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can anyone help me? [CLOSED]
dragonlover Yellow Sparx Gems: 1122
#1 Posted: 07:15:53 12/02/2009 | Topic Creator
could someone please tell me how to get to hunter's dogfight and his other thing in the speeddomes?
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Shrazer320 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3564
#2 Posted: 21:17:29 12/02/2009
It's unbelievably easy.

Quote: Mushroom Speedway
And again, Sparx will talk to you, this time select Time Attack again. Fly around the level until you get to a large mushroom over to the right, land down next to it and talk to Hunter.

Hunter's dogfight

The first time you play as Hunter is here. Not the nicest of challenges though. Shoot down the seven sheep saucers while avoiding all their shots at you. This may take a while but I recommend holding down the speedup button as well as the shoot button the whole time in order to complete it faster.

Quote: Country Speedway
Select Time Attack again and fly over to Hunter who is located inside the large farmhouse in the middle of the level.

Hunter's rescue mission

This little Hunter mission is quite easy. Jetpack ahoy! As you go, just shoot all of the space cows that you see, the shots almost seem to auto target themselves really and no shots at you can actually hit you. If you miss one you will need to start again. This mission doesn't take too long and will be over before you know it. Hunter'll give you the egg after completion.

Quote: Honey Speedway
Unfortunately as Hunter is still a captive of the Sorceress, you won't be able to do his challenge at the moment, so head on back to Evening Lake and go to the rocket to fight the big ol' boss.


Back here to complete the Hunter challenge, he's located right near where you start off, just around to the right and then to the left to talk to him.

Hunter's narrow escape

Simple challenge this time. Just jump over all the logs and avoid the rocks. Hit too many of them and the UFO will catch you, but if you get to the end you will get the egg.

And now the best one!
Quote: Harbor Speedway
And now back to the Time Trial option to do the Hunter mission.

Hunter's pursuit

Go find Hunter who is located insdie the large lighthouse. His challenge this time is to fly through the smoke rings chasing the UFO until it crashes. You'll need to get through the rings before they vanish.

And now what're you gonna give me for doing that impecibly easy task that daunted you? T_T
dragonlover Yellow Sparx Gems: 1122
#3 Posted: 01:26:49 14/02/2009 | Topic Creator
thanks. just didn't know how to get there.
Supernatural is the key to the world of hot guys......
Shrazer320 Emerald Sparx Gems: 3564
#4 Posted: 04:09:40 14/02/2009
Quote: dragonlover
thanks. just didn't know how to get there.

Click the appropriate picture for the game, then look at the guide thing on the right and click on walkthrough for the right console if it's multi-console.
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