'm finally back on darkSpyro after a period of inactivity. I'm taking a break from my story, "The Story of the Skylanders," and will return to it eventually, but for now, I'm beginning a new story titled "Skylanders: Civil War." Here's a brief summary of what it will entail:

War has come to Skylands. A traitor within the Skylanders' ranks has used the powers of the Darkness to corrupt five of the ten elements, pitting half of the Skylanders against the other. Friends are torn apart, and new, unlikely friendships are formed as the Skylanders must face off against the greatest threat that they've ever faced: each other. Will the Skylanders save their friends and re-unite, or will their mysterious foe and his accomplices divide the Skylanders forever?

I'm extremely excited to write this and the first few chapters will be up soon!
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GillGrunt4Ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1681
#2 Posted: 18:18:45 08/10/2017 | Topic Creator
Oh, and btw, here's how the elements stand now:

Remaining on the Light Side:

Corrupted to the Dark Side:
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GillGrunt4Ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1681
#3 Posted: 16:05:31 09/10/2017 | Topic Creator
"Eerf Ssenkrad eht tes dna latrop siht nepo!"
The turncoat Skylander begins to exclaim his spell, the room shaking and shifting slightly.
"Ynitsed sih ton si reverof ereh deppart eb ot!"
Several sudden gales of wind cause the Skylander to lose his balance, knocking him onto the dark, wooden floor. As he picks himself back up, the turncoat notices a vague notch in one of the oak floorboards. He turns his attention back to the spellbook from which he had been reciting, and shouted the next line:
"Daeh Rednalkys yreve dna hcae ot rewop krad siht dnes!"
The winds blew more abruptly now, and artifacts and trinkets tip over and drop off shelves, tables, and chests. As the gusts increase, a slight tear begins to rip through the thin air, glowing bright magenta and violet. Shouting over the extreme sounds of the wind, the Skylander continues:
"Tnemele hcae tpurroc!!!" He is once again thrust off of his feet, crashing with a strong THUMP! onto the notched and knotted floorboards. At the top of his lungs, he starts to speak the concluding line of the incantation:
The turncoat is cut off as the door to the room is kicked down, splinters flying in every direction. A dust formed by the destruction of the entrance blocks the Skylander's view of the intruders, though he can make out three distinct outlines as the winds clear the dust away. Spellbook in hand, the turncoat leaps through the window, unwanting to be attacked or imprisoned. As the three figures step into the room, coughing though the dust cloud, the winds begin to subside, and the dimensional tear seals itself once again.

Chapter 1
A bright purple dragon, a dual-pistol-wielding gremlin, and a blue, harpoon-carrying Gillman look around the room for any sign of the spell-caster. The dragon, who briefly noticed the portal snap shut, shouts, "No! Oh no, oh no, oh man!"
"Spyro, what's got you all worked up?" asks the Gillman.
"I...I know what spell this is, Gill." Spyro frantically shifts through the remains of the room for the missing spellbook, but it's nowhere to be found.
"The caster must have taken it with him," says Spyro, worriedly.
The gremlin, temporarily distracted by the small notch in one of the floorboards, glances up. "What was the spell?"
"Just a sec," Spyro says to the little gunslinger. "Gill Grunt, can I talk to you for a sec?"
Hurriedly, Spyro dashes to a corner of the room with Gill Grunt close behind.
"I know what...I know what the spell was," Spyro repeats to Gill. "I'm not much of a spell-caster myself, but Cynder and I occasionally visit Hex for a lesson on some spells, just for the fun of it." The purple dragon takes a deep breath and continued: "One day, during one of our spell-learning-sessions, Hex was flipping through pages in her book when a particular page caught my eye. As curious as I am, I asked Hex to flip back to that page. Briefly, she took a quick glance at the page before abruptly slamming the book shut. 'That spell is off-limits and is one that I will never teach you or have any reason to use.' She ended the class early that day, but Cynder and I, desperate to know why Hex kept us from this spell, returned to the spellbook at night and found the forbidden page."
Spyro, who had been rushing through this story in his franticness, stops for a moment to catch his breath.
"When we found the page," Spyro continues, a little slower, "we knew immediately why Hex had kept us from seeing it. It was an incantation to summon the powers of the Darkness to corrupt each element of the Skylanders. Luckily, we stopped whoever was attempting to recite it before they could finish."
"So the spell had no effect?" inquires Gill Grunt. "And why just tell me, and not Trigger Happy?"
"From all of those lessons with Hex, I've become slightly fluent in the languages of the spells," answers Spyro. "And I could pick out a few words. The spell-caster was at the end of the spell, listing each of the elements which were to be corrupted by the Darkness. I believe that he managed to read off five elements before we cut him off."
"Which elements?" Gill asks. "Not one of ours, I hope."
As Spyro begins to tell the Gillman which of the elements he believes to be corrupted, Gill Grunt begins to piece together why the little orange gremlin was kept from the conversation.
"Earth," starts Spyro. "Dark, Undead, Fire,...and Tech."
Both of them swiftly turn to face the Tech gremlin picking at the notch in the floorboard with one hand and twirling a golden pistol in the other. Trigger Happy's smile fades as he notices the worried expressions on his friends' faces.
"Guys, what's wr-wro-"
Unable to get his words out, Trigger Happy drops his pistol near where he had set down its twin and collapses to the floor.
"Trig!" The Magic dragon and Water fish-man look upon their friend in horror as his eyes changes from a friendly yellow and black to a glowing magenta. Sections of his orange-and-sand-colored hair morph into shades of black and gray.
"As much as I want to stay and help him," begins Gill Grunt. "I'm not certain that there's anything left that we can do."
Spyro, his heart aching to stay but his mind knowing that his blue friend is right, follows Gill out the now-destroyed doorway to warn the other Skylanders. The last notion of their friend comes through his high-pitched laughter, coated with a darkness that which Spyro and Gill Grunt never knew that their friend would possess.

I hope that you enjoyed the first parts of Skylanders: Civl War! Check back soon for the next chapter!:
Mommy, why are those birds brown?"
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GillGrunt4Ever Yellow Sparx Gems: 1681
#4 Posted: 16:12:49 09/10/2017 | Topic Creator
At the end of each chapter, I'll include a line stated somewhere in the next chapter.

(^It's okay to read this; it's not an actual spoiler.)

View the spoilers at the end of each chapter if you'd like to see that line.

(^And this one too.)
Check out my new FanFic, Skylanders: Civil War!
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