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Is SWAP FORCE to hard for Kids
Fear_The_Fish Red Sparx Gems: 65
#1 Posted: 04:20:56 13/07/2017 | Topic Creator
Here is my thought after trying to help out my grandson get his portal master stars this game was not meant for kids as a adult I cant even get them done.
All I know is I am getting Frustrated with SWAP FORCE now I can see why he is we have finished all of Spryo Adv and Giants and Trap Team .
Now with SWAP FORCE its a pain in the butt even on the easy setting mode in the story line we have it all done except for Serpents Peak , Mesmeralda's Show, Motherly Mayhem and Evil Kaos only 2 star .
As far as the Swap Force Zones challenge mode most of these we can only get 2 stars and same with the solo battles the coin cost is out of site and the same with duel battles in Arena Mode .
Collection Accolades none are showing up in his list all of his skylanders are all Maxed level and all upgrades have been gotten and total skylanders count is at 183 and 32 other toys.
If we would have bought Swap Force first I am very sure that we would have not have bought a 2nd skylnders game.
Bifrost Prismatic Sparx Gems: 10139
#2 Posted: 13:39:15 13/07/2017
If you got this far, it isn't. Those three star challenges are meant to be hard for everyone.
(What I need is never what I want)
cartoon11 Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#3 Posted: 13:51:16 13/07/2017
Actually that's what I liked about SF apart from the beautiful (but way to long) levels: you can always come back and still have things to do...
I had 100% in Imaginators way too fast. I just bought Blaster-Tron this afternoon, tested him in one street fight and he already went up to level 6. That's also frustrating, not to have any challenge.
Ok, you can try to get nightmare to 100% but I cannot imagine how this is doable in time challenges. In SF you always know what you did wrong and how or with which figure you could do it.
I think at a certain age kids are better in such things. They try and try until it is done. (As teenager I was nearly able to beat ghost's and goblins with eyes closed, now I die after a couple of seconds)
So this game is maybe to hard for adults and you have to wait until your kids are older to bring SF to 100%
Fear_The_Fish Red Sparx Gems: 65
#4 Posted: 00:12:32 18/09/2017 | Topic Creator
Hi Dark Spyro Sorry for the long post I am not sure but most likely we wont play Swap Force again unless we get really bored .
After a long time spent playing Swap Force my first opinion still holds true the game is way to hard or at least on the Wii-U even after watching You Tube for help lol it was no help .
We did what I told the grandson we would do we got him to lvl 80 on portal master and got him all 147 hats and all 48 Legendary Treasures here is the list of what we have done
all the way through Nightmare LvL's.
Story Mode 53 / 57 :: all 3 stars except , 2 stars Serpent's Peak , 2 stars Mesmeralda's Show , 2 stars Mothyerly Mayhem just can't get them cone with out taking Damage .
Swap Zone Challenges 103 / 126 :: 3 stars on 19 out of 42 :: 2 stars on 23 out of 42 :: a few are for the time limit but most are for taking Damage.
Bonus Missions 57 / 60 :: all 3 stars on all but theses 2 - 2 stars on Frigid Fight and 1 stars on Egg Royale did not try again we got what we needed .
Time Attack Mode 52 / 57 :: all 3 stars on all but theses 4 :: 2 stars on Rampant Ruins , Twisty Tunnels , Boney Islands , 1stars on Motleyille .
Score Mode 18 / 57 :: we did all Easy modes , a few on Medium mode :: we don't have any with 3 stars on Score mode . only 1 with 2 stars and all the rest is 1 star only just gave up .
Arena Modes 85 / 120 / :: all done all the way through E 20, M 20 , H 20 , 5 on nightmare :: Solo 3 stars on 51 out of 60 :: Solo 2 stars :: Exploding Snowmen , Vortex Banquet ,
Cyclops Makeover , Chunky Chompies , Beach Breach , Troll Beach Attack .Sand castle , and 1 star on you guess it Perfect Captain ... LOL
Arena Mode for Team Survival 34 / 60 :: 3 stars on only 4 , 2 stars on 11 , and 5 with no stars we really did not do these no reason too.
Completion Accolades 58 / 87 :: only 8 that are showing up that are not done mostly Nightmare ones ..
Challenge Accolades 53 / 53 . are all done
Exploration Accolades 52 / 52 :: are all done

Collection Accolades
0 /94 :: not sure why this is that way but we have all the Swap Force SWAPS done and I have check the list we have 183 Skylanders in the list and 32 of 33 Magic Items we have 2 platinum t .
These are all done 147 Hats , 48 Legendary Treasures , 44 Charms , 20 Bonus Mission Maps , 16 Story Scrolls , 183 Skylanders , 32 of 33 Magic Items we do have 2 Platinum Treasures Chest not showing in list.
Also all 183 of our Skylanders from Spyro , Giants and Swap force are all Maxed LvL and all up grades are done as well .
Thanks D / S
Wishblade Emerald Sparx Gems: 3262
#5 Posted: 02:54:42 27/09/2017
Yeah, too hard. I gave up in Serpent's Peak. Is there anyone out there that was able to complete that chapter (boss fight) without taking damage?
Any last wishes?
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4524
#6 Posted: 14:35:18 10/10/2017
I actually did it twice, the only boss i had issues with was Mesmeralda.
what even is this site anymore lmao
emeraldzoroark Platinum Sparx Gems: 5384
#7 Posted: 18:36:57 10/10/2017
The Fire Viper was a nightmare to get without taking a hit. Mesmerelda is a close second, but there are some small blindspots you can exploit. Motherly Mayhem and Cloudbreak Core were also challenging and Jungle Rumble... was easy.
cartoon11 Gold Sparx Gems: 2583
#8 Posted: 14:46:29 12/10/2017
Mesmeralda and Serpent's Peak are quite easy...
I tried it last weekend after years and I did both the third attempt without taking damage...
For Mesmeralda I took Spy Rise and stayed in the left back corner until the lights showed up. I jumped and shot the bomb guys when needed. The blades never reach the corners!
When I attacked Mesmeralda and the blades came to close I just went up and searched a safe spot.
The trick in Serpent's Peak is to travel in the background. You can wait and 'read' the circling fires, there are just the spitted fires and you have enough time to escape the red circles.
Down the throat there are the three fire golems. I took LC Chill as she still needed them for her quest. They are slow and you can easy run around them and attack.
And of course you should do it on easy...
Earth-Dragon Blue Sparx Gems: 972
#9 Posted: 02:00:13 08/11/2017
Was Battletoads too hard?

No. It was the difficulty it was meant to be. That’s what made your one friend who could get to the 7th stage so amazing.

Kids shouldn’t be babied with everything they do. There should be “challenges” that are actually “challenging”. This is one of the areas where I feel the series took a dive post Swap Force: it got too easy. The games were being designed for sheltered spoiled middle class single digit age kids. The first three had much wider appeal.
Glad heroic challenges are gone. Imagine doing 165 per skylander. That's 27225 challenges. No thank you.
Kevin16 Emerald Sparx Gems: 4524
#10 Posted: 05:40:20 19/12/2017
I so agree with Earth-Dragon, i really hate how everyone thinks kids games should be easy, even kids want some challenge, at least i liked challenging games as a kid and i'm sure other people do too.
what even is this site anymore lmao
MrsSpyro01 Yellow Sparx Gems: 1557
#11 Posted: 01:55:35 09/06/2024
I used Terrafin’s burrowing ability to dodge the fire mines in Surphant’s Peak. I didn’t get the no damage level star right away though. It took me several tries.
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